What You Should Know About Martial Arts Billing Software

Billing is what literally brings money into your business. Money can be an odd topic of discussion for some and effective martial arts billing software will help maximize your profitability, while making dealing with money much easier. These days, it’s more important than ever to have flexible billing options for your current and prospective members. Automating this task can save a lot of time for you and your staff, while increasing privacy for your students.

Billing issues can be awkward to deal with, no matter the situation. Here is how you can use martial arts billing software to better your business.



Billing should be easy, fast and affordable, no matter your budget. A good martial arts billing software should collect payments, post them to the built-in bookkeeping app and produce reports for you and your accountant. Different rates due to school promotions or family deals should be streamlined without extra work. Processing fees should be low and scheduled billing should be automated; sending invoices out on scheduled payment dates. Missed payments should be re-processed quickly, without any need for manual input.

Have multiple martial arts schools? Martial arts billing software should be able to consolidate financial information across multiple locations of your business. When a new student registers, you can then assign a billing location, when a member makes a purchase at any of your different schools.


Automatic Re-Processing and Follow-Up

Students can miss a payment for many reasons. Whether their credit card is at their limit, their bank account has been compromised, or there is some sort of communication discrepancy, martial arts billing software should re-bill a member, once they miss a payment, while alerting you to the situation. No need to spend your valuable time – or to pay a staff member – to collect missed payments. Your business should remain financially solid, without extra effort from you or your staff.


Full-Service Billing

If you really value your time, a martial arts billing software provider who delivers full-service billing is the best option for you. Full-service billing services will add onto automated billing services, with follow-up systems and more advanced features. Processing payments at a very low rate, setting auto-reminders to inform customers of credit card expiry before payment due dates, and creating a separate login to give your accountant secured access to your financial information are some of the many things that can help take your martial arts business to the next level.

Learn more about full-service billing, by checking out our PerfectBilling martial arts billing service. We connect the power of automated billing with a complete follow up system and low cost billing rates, to save you time and money.


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