What Programs Should My Martial Arts School Open With?

When you first open up your martial arts school, you’ll have to decide which martial arts school programs to teach. While many of your options will be restricted by your access to specific instructors or having students at a certain level, the programs you select will set the tone for your first year of growth. Depending on your resources, different programs will yield better results for your school. Here are some tips to help you choose the best martial arts school programs to open with.


Assess your Resources

Certain classes require resources that may not be available, when you’re first opening a martial arts school. How many senior students do you have? How many instructors do you have? Do these instructors have specialized training for accessory classes such as fitness, meditation, or sparring classes? These are some of the questions you’ll want to answer, in order to know which kinds of classes are possible. For the ones that aren’t possible yet, make a list of what you see as either most rewarding to you as the school owner or manager or the most attractive for prospective and current students. These classes are ones you will work on being able to teach. Don’t rush it — a high quality class will keep students coming back for more.


Assess your Prospective Students

What kind of students are you looking to attract to your school? Performing surveys and asking people in your community who you think fit your target demographic can help you form a good idea of which kinds of martial arts school programs they’re looking for. Of course you’ll want to focus on providing classes and programs that align with your philosophies and style of martial art, but being mindful of what the public wants is also important. By being aware, you can better educate your students on the traditional sides, while teaching them what they want to learn in a way that respects your martial art.



Utilizing martial arts for fitness is a big trend at the moment and many martial arts schools are capitalizing on it. While watering down tradition isn’t what you want to do here, you can create fitness classes as offshoots of your normal programming. It’s no secret that cardiovascular health is important for mental and physical wellbeing. With obesity rates so high, hosting fitness classes can be great for your business, as well as your community.



Traditional martial arts school programs can range from introductions to meditation, weapons classes, or form specific training. These tend to be less popular, in comparison to other classes, due to many prospective students wanting more instant gratification. That being said, for your dedicated senior students who really embody the teachings and philosophies of martial arts, these classes can be incredibly beneficial and rewarding. Working towards being able to host these classes is worthwhile for your practice.



Many martial arts organizations have regular martial arts tournaments, allowing your students to compete against other martial artists. Some martial arts school programs focus directly on this, training their students to excel in competitions. We think having competitive classes separate from normal classes is a great way to preserve the philosophies of your martial art, while allowing your students to become competitive at a high level.


Looking for more ideas? After-school martial arts school programs are a great way to give kids a positive outlet, while making some more revenue.


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