Welcome to the New Championsway.com

After months of planning and implementation, we are excited to launch the new ChampionsWay.com website! The site was rebuilt from the ground up to provide our community with an improved user experience, increased security and even better resources for martial arts school owners.

Improved User Experience
First and foremost, we set out to create a better user experience for all our website visitors. In-depth feedback of the previous site was collected from existing clients, internal staff and third-party testers. This information was supplemented with insights from Google Analytics and other tracking software. We asked, you answered, and we listened.

The new website was created with the goals of having:

  1. Better mobile compatibility
  2. Faster page loading
  3. Improved navigation
  4. Updated look and feel
The new site was rebuilt from the ground up using the latest web technologies that provide greater flexibility while using fewer resources. The site is fully-responsive and has been coded for a variety of screen resolutions, browsers, devices and operating systems. While all this extra code usually increases load times, we’ve managed to cut load times by up to two seconds for some pages. A more robust content-specific navigation system was used to require fewer clicks to access what you are looking for.

Increased Security and Privacy
You may have noticed a lock or similar icon in your web browser bar. All pages on the new championsway.com use SSL encryption. SSL (secure sockets layer) creates a secure connection between your web browser and our server. All data that travels between is encrypted which means any personal information you submit on this site (ex: email address given in forms) will have an extra layer of protection.

More Resources for School Owners
We’ve always been more than a software company, and part of what we love about what we do is being able to build and support a healthy, thriving martial arts community. With that in mind, we’ve completely overhauled our Academy to reduce clutter and better serve you with best practice resources.

Our vision has always been to help martial arts schools grow and succeed, and our new site has been built with the intention of better supporting that vision. We will continue to provide martial arts school owners with top-quality content in engaging and easy to consume formats to grow the community that drove us to set up shop in the first place. We’ve also increased the simplicity of comments and sharing, so we can better interact and encourage dialogue with you and other school owners around the world.

This is very much a part of our ever-evolving journey as individuals, as a company, and as a community. We still have more to address, areas we want to improve, and new features and functionally we want to build. If you have questions or feedback on the new site please share it below, both good and bad, as we’d love to hear it!