[Webinar] Rock-tober

Topic: Rock-tober
Speaker: Paul Garcia

Get ready to rock this October! Master Paul Garcia will help you keep the back to school momentum alive by implementing a number of inspired and effective marketing strategies that will increase your leads, retention, revenue and profits.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone and welcome to today's webinar. I would like to introduce to you Paul Garcia, and with us we're cohosting Nima Jazbi. A little bit about Paul, Master Garcia's experiences are definitely unique. After enjoying a successful career as a point fighter on the world champion John Paul Mitchell national karate team, Master Garcia went on to open his first school at the age of only nineteen. Within in two years of opening that school it quickly became one of the largest single schools in the New England area with an active count of over three hundred and fifty students. Because of the success of that school, Master Garcia was invited to become the senior consultant for United Professionals, a martial arts billing and management company with over three hundred clients. There Master Garcia continued to gain valuable experience as a coach and consultant for many of the country's top school owners. After working several years in the consulting field, Master Garcia decided to return to his first love; owning and operating a martial arts school. And also like I said, cohosting is Nima Jazbi who is our director of customer service, if you guys want to take it away…

Well, thank you very much for that awesome introduction, and I believe we're going to just jump right into the marketing, is that correct? Okay, we have two great…Nima if I could just get control of the slides one more time. Team we have two great opportunities for marketing in October, in fact October can truly be what we call a "Rocktober," or in fact it can be a record breaking month for all of you. Of course I'm talking about Halloween, but I'm also talking about the fact that October is National Bully Prevention Month, so there're some unique opportunities that we have to take advantage of these events.

So, first what I want to do is I want to talk about October being National Bully Prevention Month, and a couple of things that we're going to be doing to take advantage of that and try to help our schools. And that is that Mr. Marketer has put together an awesome lead campaign that's going to be marketing to your leads, and inviting them to take advantage of some opportunities in regards to bully prevention. But if I can just kind of get started and show you some of the things that we're going to do, I think you'll find it beneficial.

First of all what I recommend, you've got to get your hands on some bully messages. I think you should dedicate the entire month of October, your message of the week should be dedicated teaching kids how to be for lack of a better term, bullyproof. So, if you're a school like mine, and part of your school system, part of your class management system is to do a message of the week… Dedicate the whole month of October. Educate your students and your parents on strategies that they can learn to become bullyproof. As far as marketing now, that's going to build value in your school right there. As far as marketing, you should take these messages and have an instructor video tape them, and post them to your school fanpage as well as your private groups. For example, I think most people are familiar with their school fanpage, but all of your students should be a part of a private group; a private Facebook group. So, all of your karate kid parents should be a part of, let's call it America's Best Defense Karate Kids. All of your adults should be a part of America's Best Defense Krav Maga adults, and these small private groups you can use for marketing. For example, my instructors this week will record this week's message of the week which has to do with step one of being bullyproof. They'll record that, they'll video record that, and they'll post these onto the private groups, so that the parents can see it, can watch it in case they're not able to come to class. Again, it builds value.

Now, you may be asking how does this market my school, and how do I get new members from this? Well, you're going to ask your parents. You're going to ask your parents to share these videos with their friends. Any parents who has a friend that has children and watches these videos and sees how important they really are, naturally they're going to want to see that all of their friends' kids are bullyproof and they know how to respond to bullying, and then they share these messages. We encourage them to do that, we tell the parents, "Share these messages with your friends. Let's keep not only your kids bullyproof but all of your friends' kids bullyproof," and as a result you're getting this mass exposure. Again, value is being driven to your school. I would also recommend is to… One you're posting it to your fanpage and two you're posting it to your private groups. I think that every Saturday in the month of October should be a bullyproof seminar.


It could be something as extravagant as actual seminars where you bring in local D.A.R.E. officers and you make these bullyproof events every Saturday, or it can be something as simple as just regular classes but again during the class you're going to go over a skill or strategy on how to protect yourself from bullying. And you're going to encourage your students to bring a friend on Saturday, so now the Saturdays turn into this bring a friend day. You would also want to make announcements to all of your students and all of the parents and your Facebook groups that you're available to do bully talks to for example girl scouts, cub scouts, or any other group or activity that your students may be a part of, maybe it's other sports. But again you're getting this exposure, this additional exposure.

Okay, obviously if you're keeping your eyes on the headlines you see that there is a huge epidemic going on with violence against women in colleges, and there is also real estate agents…unfortunately the headlines recently a woman real estate agent was attacked while showing a home. This of course has created a lot of awareness, and we're taking the initiative on that. We're going to all of our local colleges, and we are providing them, or giving them the opportunity where will give a free hour and a half women's self-defense seminar at the colleges for all of the college girls. Of course at my school as I mentioned I teach Krav Maga, so we're able to, and I'm sure whatever style you teach there…there's some practical tips, some training that you can give any woman to help her create awareness as well as some skills to help her stay safe if in fact she was attacked. But now is the time. People are more aware of it. People are more sensitive towards it. Go out to the colleges. We're doing the same thing with the real estate agents. In fact we were contacted this past week on Friday we were contacted by three real estate offices that asked us to come in and do this massive seminar for all of their agents, and of course that came from… If you remember last month we shared with you some marketing about women's self-defense seminar, well it just so happens one of the women who came to our self-defense seminar was a real estate agent. She brought it up to her employer and they were all for it, and next thing we know we got a phone call, but again it's just another pillar. It's a great opportunity.

Talking about Halloween, one of the things that I love about Halloween is our Kick or Treat Coupons. So, what is a Kick a Treat Coupon? It's simply…it's about the size of a postcard and what you do with it is we put them in books of fifty. When I say books we just take fifty coupons and put an elastic band around them, and we hand them out to our students. What our students do in addition to giving out candy for Halloween, they also give out one of these. So can you imagine all of the students you have handing out these coupons to every kid that comes through the door, it's a brilliant idea in addition to the candy. What's the offer? I've seen all kinds of offers from everything from your introductory program which can be $19.95 or two lessons in uniform to two weeks for free to one month for free. We do the $19.95. We feel there's more value in it. Then we give our students incentive, if they do take these they get their names entered into raffles, and we give away prizes for them helping us spread the word about martial arts to the community.

You can also, a couple of really good ideas; you can also if you're in an area where you can network with other businesses that are kid friendly, so for example we have a place near us that they specialize in haircuts for kids. If you walk in there, it's literally like walking into Dr. Seuss Land, but it's haircuts for kids, and what we'll do is we'll put together these goodie bags that are filled with candy, and we'll put the Kick or Treat Coupon in the goodie bag, and we'll make like fifty or sixty of them and we'll bring to the business, and we'll ask the business to hand them out to their customers as a courtesy. I've never had a business say no to this, in fact they all think it's a great idea, and in return we'll usually take something from them to hand out to our students. You could also do that. Many of you probably have in your area these Halloween costume stores that pop up and that are only there for the month and they leave. Well again, we've gone to them and we've said, "Hey, would you mind if we put together these goodie bags that you can hang out, it's got our coupon in and we'll also take your coupons, and hand them out to our students." They love the idea, so the Kick a Tree is not only just having your students hand them out when kids come trick or treating to their house, but there're multiple uses for them.


You're going to see in a minute, I'm going to tie in a couple of other things about bully prevention and you'll see that you can again tie in these Kick or Treat Coupons. Alright, we're going to move on. Okay, in the month of October we also do a new student buddy bash, now hopefully you've had a great September. September is always a really good time of year, and you've got all of these new students and they're all excited, they're training at your school, it's brand new the novelty of it all… Well now what we'd like to do is the concept is that if we could take every one new member and multiply it into two new members. Well, how do you do that? You give them opportunities to bring people to the school. One of our most successful, and a really good friend of mine Doug Betran up in Washington gave me this idea and it just works phenomenal is a new student buddy bash, but the key to it and time has passed where we used to just make the announcements, but the real key is what you see in front of you.

First when we say new members, we're talking about in our school our basic classes, our white, yellow, and orange belts. So all of our white, yellow and orange belt little dragons and all of our white, yellow and orange belt karate kids, they all get this letter that you can see on the screen. And the letter basically says that they're invited, it's a real special event; they are invited to a buddy bash and they're allowed to bring two guests. Now, every white, yellow and orange belt gets this letter, and gets two as you see to the left, two invitations that they will hand out to their friends. I'm speaking from experience, every time we do this seventy plus kids are on deck. If you do the math, that's at least thirty buddies. It's one of our most successful events. We don't do it all of the time. We only do it about three times a year to keep it special. Sometimes we'll add themes to it. For example right now it's very popular this American Ninja Warrior, so you can do the karate class but you can do it like an American Ninja Warrior contest where they've got to run an obstacle course. It's just a lot of fun with some karate mixed in. But again it's very successful and the reason why we do it now in October is because this is the time people are getting back into their schedules, and this is the time that they're looking for things to do especially for their kids. It's getting darker early. It's getting colder. And people are kind of looking for things to do on the inside, so it's a great opportunity.

Okay, marketing booths and again we talked about this in September, but with the fall you have amazing opportunities. I highly recommend you do research within your community, whether it's through the Chamber of Commerce and you find out what are all of the events that are going on, and you set up a marketing booth. If you can see in the picture, when we do a marketing booth it's not just a matter of being there; handing out information and handing out pamphlets. Your goal is to make appointments that day. So, part of how we do that is we utilize the prize wheel as you can see there in the picture, and what the prize wheel does is it's fun, it's loud, it creates a lot of attention and kids get to come up. Let me back up for a second, in order to spin the prize wheel they have to fill out a lead slip. Which is good because now you have the leads, but it's not really great; we want the appointment. On the prize wheel is a variety of things that they can win. One of them is they could break a board where right then and there we show them the sidekick and we have them break a board. Now, we've been to some events where they're so busy that it was really tough to get everyone breaking boards, so we had them make appointments to come to the school and do it, but that's a happy problem.

Others are that they could get a private party for them and ten of their friends. There's win a free month, there's two weeks free and there's all kinds of prizes that helps us right then and there that day make the appointment. So, for example you who are listening if it was your son and he won two weeks free, I would say, "Wow, that's awesome, fantastic! Two weeks free, let me check my schedule and see what we have available for you and then see if we can get you in there," and it's done right then and there. This can be easily done over an I-pad, Google Calendar, or you can do it wirelessly. But the important thing is try to make the appointment right then and there. It's way more successful. You can walk away from the booth, and have them make appointments. With that said you can contact Championsway. Last month when I did the whole presentation on marketing booths, we also supplied a handout that told you exactly how to do a marketing booth, so you can contact them for that handout.

Okay, if you're familiar with Facebook, you're probably familiar with Yard Sale. Yard Sale is a group that you can join in and basically it's discounted items that you can buy. Well, if you're marketing your school on groupon; whether you're marketing your kids class or your fitness kickboxing or your Krav Maga you can post your groupon to Yard Sale. These are people that go on because they're looking for specials. They're looking to save money.


And I can't tell you how popular yard sales are. So, again it's another strategy where you can post your groupon to Yard Sale on Facebook, and get more exposure, additional exposure. We have a different twist for Halloween just part of our beliefs, again this is part of our beliefs, I don't think it's all that fun, and exciting and attractive to have a kid walking around at eight years old like a masked murderer. So what we do at my school is we have a Halloween party, but we put a different twist on it. We call it Hero's Night. The word hero stands for helping, elevate, role models and optimism. They're allowed to come to the Halloween party, but they've got to come as something positive. So of course you get a lot of really nice Batman, and army, and something positive, but what we do is we just make it where our school is the place to be. We have a rock wall that we bring in, we have jousting pits, we have probably about a dozen different games that we do, of course we give away candy, we have obstacle courses…

This year we're actually looking into bringing in a zip line, a legitimate thirty, forty foot zip line, because we just want to make it where we think it's better for the kids to be at the school for Halloween. They're going to still get the candy and have a ball, but here's the thing… A couple of things when you do this, obviously they bring friends, obviously all of the friends get a goodie bag, in the goodie bag here's those Kick or Treat Coupons again. You can also through Facebook, you can contact different vendors. Go on your Facebook and join different vendor groups and specifically put the word out to any vendor group that specializes in kids. So example going back with the hairdresser, if they specialize in haircuts for kids and they that I post on there, "Hey, we're having a Hero's Night. It's a positive slant on Halloween, and we're going to have about four hundred kids at this event, would anybody mind donating gifts?" You would be surprised. They come out of the woodwork, because they want exposure for their business, and you end up with all of this free stuff that you can give the kids. Again, it's a positive twist but you can use it for marketing. We're not done yet, I know it says questions there and I went back, but we've got much, much more for you.

So going back to the bully thing that this is National Bully Prevention Month, this provides you some really good opportunities, and this is the time and the place that martial arts schools really need to step up. As I mentioned you've got to have these messages, and you want to use this opportunity to show people that your school is at the forefront of helping kids become bullyproof. So a couple of things that we're doing, as I mentioned before on Saturdays, these classes will specialize in bullyproofing our students. Starting with the first Saturday, and you can do it any time, we will also provide our parents with a handout that teaches them if their son or daughter is being bullied what to do about it. You want to make sure that as I tell them, you want to make sure that they respond in an educated way, not react. If a child kind of opens up into being bullied and the parent overreacts, you can pretty much be sure that the child won't open up again. Being kept silent and secluded is one of the worst things for someone being bullied. That's what leads to depression and so forth and so on and eventually even suicide. So what we've got to do is we've got to educate the parent, so we have these handouts that we give the parent.

Now, you're probably asking, "How do I get this handout?" Well I've got the website for you, now just write this down, it's one word; antibullyprogram.com. He has a free report that you can download. He also has a very affordable program if you want to really get into it, and educate yourself on helping kids become bullyproof. And there's many more out there, I'm just giving the one that I use. There's many more out there that I'm sure you can use, but antibullyprogram.com. So, now let's go to some marketing. So everybody is aware of the importance of becoming bullyproof… So, can we do this? We are! Our instructors are doing it. Let's go to Wal-mart and let's ask Wal-mart, "Hey, it's National Bully Prevention Month, would you mind if I set a table out front?" Get a banner; pay the forty of fifty dollars for a nice banner… October is anti-bully prevention. Set-up a table and every parent that walks through the door hand them the report and also attached is a Kick or Treat Coupon. There's not a Wal-mart in this country that's going to say no to that. They're very supportive of that kind of thing. You could do the same thing at Target. You could do the same thing at these Halloween costume stores. They're not going to say no to this kind of thing because everybody is supportive of ending bullying.


So again, you've got this great opportunity to utilize October, National Bully Prevention Month, to market your schools. You could also with your message of the week that you're sharing, the anti-bully messages, you could also provide the link for the parents to download the report themselves if they can't come to a Saturday class. Here's what you do, "I realize a lot of you parents are sharing our bullying messages with your friends and we appreciate that, and we support that and we are encouraged and excited by that. However, a lot of your friends don't have the free report. Here's the link, send it to them." And there's more incentive to get your parents involved, they get a chance to download the free report that tells them how to handle bullying, and again it's more exposure for your school.

In addition to all of this, you still have your regular marketing, okay? We're doing Coach's Day, which is a day on Saturday when parents and kids take class together. I highly recommend that. Kids love it, and it builds value in your program for the parents, and I can't tell you how many parents have told me the reason why they get started themselves was because they were taking classes with their kid.

We also have our ninja party. We have our ninja party, and this ties into what we did in September. So in September we did a buddy board breaking event and here's the key to getting your students to bring in friends to these events. We said if you bring in a friend to the event, we will give you and your buddy a free rubber nuchuck, and then you get to come back, you and your buddy to a free Ninja Turtle Weapon party in which we're going to teach you a little nunchuck form, we're going to watch some highlights of all the Ninja Turtles' fight scenes and then we're going to have pizza. Well, we did that in September and now here it comes. It's coming in October that we have to do that party now. This is great opportunity for you to sign up students. You can again tie in the Kick or Treat Coupons and give it to the kids. You can right then and there offer them specials, but it does provide you with a fantastic opportunity to sign up students.

Keep in mind we still do our Facebook ads, and we do our Google Adwords. We have a very effective website that produces leads. I highly encourage you make sure your website's working for you. Your website should not be an online brochure. There's one purpose behind your website and that is to produce leads. If they're not producing, and again it depends on where you're at, where you're located, but if you're not producing anywhere from a low of a dozen of fifteen leads a month to a high of thirty, forty or maybe even more… Then you've really got to rethink your website and how it has been setup. You have your kids' groupon, your adult groupon, you still have your birthday parties that you can do, you can hand out the bully messages during your birthday parties, you can hand out the Kick or Treat Coupons, you can hand out goodie bags for Halloween… You can tie all of this stuff in and I think that's all I got for you as far as marketing. So, you should have a good many marketing opportunities for the month of October. Now, I do believe we're going to go into some questions.


Paul Garcia
Master Paul Garcia is a successful martial arts school owner and VP for United Professionals. He has coached and consulted many of the top martial arts school owners in the U.S