[Webinar] Planning Your Back To School Marketing Blitz

Webinar Overview

With summer coming to an end, it is a very important time for school owners to start their preparation for the backto school season.

In this webinar, you will learn from Master Paul Garcia how to run the most effective Back to School Blitz Campaign to produce skyrocketing results that will put your business on track to achieve your goals for the rest of 2014.

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About the Speaker

Paul Garcia
Paul is a successful martial arts school owner and VP for United Professionals. He has coached and consulted many of the top martial arts school owners in the U.S

Video Transcript

Vahid : Hello everybody, welcome to another ChampionsWay webinar. If you haven't yet please like our Facebook page at facebook.com/championswayfans, to get the latest updates, promotions, invites to the future webinars and webinar recording. Master Paul Garcia used to be the former VP of the United Professional. He currently runs a very successful school in Massachusetts that has over 700 students, and run franchise of 11 of it. Very excited to have our Back to School Marketing webinar with Paul Garcia. Master Garcia, please take it away.

Paul : Well thank you, Vahid, I really appreciate that introduction. What I'd like to do is before I begin the seminar, I first want to give, I want to say thank you for all of the support that I receive today. It's the thing that I love about the martial arts industry as many of probably know, this webinar was scheduled for much earlier. And unfortunately I had to cancel it because I had a family emergency. And can you imagine of having to cancel a webinar with over 300 people registered. It's just something that I would never think of doing, it's something I know ChampionsWay would never think of doing, and I appreciate your support in just supporting me during that tough time, and as well as all the support I received from all of ChampionsWay's folks and people over on Facebook messaged me. It meant a lot. And in return I promise to give you my best right now.

I'm excited for Back to School and I think it's important that we talk for a minute about mindset. Because going into September, this is truly one of the best times of the year. I have a couple of friends of mine that own fitness centers and they tell me all the time. They say, "You know, Paul, most people think that January is the best time of the year for the fitness industry but that's not actually accurate. It's actually September." And the reason why, a lot of people get off their fitness routine, they get away from their goals, they're spending a lot of time with their kids during the summer and they're doing vacations. And when it comes September for adults, they want to get back to their routine, they want to start working out their goals, they want to spend a little me time. They want to really start focusing on themselves, they've been really spending most of their time focused on the family in the summer time, so for adults it's a great time of year.

Now obviously for kids, September's a great time of year. This is where kids go back to school, parents start looking for activities. They want them to enroll in different activities and this is usually the time whether it's dance studio, or gymnastics, or martial arts, it's the great time of the year for children to enroll on a program. So we've got to have that mindset that the market's there. And we've got to go get our portion of the market by doing some of marketing and advertising.

What I'm going to do I'm going to be sharing you some of the things that we have been doing year after year in all of our schools. As you mentioned, I run three schools myself. Just at my headquarter school we have almost 700 students. We also run a franchise of 11 schools. This is the plan that we tend to follow year after year, although I'm going to say that every year it's getting better and better because we're finding new ways to improve it. So you're kind of getting right now the freshest of our ideas. So without further delay, let's get to it.

The first thing that I'm excited to be working with is in fact ChampionsWay and PerfectMind. What they've done is we work together in creating an email system, a Back to School email system. What's going to happen is PerfectMind is going to, on a weekly basis, email all of your prospects. Here's the goal of these emails. First it's automated, you don't have to do anything. You're just going to have to make sure your prospects are on PerfectMind. Here's the goal with these email campaign.

First is to have a gripping headline that gets the parent to open up the email.

Secondly is to talk to the parent. We're often / with martial arts helps kids excel in school, but how does it do that? That's what these emails are going to be about. These emails are going to be about motivating parents by showing them how martial arts is like a multivitamin for kids. How it can actually help kids in school, and it does, it really does. I won't take time on this webinar to explain how that happens, but there's a variety of waves, from increasing and lifting their self images, their self esteem and their confidence, to teach them of discipline, focus and concentration, so forth, the list goes on, but it really does, and we got to get parents to understand that and become a fan of that.


So these emails are going to go out every single week to your prospects. There's a gold mine of potential business in that prospect list, and you've got to be harvesting that gold mine. So if you're not on the Mr. Marketer, if you're not on the email campaign, I couldn't think of a better time than the Back to School campaign that we put together.

The second thing that we're going to be doing is we've taken it upon ourselves when I say in my school is I've had my instructors put together videos. We're going to send you a link to one of the videos that one of my instructors put together. Now I'll just explain how this works. Basically what they did was they record a video, and we then email this video to all of our prospects. What it does is every week it's going to give parents a tip about how martial arts can help their kids excel in school. So in addition to the Mr. Marketer leads, we're also sending them a weekly video, and we're emailing this to all of our leads. I guess that you can see sample of this video on landing pages that we're going to be sending you. The goal is again to let parents see for themselves and hear it, explain to them in detail how we can in fact help their kids do better in school. And again at the end of the video, we'll put an offer for our Back to School special. You can take this idea and you can implement it in a couple of different ways.

Number 1: you do exactly how we're doing it, and sending it as an email to all your prospects.

Number 2: you could put it on your Facebook, then have your students share it with their friends. Listen, you want parents to be aware of exactly how martial arts can help kids excel in school, and if you wouldn't mind, share this with a friend, and get the word out from Facebook.

If you're looking for ideas how to make these videos, here's one thing to do: become a fan of our page America's Best Defense in North / Massachusetts, and you can watch the videos that we post and then just model from there.

The first idea is the Mr. Marketer email campaign.
The second idea is making your own videos, and educating parents how you can in fact help.
Now the third idea. September traditionally is a great opportunity to do an open house. A lot of different businesses that tend to focus on children and adults do open house in September because they understand that this is when parents are either looking for activities for their kids, or adults are looking to get back in to training. So I would highly recommend an open house. If you're going to do an open house, you have to have what we call the /. You got to have something spectacular that's going to motivate people to want to come versus to procrastinate. At my headquarter school, our open house what we're using is we're using board breaking. We're going to use that as the draw to get our students to bring in friends. Obviously I'm specificall talking about for the kids and I'll talk in a minute what we're doing for the adults. But for us the draw's going to be board breaking.

So we're going to have an open house and it's kind of like an open house slash buddy board breaking day. We're going to encourage all our students to bring in friends to the open house buddy board breaking day. Why would they want to do this? When you may think that's incentive enough to want to break some boards, and you may be right. However we don't want to stop there. We're going to be explaining to our parents that we're highly, highly encouraging our students to bring friends to this event. And the reason why is we're going to use board breaking as a metaphor. During the class, now only will our students and their friends get a chance to break a board, but we'll use it as a metaphor to teach them the three keys that they can use to do better in school. For example one of the keys they're going to learn obviously focus and concentration. Another key that they're going to learn is self discipline, and how in everything that we teach were related to school. And of course the third one will be confidence.

We're presenting it to our parents as it's a board breaking event, kids love to break boards, where it's ultimate is Back to School event, where we're teaching them three keys to do better in school. So we obviously want all of our students there to hear these keys, but we also want them to bring friends. And that's how you get people to come to your open house. You're going to have some type of draw, but it doesn't stop there. What we'll do is at the ends of the event, we will promote our Back to School special. For this particular open house event, we're going to do it through what we call the PTO specials.


Basically this is the open house is four weeks for $69. This is our PTO and I'm sure that sounds very affordable, but it does, but follow this, this is called our PTO specials. What happens is at the end of the board breaking event, we make this announcement, "If there's anybody here that would like to take advantage of our PTO specials, here's how it works. You will receive four weeks of training for $69. You will also receive a student's uniform. And we will take that $69 and donate it to your school's PTO. But that offers only good today."

So if you can imagine this, you get all your students there, they bring in all their buddies, and at the very end, we will make an announcement there if anybody's here, obviously has seen how martial arts can help them back to school, what we'd like to do is encourage them to take advantage of our PTO special, which means that they join the PTO special today, they get four weeks of training, a student uniform, and also we'll donate all the money to their PTO. Plus, in addition to that, you don't have to do all this, but in addition to that, if they do in fact take advantage of it today, we'll give our student who brought that buddy and that buddy a pair of movie tickets to go see the Ninja Turtles.

So you can see that there's a lot of excitement that day. And then what happens is after we do the board breaking event, we go outside for a Back to School party. We have the moonwalks, we have all kinds of games that we do outside, and this is the celebration. The goal is though, the goal is, what we have found when we do open houses, the more that we get our students to support the open house and help us by bring in friends, the more successful the open house is.

There are many different ways to do an open house and I've certainly heard dozens of different ways. But this is what we feel has been the win-win. Our students benefit from this because they get to do board breaking and they get to hear the three keys to success in school this year. But it also helps the school because they bring friends. It's a great thing because the friends come with their parents and they're hearing how martial arts can in fact help with back to school. And then in the centre of this 'Hey, if you take advantage of the Back to School special, we're actually going to donate the money back to your school.' Again you can use as much of this or as much as you like.

Now with the adults, on the other side of things, what do we do with the adults? Well the same thing. We have an open house. What I'm going to ask you to do is the same thing. If you're going to do an open house for adults, we tend to call it Side by Side. So that day we're going to offer Side by Side training and we simply use this. We're going to have our students bring friends that day, we're going to have a special class that benefits both the student and the buddy. Now the two extreme because then the buddy's going to feel a little out of place. Everybody's coming in understands that this is an opportunity to showcase the school and we want to show, in my schools we teach Krav Maga, so we want to show the benefits of Krav Maga. What you're going to find is that your students are very supportive of this kind of thing because they actually want to get their friends involved. They're so excited about your program and what it's done for them, they want to get their friends involved, so they tend to do it. That was the same thing, we'll have a great event, a great class for them, something that can benefit everybody. And then afterwards we'll offer some type of open house special to join that day. And again, this is our twist and how we can do a Back to School buddy board breaking open house. I know that seems like a lot.

One other thing that we do also is Buddy Week in the month of September. Just kind of set the stage over here, what does that mean? In my schools, we promote slash test every three months. Once we finish that 12-week cycle, that 3-month cycle, we do a Buddy Week. So Buddy Week's generally only happen about four times a year at my school. I think that's part of what keeps them so special and my students understand that this is your opportunity to bring a friend in, to train with you for an entire week. And I'll tell you the way that we do it there's no really pressure. I truly want my students to bring their friends in. Let them train for a whole week and let them see quote unquote it's their cup of tea. What you're going to find is that where there's no pressure like that, we'll approach the parents, we'll approach the adult. You know what they say "Listen, we want you to actually come in, we want you to train for the entire week, just see if it's your cup of tea. If it's your cup of tea I tell you what, at the end of the week we'll sit down for like a minute, we're going to sit down, / to sit down, I'll talk to you for about a minute, we'll tell you some of our great Back to School specials that we have going on, and if you'd like to take advantage of them or start training with yourself, we'll be more than happy to offer that to you." Again there's no pressure.


It is literally a test drive. And we think that because we work it that way, our students are more supportive of it 'cause they don't have to worry about us being high pressure. And then the prospects coming there more relaxed, becaues we truly want them to see. Listen, it's a not a fit for everybody. I understand, teaching Krav Maga, that Krav Maga is not a fit for everybody. So we want them to try it out and see if it's their cup of tea. And then we do give them some type of enrollment incentive, whether we ask the kids if they want to join the PTO special to support their school, or we'll tell the adults say with the initial deposits, or if they want to take advantage of a VIP guest pass. Either way we're pretty flexible. And I tell you what, again depend on the type of school you own, you have a school, obviously students are excited about training and they want to support your school, you're going to find as long as they understand the heart of the stuff that this is just an opportunity to open door policy, people get to come in and try it up to see if it's their cup of tea. You'll find that you gain a really good support with that.

What we tend to do, remember I was saying that we test every 12 weeks, every three months, we tend to announce that at the graduation. We get a good number of guests watching our graduations. So we use that opportunity really promote this Buddy Week. We say 'If you like what you saw today, if you're interested in that, why don't you come and next week it's Buddy Week, we'd love to have you come down to the dojo, try a week of classes to see if they would benefit you.' So we obviously also promote this on our Facebook, we'll announce this in class, and that kind of thing. It's really important that you spend some time planning how you're going to actually promote these events. Not just only planning on how you're going to do the event, but how are you going to promote the event.

Okay let's go on. It's one of the things I'm really excited about right here, which is school talks. This is the perfect opportunity to do school talks. The reason why - it's September. From a teacher's point of view, this is when you want to do a school talk. You want to start the year off with this type of teaching. You want your students to learn this stuff here.

Let me explain. Again we do it a little different. If you look at the slide, you'll see a letter. What we do is this is a letter that we hand out to all of our students. It is our students that actually bring them to the teachers. And then the teacher fills out the information on the bottom, hands it back to the student, the student brings it to us, and we set up the school talk.

What are some of the benefitts of doing this? Well first, as it's explained in the letter, we use martial arts as a metaphor. We're going to go on there, it's not really a matter of teching them how to kick and punch, but it's using certain things about martial arts that we feel are also lessons that could help them do better in school. For example we teach a horse stand and we teach them how to do blocks, we could tie that in to perseverance and discipline. Perseverence - eventually things will get difficult in school. Perseverence - the non-quitting spirit, breaking through obstacles, sticking to things, so we could tie them to stuff. So you see how we flip flop back and forth, teaching them Karate and tying in some lessons and some messages about how to use the philosophy in martial arts to do better in school.

You also notice on this letter that if in fact the teacher wants us to come and do the school talk, it says on there to show our appreciation for this opportunity, we will donate a basket of Back to School supplies to that school, so what do you need? That's exactly what happens. Picture this: we walk into the class room, and the instructor has this beautifully wrapped basket, and in it it's filled with whatever they needed - chalk, markers, pencils, pens, paper. Even if they say "Well, we just need a little chalk," we'll just fill this bad boy up, 'cause we want to go in there and we just want that wow factor. While we walk in there, the teacher's just like "Wow! Thank you so much!" "Yah we want to give this to you." Then we do the presentation. Most schools don't allow you to hand out stuff to solicit your business, maybe yours are different. Ours tend to have a little challenge with that. So what we do though, we give the kids a gift at the end and it's a bookmarker. These are very easily made, you can make them through your printer. I know we've talked with ChampionsWay, they're going to be working on something that it could actually be done through their system. On one side of the bookmarkers our students create, and on the other side is one of the lessons that they learn called the Three Rules of Concentration. It's just a reminder to the kids. What's on the bookmarker besides that - our logo, and on the bottom our website. No phone number, no VIP, not like that. We don't want to any of these solicitation, but I will bring in, if you look in your slide, I will bring in the PTO special, and I will have about 30 of them.


We will give them to teachers and say, "Listen, I'm not sure if you're allowed to hand these out, so I'm going to leave them with you, and here's what I want you to know. If any of these kids join," --now this says summer special I just notice that, sorry, so I do want to apologize, they should say Back to School PTO Special, but it's still four weeks for $69. But we'll tell the teacher and we'll say, "If any of these kids join our Back to School special which is four weeks for $69, we will donate all of the money to your PTO." I will tell you some of the teachers that we've done this with, they go ahead and say, "Oh that's not a problem, we're going to pass them out to the kids," and they let us do it right and there. Other teachers do say, "I have to get approval from my principal." But again they kind of accept this. I am willing to teach somebody for four weeks for free, if you can imagine, I get the school support. And in return it's a win-win because I donate all the money, the $69. This is not our normal four weeks special, this is only the PTO. We make it very affordable because we are donating that money to the PTO. So there's an idea for your school talks.

Moving on, we have, we talk earlier about this is great time for adults. Adults are looking for something to do. So we have the Buddy Week we talk about for adults, we have the open house, but also we have our women's self defense seminar. Imagine having an event in your school where women come in, take the seminar on how to defend themselves, some important priciples and techniques for personal self protection. And I imagine in a woman's life, she comes in, she wants to learn how to do some self defense and some personal protection, but also in September and she's saying I got to go back in shape. I kind of get off things a little bit this summer and I got to get back into it. This maybe the perfect time that she gets to come in the school, she gets to try out the class, she gets to meet the staff, she gets to see the facility, and then she maybe thinking, "You know what, I think this is the thing that I'm going to do for fitness and personal protection." So again it's a great opportunity to get some exposure to people who may in fact is searching to get back on track with their fitness and their goals.

And again how is this promoting? Very important. We do announcements in class, we hand out flyers for our students, we put it on our Facebook, we ask our students to share it with their friends, and we're really trying to promote it. There's multiple of ways that you can do it within your community. If you're part of the Chamber of Commerce, you will get their full support with this. Many newspapers will print this kind of stuff for free. You just got to do all the a little labor but you will find that people will get behind you on this.

Let's keep going. In the fall, you have some different things that are going on. Different events that are happening throughout the community, so we have our marketing booth. What you're looking right here is what we call the Prize Wheel in the marketing booth. I got to tell you, part of how I want to show that I appreciate you've all been so flexible and how sincere I am that I thought that we had to cancel earlier, I am going to send you a free booklet on A to Z of how to do a marketing booth. Let me tell you what this means. My brother in law who's the manager of our schools, if he's not the best, quite honestly he's got to be one of the best, and he just did a marketing booth two weeks ago, and got 75 appointments. We're not talking about leads, we are talking about intro appointments in his book. And he's the one that wrote this booklet about how to do it at your marketing booth. These are huge.

This is why I like the marketing booth more than almost any form of advertising that we do besides the VIP event. Here's the reason why. I believe especially when it comes to marketing for kids, you have to go to them. Unlike adults it's easy, I believe / market to adults. We can do a lot of things on Facebook and adults have them. We're talking about kids here, 7, 8, 9 years old, and we can argue all day long if they have Facebooks and they don't have Facebooks. But primarily if they can experience it, if they can see for themselves how much fun it is, the parents can see for themselves the benefits, then that's so much easier to get them to come into your school. But to do that you have to go to them. And we do that through what we call VIP events, which is events like the open house, the Buddy Week, creating events for your school that challenges your students to bring friends in, but also the marketing booth.


The marketing booth is where we go to them, what's happening in their community. For example we have coming up, we just did one two weeks ago, we have another one coming up in two weeks called Family Fest. Family Fest is probably going to be easily 10,000 people there. It's our town's celebration of fall. So it's like fall fest but they call it Family Fest. We'll be there, we'll be there with this marketing booth. And the big draw to the marketing booth is the Prize Wheel. Now when you go buy a prize wheel, they're easily get, you just Google 'prize' and buy one, but I'm going to tell you this right now - you want to get the biggest one possible. Because the bigger the prize wheel, the bigger the clicker, and the more obnoxious the clicker. And the reason why that's important, that's actually draws people to the booth. When they hear that thing clicking and they hear people celebrating, clapping when somebody wins. If they were at a board break, sometimes we'll have kids break the board right and then, just to create more excitement. You should have a TV on your booth playing classes. Your both should be very professionally designed. And again all these will be explained in the booklet. So I'm not going to getting into too much now but the idea is to go out in your community, set this up and make appointments that day. Bring your appointment book. You're able with Mr. Marketer in PerfectMind, you're able to bring your iPad and make appointments right then and there through your iPads. It's important that we're not looking for leads, we're looking for appointments. And the way the Prize Wheel's set up has allowed you to do this.

Here's how it works real quick. They'll come up to the booth, you just simply, "Hey, you guys want to take a / and try to win our grand prize? Come on in here!" They fill out a lead slip, they go over to the prize wheel, they spin the prize wheel. On the prize wheel there are all different types of prizes. Two weeks free, four weeks free, Karate parties, break a board, treasure chest -where there's a big chest on the table and they get to go on it and you get a prize. The grand prize - six weeks free. And they spin it and they win something. Now obviously if they win two weeks free, you make the appointment right then and there, you tell them, "We're going to have a uniform winning, congratulation!" Big celebration, congratulations, we're going to have... And that idea could get us many appointments booked that day for your intro. So it's a very cool marketing program.

Also you have on a monthly basis is your birthday parties. I know birthday parties, that you've probably heard this so many times, but let's think about this for a second. If you do birthday parties and you open it up to 15 kids. If you do one birthday party a weekend, that's 60 yes coming into your school. I can't think of a better advertising than that. And they're going to come in, and they're going to try on Karate class with their friend.

Now here's what I found. It's not that birthday parties don't work, 'cause sometimes I hear 'birthday parties don't really work.' Well what I found is not that birthday parties don't work. Don't take this personal, don't be upset, don't send me emails. It just means yours don't work. Very great concept, every single week you get 15 kids to come to your school. And if you do two birthday parties a weekend, you're talking 30 kids a weekend, 120 a month, it's incredible.

So what you got to do is you got to really ask yourself are we utilizing this marketing pillar, are we really marketing to our schools through the emails, are we really filling up our schedule every weekend. When we do conduct them, how are they done? Are they done in such a way that's creating appointments? If they're not creating appointments, there's your sign that it's not the idea, it's the way that you're doing it. And we could probably doing another webinar in exactly how to do this, but generally speaking when we do our birthday parties, we usually average 6 - 8 appointments every birthday party. Part of that has to do with the prize wheel is there. Part of that has to do with the fact that we do a demo. So part of the reason is the prize wheel is there. Part of the reason is we make sure the parents if they're dropping off their kids, they come back at the end for demo. Part of the problems is that when parents go to birthday parties, they drop the kids off, they will see what kids are doing. So do a demo at the end. There's a really cool that only kids can do for their parents and everybody celebrates and have a great time. So that's part of how you can get your birthday parties to produce more appointments. Some candid idea is a good idea. Let's just learn how to get better at it.


Okay let's go on. Obviously your website. Here's the thing about your website. This is actually a picture of our website. Here's a thing about your website. If your website is not producing consistently 20 - 30 leads, and again I know this is different, based on the area that you're in, but your website is a great marketing pillar. And you just got to look, is my website producing? If it's not producing, it's not / idea, it's not a good idea to have a website, it's how do we make it better? I can't tel you how many times I've changed my website, constantly trying to improve because it's a marketing pillar, it's a valued marketing pillar, and we want it to perform better for us. So we've added videos and so forth and so on. So just work on your website. It's a good marketing pillar that should be producing a good number of leads. Now, well I wasn't getting all these leads, you're not getting appointments. Well at that point you're going to have to look at your phone call procedure. But these are good, viable marketing opportunities.

We talked about, and again I do apologize this is summer special, this should say 'Back to School PTO Special'. Let's think about this for a second thing, let's think about this. I'm willing if you come to my school to teach you for four weeks for free, and I'm willing to take the $69 that you gave me and I'm going to donate it back to your school, to your PTO. How many of these school systems these days are / for money? I know you'd agree a great majority of them. So I can't imagine what parent would not want to support this. When you put the PTO flyer on your Facebook, and you ask your parents to share it with their family, with their friends, you're going to get their support, because they all want to help their schools, okay?

Let's go on. One of the things that we do in our school is ads. I know that a lot of schools especially today, they tend to downplay ads. I have this in Amerikick and believe this or not ads still work for us at my school. Not all of my schools I will tell you that, but for certain schools they work. And I think part of the reason why they work is because the type of papers. They're in/ papers, they get mailed to people's houses. So our thoughts always like it's like we're mailing everybody a flyer every single week, so we do it. We run ads in certain papers that we can get good placement, and we feel that it's a mailer, it's going to go directly to their house. You can see here some of our ads. To the left you have one of our adult ads, and to the right we have one of our kids ads.

Okay moving on. Groupons. If in fact it's true, which I believe it is, if then September adults are going to start looking for things to do, kids are back to school, then I would recommend getting on a Groupon. You can see right here, this is one of our Groupons for Krav Maga. We also do a Groupons for kids. So it's not a bad idea at all, and again it's not another pillar.

And finally we have what's called Graduation Invitations. At my school --I don't mean to keep saying my school, I just want to show you how we're doing it and then you can apply how are we doing it to your school-- but we do graduations every three months. So the kids train for three months, and then they do a graduation and they get their next rank. Let's think about this. This is the highlight of student's training. I believe graduations are one of the most untapped resources for your students. This is the highlight of a student's training. This is the opportunity where, can you imagine coming to this and you're not a student? First you get to see a demo, whether be by the instructors or your demo team. And then you get to see all these kids go up there, and do this spectacular and kadas and forms and movement and weapons. You're getting showcase all the different curriculum. And then you get to see them get promoted and earn ranks, it's the coolest thing. If there's any time that I want a guest to come on, it's going to be that right there. The problem is I don't think we market this enough. I don't think we build this up enough and get our students to see it as an opportunity to bring friends. So what you have here is graduation invitations. Every one of our students gets three of them, and we really market it and promote it to our students. "Hey listen, we want this to be a spectacular event for you! To do that, bring friends. Let's have thousands of people in the audience, cheering you on and clapping as you hit your rake and as you do your demos. Let's make this place just a mad house, a celebration for you. But we need your support." So we give them the invitations and we have them give them out to their friends and came in, we really want to get people in.

Now what do we do after the graduation? Well there's a celebration. We actually get free pizza for all our students. I know this is celebration, you can do that, you don't have to do that, but now we get the prize over there for the buddies.


So you say, a guest came, "You want to win some prizes? We have some free Karate over at the prize wheel." So we have that / guest when / happening. You get appointments out of graduations. And again, it's just another pillar.

Okay, as you know we have to cancel the first one, we reschedule it, but we are going to be taking questions. We are going to be, I'll give you a platform to send in questions and we will follow this up while we have the opportunity to answer these questions. We really appreciate you being a part of this. And just remember, what ideas suited you, and what / pick and choose. The way these pillars work is they work when you do them all. Not every idea we give you today is a great idea. But when you combine them all together, you're going to find and create a strong momentum for your Back to School season. Okay thanks for joining. Appreciate your being here.

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