[Webinar] How to Pump Up your Pro Shop

Webinar Overview

Your Pro Shop should be a revenue making machine. In this webinar we will be offering stellar customer service tips and no-nonsense best business practices to boost your Pro Shop sales. You can generate thousands in extra revenue each and every month.

Join ChampionsWay Manager of Customer Success, Keith McGregor, and Champions Academy Operations Manager, Connor J. Brown, for this value-packed webinar.

Video Transcript

Hailey: First of all I'd like to introduce today as webinar host Keith McGregor and Connor J. Brown. Keith is a manager of Customer Success for PerfectMind and ChampionsWay. He has been with the company for six years and run his own fitness and kickboxing club for seven years prior to joining our team. Through his years of experience, Keith has been a retention expert, //. Connor is our Operations Manager for Champions Martial Arts, one of the largest schools in Canada. He has been with the school for over seven years and continue to help they grow. I'll let you guys take it from here.

Keith: Thank you, Hailey. Welcome everybody to the webinar. Today's webinar is going to be how to pump up your pro shop. For the most part, Connor's going to be talking about pro shop, 'cause Connor's the Operations Manager for Champions Martial Arts. What I want to really stress here is we do have a martial arts as well, with 700 active students. And that's actually how ChampionsWay originally started with //. So what I'm going to do, I'm actually going to let Connor take over here. I will move to the next slide.

The one thing we're going to stress here --before Connor takes over-- you never get a second chance to make a first impression and we've always stressed this for schools, but especially with the pro shop. The pro shop's always going to be the first thing you see when you walk into the school. So I'm going to let Connor take over from here and let him do his thing.

Connor: Hi, guys. It's a privilege to be here today and I hope to share what I know about the pro shop and customer service, and hopefully you guys will learn a lot today. So I want to talk about first, cleanliness and making a first good impression with everyone.

When someone walk into your school, big thing is cleanliness, our presentation of everything being displayed. So for example, you walk in the door, the floor should be cleaned, everything, like there should be no dust anywhere, everything should be well presented in your pro shop when it comes to that.


So when we're talking about that, we're also talking about say, staff. Some martial arts schools are like a little bit bigger than others, some are smaller than others. If you are a big martial arts school, you most likely have a front desk staff. So in that kind of case, you want to make sure that they are, for one: approachable, they are well groomed, clean, and they got a very big thing as well, as when I talk about being approachable is that making sure their head is up, they're smiling, all these things come into contact, especially if one was to come over to buy gear, they want to ask a question, things like that. If someone is say looking at their phone or looking at Facebook or just their head down in general talking kind of thing, someone will be very hesitant to come over and say, 'Well, maybe I'll just get this gear next time, or maybe I'll as well upgrading my membership next time,' and instead of taking that opportunity. That say if you drink cooler is if you have one, have full, or it's not displayed right, that goes a long way and fills mind too.

Keith: So I just kind of step in here. So I'm going to talk about just a little bit about Champions Martial Arts. So Champions Martial Arts again, Champions Martial Arts school in Canada is really how you treat the people to sign up. What they use really well - they have a welcome package. I'm going to let Connor talk about that welcome package a little bit.

Connor: Alright, so I'm going to give you a quick kind of run-through as to taking advantage or taking every opportunity when someone signs up to your school. You have to get them right away. When it comes to product sales, when it comes to their membership, get them when they're excited. They're excited to get trained or excited to move on, they're excited to go to your classes, make sure they are prepared for everything.

So one thing what we have recently done, and this is also a customer service thing as well, what we've done is develop a welcome package. It's a large envelope, what we do is insert many things into it. Say for instance a welcome letter, for us it's: welcome to Champions Martial Arts Academy, you've chosen one of the finest schools in the area, so on and so on. And it goes on to a card // telling them what is in your welcome package. Say for us what we do is include like, for us we do a Champions Crazy at beginning of each class, we include a copy of the school rules and regulations, so on so forth. What we have also is an events calendar. We outline the events for the entire year, which can help you in many different ways, from seminars to just inserting the belt, so you will have an advantage.


Or community heads up in terms of summer camps. 'Summer camps are these weeks.' They can register early. Pro shop specials, things like that, like during // that outline, and it's going on to what we have as well like Champions /Patches/ like a our logo you can get sewn on or ironed on to uniform, things like that. That's just a quick example.

Then I'm going to what I've recently done in the past few years is started a day of sign up specials, and that's getting back to things like they're excited so you need to take advantage of that. Say for example when someone signs up, only day of registration we allow this is that say for instance, 'cause everyone, we're Amelia Kickboxing School, so everyone's going to need gloves, so usually we'll sell the gloves maybe 15-20% off that day, only day of registration. Or for example things like // martial arts pants, or // or our full sparring package. We'll offer up to like 20% off so that //. You're ready to go, you want to have that one big thing I always use and like for the very beginning when I started doing sales about 7-8 years is the word peace of mind. You want to give people a peace of mind knowing that they are prepared, and they're confident and ready to go to class. So that is saying like you got your boxing gloves, your uniform, you got your T-shirt, that's another big thing like a lot of schools will allow you to wear like their Champions, like for us it has to be your Champions T-shirt, your logos, your martial pants and your belt that you can wear to class. So what we have to do is their registration is like two Champions T-shirts for $39 plus tax, so that's another thing. So on day of registration you're going to get their membership cost, you're going to get their boxing gloves. That can upward to around almost $300-400 from one person. So you might have to sign up 2 to 3 people in one day.

Keith: Just going to step in on the T-shirt side. The T-shirt is huge. Like Connor said, you can wear your T-shirt in class at Champions as long as it's the Champions T-shirt. And if you're in North Vancouver area where we are, you see tons of people, you'll see them on //, you'll see them out of the malls wearing the Champions T-shirts, so it's the ultimate marketing tool. I don't know if a lot of you have the chance but in /Terry Leads/ webinar in Las Vegas talk about it - Shift is the biggest school in the United States. She said she built her school with T-shirts. Her T-shirts are everywhere and I had the fortune to go down there, I got fortunate to go down there and actually teach at her school a seminar. The one thing I saw when I was in Sunnyvale, California, everywhere you went, you saw her T-shirts. And her T-shirts are amazing, just like at Champions, the T-shirts are sleek, very nice T-shirts, you actually see them in our videos and so on. And like I said, really the ultimate marketing tool, you see them everywhere. But the key is to have a nice T-shirt. Nothing too loud, nothing too obnoxious, but something that says you // your school and get your students to wear it.

Keith: Sorry guys, I work Kim Kardashian into every webinar, something you know that, I just found another way to do it, but I'm going to let Connor talk about the Las Vegas Experience as he puts it, the way they treat students at the school.

Connor: So yeah like what I brought up to Keith before is like I wanted to call this one the Las Vegas Experience, because when the students come in, I actually got asked questions when I first started by //. And the question was who is the most important person in the school? And the answer to that is the students. They're the VIP, you want them to feel special, you want them to feel welcome. When they walk through that door, they should be happy, they should be excited to go to class, like that. So you want to give them, from the smallest thing like we've actually mentioned this before many times, and it goes such a long way is knowing people's names, knowing their first names, their last names, their parents' names, their dog's names, things like that. Things like that, that stays in their mind, that this person knows me, they care about me, they're here to help me get better. So that goes on so many levels. Making them feel important that even // the floor, right. I'll just give a quick example. You know someone's name, like 'let's all see Hailey come up and demonstrate front kick 10 times.' Things like that, and they're going to feel excited, they're going to feel 'ah I got to go up, the instructor knows my name,' // right. So knowing from every little thing.


And that goes into back to your presentation is everything and just showing them like, see if they want like when someone signs up, like 'do you want an envelope for copy of your membership?' It's packaged properly, give them to //, like making them feel special.

So say they buy something, like 'do you want a bag for that?' everything like this. So they need to feel, whenever they come in, they can approach you from the smallest thing they need help with, to the largest thing that they need help with.

Keith: I just want to kind of jump in there too. So I actually train at Champions, and the one thing is first you see me walk through the door when you bow, you see Connor's bald head, and from there he already knows every single person // walking to that school. It's a really big thing, and that's key because if when somebody's going to buy gear, you're going to want to make sure that the person at the front is very approachable. So I mean it's always big at the pro shop at Champions, they're constantly selling gloves, constantly selling products like T-shirts and so on. And I'm going to let Hailey talk a little bit 'cause Hailey's also a member at Champions, we'll let her talk about her experience there as well.

Hailey: Thank you, Keith. Yah, every time, I mean even from the very beginning when I first came in as a new student --I have worked at ChampionsWay for quite a while now, five years. But I just started Champions not too long ago. When I first actually came to the school, they're so professional, everything, they were so friendly. And I really do see that they really know all their students, very friendly with everything, and they do give the VIP experience, you know everyone does get that special experience. And then also with their products too. They really pick the top quality products. They did their research, they know the nicest quality T-shirts that I actually want to wear them 'cause they're comfortable, and then I also, I'm proud to wear them around as well.

Keith: Yah, it's like you say, it's quality products, and I'm going to let Connor talk about that also as well, keeping quality products on the shop. I want to go back to another thing that Connor said, they have sign specials that's really a key factor to really pushing products in your pro shop. Just like Connor said, that's when they're excited, that's when they're willing to buy. So the day of sign specials is really important in terms of that. If you guys have questions as to // sign specials they offer or what advice they can give you, you can email marketing@championsway.com - we can give you some advice, we'll give you some help as well. So I'm going to let Connor go back here, take over here and start to interacting.

Connor: Thank you, Keith. So one thing we started developing about three to four years ago is a deal of the week. This is very important because it's act to taking advantage of when they're excited, things like that. I'll give you a few examples. Sometimes for a // week --I'll just give you example what we're doing at Champions Martial Arts Academy this week-- is we actually want to do a three-tier, and almost approach every level of what we do. One option is like for our martial arts kicks, protection for your // kicks. Usually we go $55 or $50, when this week we're offering at $42, this week only. So that gives a // advantage.

I'll just step in quickly another side in terms of that, is that you can correspond that with your teaching schedule to help you sell it. Say for instance, for us at Champions we go on a rotating curriculum of when we're going to teach what kind of thing in martial arts. So one thing say if you're going to be doing things with gloves and kicks, partners like targets back and forth, that gives advantage of // 'I got to go get my kicks and my kicks are getting ruddy, they're falling apart after training for two years, for example, it's time to get some kicks.'

Second thing we're offering this week was, I'm not sure if that for jiu-jitsu school that we actually teach jiu-jitsu ourselves at Champions, and one thing we're putting on specials is tape //. Tape // is like protection for your fingers, taping them up // especially tape just for jiu-jitsu or judo. But then also in the past couple of years we've developed a class called /Rank and Handsman Classes/. What these are three-minute classes they can book a few times a week, up to three people, and usually we're selling them around $30. This week we're going around $16 or $15 roughly. That's just one example.

So each week we try and push one thing. Sometimes it'll be our Champions double deck, sometimes it'll be adding certain like boxing gloves. For example, you might even notice, a lot of my white belts not gotten their boxing gloves yet.


And that is where you got to take advantage and that is going on to --I'm not sure how many martial arts school are doing that thing-- we do important announcement at the beginning or at the end of each class. So that's where you can bring the instructor in if you're a large school, or yourself if you're smaller school, and bring in, just like a quick reminder I'm sure we all know that talking about deals of the week kind of thing like we're posing around our school. The big thing is making sure people know about it. Using softwares or sending out email to let people know, your Facebook pages, things like that, pumping it up making sure that when people come in you know they do not have that kind of gear that's on specials, take advantage and get that. Another thing is bringing instructors in to the play, announcing, 'Hey if you guys do not have that kind of gear, it's time to go and get it.' The number one person, besides the person that they will trust when they come into the school, is their instructor. The instructor's saying , 'Hey you guys do not have your boxing gloves? Go get your boxing gloves right now! I'll give you five minutes, let's go and get them!' That's just one of quick examples of that. But also on the other hand, in larger martial arts school, you may not want to get the instructors // too much, because that goes into leading them over to, say you have a front desk staff that can take over so you can get back to teaching.

Keith: Okay so I'm going to step in here: what can I do? For those you know I run a fitness club and a kickboxing school for seven years prior working with ChampionsWay. The one thing that I did, I had a very successful pro shop. Probably // successful pro shop than I did in school, to be honest with you. So I'm going to give you guys some other advice, what I call extra revenue builders.

So this is the things that I kind of threw out there, one that I personally offered, Champions did something very similar, but one big is approaching protein shake. I know a lot of you, you know what martial arts school // aren't exactly the biggest thing, but obviously now I mean you can see that everything's coming out with protein // milk without approaching someone, especially // weight. Protein shake can be a huge revenue builders. So I might just give you a typical example. A 10 pound mega protein cost you roughly about $80. So there's 126 surveys that //. That works out to 64 cents per //. So average cost for a martial arts school, a lot of the // into this, is charging $5 per shake. So // can generate $630 off the entire bag of protein. So if you're factoring and say for instance cost of frozen fruit, your total cost per shake will be $1. So that's a 400% markup that you can make of that, and the supply never goes bad.

The other thing that Champions offers is towel service. So if you have showers at your facility, towel service is a huge revenue builder for you. So they offer this service at $15 per month. They have 100 students, myself included, can pay for towel service, so that's added $1,500 in revenue each and every month. Now the cost on the whole thing $250 per month to have them laundried, picked up and dropped off. So at the end of the day, each and every month you're making $1,250 per month.

Just a couple other ideas that you can do for your pro shop. And again if you guys have questions, just send to marketing@championsway.com and you can have myself and Connor answer more questions, give you a little bit more advice.

Connor: Alright, so we're also going to talk about keys to success in the pro shop and in dealing with your customer service based. One thing is very important and I stress this is having a quality product. You can have say for like, you may not have as much money as the right // to spend as having maybe // lower cost, but you do not want to give people an excuse to go out say like a martial arts supply store and get their own gear, that is revenue on your side being lost. That's where you got to take advantage and getting back as well, today is sign up specials as well.

So knowing your product. One big thing is, I'll give you a quick example, like myself I don't think too highly of people that will sell something but they don't know the product as much, or they do not train, say for exampel you go to a place that sell the gear and whatever, but they don't even // themselves, that kind of thing. You want to have someone who actually knows the products, have trained with the product and a good quality one. Say for example, when you're bringing in new gear, I use the rule of three in terms of getting quotes, 'cause you always have to factor in many many things, from shipping to like if say you're going to be selling, say for T-shirts, how may T-shirts // you're going to //, what's it going to be, how high you're going to sell them after that.


So getting quotes, that's why I always suggest take the time to call at least or call around, go to, and get around three different places.

Another thing is getting back to with getting instructors involved. Sometimes it's good to be nice, but what I'm saying is do not lend out gear too often. That gives people a relax sense of 'well I can just borrow a gear once again and again and again, I don't need to buy a gear.' So at Champions we have a very strict policy, we do not lend out gear 'cause that just gives people an excuse to either, once again 'hey I just go somewhere else and buy the gear, walking down the street and 'll just go in there and buy it.'

So that is getting back to giving people an excuse to go somewhere else because that is being revenue lost on your end. So always take advantage, getting //, because remember I'm sure many people when you're training yourself, when you come into the martial arts school, you're, you're using software, you're scanning cars or scanning in for attendance and then I'm going straight to class. You may not even see any kind of deals that are around, everything around. 'I'm going to class, I'm coming back.' That is also getting back to a good display. One big thing is, it's a little off topic, but I actually love a show called Bar Rescue. The show talks about the science of restaurants and things like that and one thing is they try to // where your eyes fall on the menu, things like that. So when you come into the martial arts school, where your eyes going. So you need to place the items in a place that they can see right away, that they knew there's product that you're bringing in. You have to place that in a place that's walked, that's going to be seen. Put it on your desk, on higher rack, right 'cause that's usually you feel might see it. Now I'm going to go on to tracking it.

Keith: I could step in here, everybody knows, I mean for the most of you here, you're all PerfectMIND's PerfectWay client, so you've been using our software. For those of you who don't, obviously Champions Martial Arts is powered by PerfectMIND. So I just want to talk a little bit about that.

Have you gone to the Products area? I just want to make sure everybody's aware of this. The one thing I've noticed, we track usage quite a bit with our clients. I just want to kind of talk about managing products, because it's one of // that I don't see a lot of people are using it. So if you go to Manage Products, we should all be tracking our products and inventories here. So I mean this is one of the biggest things. You can obviously sell your products directly from here to the // and you can sell your products online as well. So you can see the products which actually need for Order Report. If you set up your products correctly, the one thing that we know // been training for all of our clients -- for anybody who's not a PerfectMIND client, you can let us know, definitely show you a demo and how use the products there and how we use the software overall. But you have to be in the ordering area, and the one thing is if anybody wants to // that we will supply training. But the one thing we also have is Purchase Order.

<p>So you can actually order directly for
inventory from PerfectMIND as well. So if we // for instance create a new purchase order at the top, and say for instance we search our vendor, we'll go
with Century, we can go ahead and click Save. So from here you can see the orders. If you click the Orders area now, we've chosen our vendor that's
Century, we can that we need to reorder our boxing gloves. So we have the 10oz boxing gloves and regular boxing gloves. So the system will actually tell
you what needs to be reordered and you can actually just place the order, by simply going back to Purchase Order List, that told you, you ordered so we can
click over on the Action of the far right, and we can actually... When we click Action, we can actually Send, and we have the option: the Email, Print a
purchase order, we can Phone the purchase order in. So you can everything in terms of your pro shop products sales directly in PerfectMIND. And again we're
offering training on all of this. So should any of you need training on this, we offer the live training or you can // for the one on one training. We will
be reinventing our live training next week. I myself will be doing a live training as well, so we will have an actual base specifics pro shop sales. So
from here, I'm opening it up for some Q &amp; A. Like I said I'm here to answer your questions, I'm sure a lot of you have questions for Connor as well. So
from here, I'll let you take it from here, Hailey, and we'll get some questions go in.