[Webinar] How to Convert More Leads into Active Students

Webinar Overview

Your website is a lead-generating machine for your martial arts school, and you’re getting dozens of leads a week. How do you actually get your leads or walk-ins into their first class? Prof. Rodrigo Carvalho will share his secrets on how to get your leads in the front door and onto the mat.

In this webinar, Prof. Carvalho will dive into:

  • How he has gone from generating 40-60 leads per month to 160+ using different online channels
  • How much time and money to spend on the different channels and the expected results
  • The necessary follow-up process: when to call or email, the required number of follow ups, and where you log your activities in your CRM
  • How to train your sales team or program managers to successfully close your leads

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About the Speaker

Rodrigo Carvalho

Prof. Rodrigo Carvalho is the head instructor at Gracie Barra Vancouver. In addition to winning major titles, he holds a Master's degree in physiotherapy providing him with unique insight into the physical needs of athletes. He generated over 1,700 leads and signed-up 350 new students in 2016 using a variety of digital marketing best practices.

Video Transcript

Pei En: Good morning, afternoon or evening to everyone today, depending on where you're tuning in from. Welcome to today's webinar on 'Converting Leads into Active Students' with Professor Rodrigo Carvalho. I am Pei En and I'm the Marketing and Events Coordinator here at ChampionsWay PerfectMind and I'm your host for today. Before we get started, let's do a quick sound check. If you can hear me, please type 'yes' into the chat box now. Perfect, lots of yes's coming in. Alright, looks like we're good to go.

Welcome, everyone! I'd like to give a quick rundown of who we are for those of you who are joining us for the first time or not familiar with ChampionsWay or PerfectMind. Our all-in-one martial arts management software is used by thousands of schools worldwide and enables school owners to manage memberships, billing, belt ranks and promotions and more from a single web-based platform. We also provide web development and online marketing services for martial arts schools and a variety of other businesses. We've been around the martial arts community for around 20 years now and we provide free content like the webinar you're watching today, e-books, blog posts and more. If you'd like to learn more about us just hop on and visit our website at championsway.com. Now enough about us, le's introduce our special presenter.

Prof. Rodrigo Carvalho co-presented a webinar with us not too long ago. For those of you who remember or joining Prof. Carvalho for the first time, he's the Regional Director for Gracie Barra Western Canada and the owner and head instructor of Gracie Barra Vancouver. Prof. Carvalho's academy brought in over 1,700 leads last year and 350 new students. So he's going to give you some really great tips today on how he's done it all so you're really in for a treat. Now you've heard me talk for long enough, so let's pass it over to the man we're all here to listen today. Prof. Carvalho, we're thrilled to have you, please take it away.

Prof. Carvalho: Thank you for the great introduction, Pei En. I'm honoured to be invited for you guys to be here on this webinar. I want to say thank you for all of you who's here with us and I'm going to try my best to give to you guys the rule or the blueprint of everything we've done in Gracie Barra Vancouver so you can try to do the same at your business, right, because I believe everyone is here trying to improve, to do better in your business and at the end of the day to provide more for your family. Also you guys on PerfectMind give mea huge favour, is doing a huge favour for me because I do that every day for my friends on Gracie Barra, like every day I have two or three persons call me and I spend one hour, two hours on the phone, try to help them out. And in this scenario we can do a webinar so we can reach way more people at once, so you guys just save me some time. Let's get this started!

Triple Your Leads! Let's go one step back. I just want to talk to you how you can get more access on your website so then you can convert those accesses to leads. Three years and a half ago we used to have about 400 - 700 access in our website, that's / every month around 40 - 60 leads and we sign up probably 10, 15, on a good month 20 students. Then I start to get into the details, I need to do better, I need to get better on this. Here is the blueprint.

So we need to get more access on your website. Website is the window where the customer outside can see your business inside and you need to have a big window, a large window, so they can see your business very well. I always talk with my friends at Gracie Barra where they call me for some help. I start saying like, "Look, you need to have one website 100% mobile friendly." If you go to your Google Analytics, you can see the numbers, half or more than half access come from mobile.


So if you don't have a mobile friendly website, you are losing half of the opportunity to convert those access and leads. If you don't have it, you need to change your website for the 100% mobile friendly. And also the way you present your product. Some websites, we open it up, it looks like a newspaper - so many content. Just remind yourself: half of accesses come from mobile. So if you have too much content on your website, it'll be hard for the people navigating and find what they want. So use a lot of pictures and try to use good quality of picture, people with smile, because our business is martial arts, right, a lot of people are a little bit, not scared but concerned to think about going to a martial arts gym, they're going to get some attitude or they're going to have like / heads around there, so you need to present your business in the best way possible. So when you're getting everything together, when you get a good website and you get a good presentation, the way you present your product there, so we need to get traffic in here. Here comes one tip and I really like it because it's so easy to increase the number of access.

You go to your computer; probably you open, let's put in a number, 10 times your Safari or your Chrome, your navigation, to open up a page. Let's put it over 10 times. Go on Safari and set up your business page to open as a main page when someone opens your Safari. When someone opens your tab, when it opens your tab, they're going to open automatically your page. Right there, if you open 10 times, and I bet you open way more than 10 times on your Safari or Chrome. If it opens 10 times a day that gives it to use one computer 300 access a month. So get your girlfriend, boyfriend, brothers, sisters, any computer can have access, go there and set up your business web page to open right away when someone open their Safari or Chrome. If you get 10 computers, right there you have the average 3,000 access. Just a simple tip you can get huge boost of access to your website.

Second is where you're going to present, where you're going to put the channels you use to drive more traffic to your website. That's funny because I walk in like when I'm travelling, when I'm at a place where they have many people and I walk by checking people's phone, what they're doing. I'm not a creep, I'm trying to see what they're seeing or what they're doing, but I want to see where are they, if they're checking emails, their Facebook, Instagram. So most of them, first place - Facebook. Start doing that, you need to know as a business owner where your customers are, where they are. The best place to check that is the airport because they have so many people sit in, waiting for their flight. Try to walk by, try to like check on the people's phone what they're doing. Most of them are on Facebook and Instagram. So that's where we at Gracie Barra Vancouver concentrate our efforts. / where to see where my customers are and put it there.

I don't know if you do flyer campaigns or you feel like to put it in the coffee shops your flyers there, but just think about customer. I have a coffee shop right in the corner of the gym, I go there most every day to get my coffee, and they have a bunch of flyers there for a bunch of different business. I pay attention at how many people stop to look at it or to grab one of the flyers. Nobody, nobody. Every day I go to coffee shop, spend one or two minutes there waiting for my coffee and waiting for that table where they have a bunch of flyers, nobody stops. Everyone in their line waiting for their coffee, they have their phones in their hands, checking Facebook, checking Instagram. So you need to be a little bit smart where you put your marketing campaign, where you put your money on.

So start work with events. It's very important you put one event every month, at least one in your business, one event. If you have like a martial arts business, do self-defence, do kids anti-bully, whatever you can.


And drive that traffic to your website. So, women self-defence - make a landing page, all the information there, get that landing page, and start advertising on Facebook, Instagram or throughout YouTube campaign, and drive that traffic. When the people see your ad on Facebook, they click on it, they go to straight for your website. Then you get one more access there, you have more information about your event and right there they can sign up. That's the way you can increase your access on your website and that's important as well to put you on a good position on the Google search. If you have an SEO on your website as well, that's going to help you to be on the first page. We know how important it is because when you want to buy a book or if you want to buy whatever you want, the first thing you do is get your phone going to Google and search for it. The same thing that people do when they look for martial arts gym or look for service. That's just a brief explanation on how important it is to drive more traffic to your website.

Today in a bad month we have around 3,000 - 3,200 access; in a good month we got 4,000 - 4,500 access. That's how our number today. As you can see in 2017 so far we have 600 leads and we sign up 120 students so far from January 1 to now. That's as you can see on the screen, that's our number for 2016, we signed up 350 new students. Now let's start getting to how you increase the number of leads, the access, and with the number of access increased, of course your leads will increase, right. More people going to act and more people going to put their information there and become a lead.

Where you're going to start getting leads? They're going to start rolling, get into your email, and you need to start to deal with them. That's what happened for us. We used to have 46 students leads every month and suddenly that went to over 100, over 200, and that's when we learned how to manage them the best way possible. One thing I don't like is the automatic emails. It'd be easier for us as business owners, we don't have to deal all the time, to be on the phone with client, but also look how much work I put into my business, my website, my SEO, Google AdWords, how much money and time I put in there to raise my access in my website, to convert those access to leads. But when I get the leads, I'm going to treat them with an automatic email, doesn't make sense in my mind at all.

When someone goes on my Kids page and fill up the form there and become a lead, I get the email and I know that lead came from the Kids page, why would I send an automatic email with our general information for my business about women's program, about after school program, about everything you do, it makes no sense. So when I see that lead comes from Kids page, I will send out the Kids program information, everything that person needs to know about our Kids program. Then you start interacting very well and treat better your leads. I don't know if you work with automatic emails but that's one thing I'm not going to do at all. One example, last night 11 PM, I was at home on my bed and I got a lead. Replied the guy right away and then replied to me saying he wants some price details. And I replied to him with price details and he said I'm just moving to Vancouver, I'm dealing right now to find a place and moving in, and next week I'm going to swing by to get my free week's trial. I wished him a good luck on his moving and welcome to Vancouver. He said I'm looking forward to meet you in person next week.


So if I had replied him with automatic email, that conversation would never have happened. I broke the ice, I know he's moving. When the guy comes next week, I remind him, I shake his hand and ask about how is his new home, so you connect with your lead right there. The lead's one of the most important things in your business because that's the reason your business is going to grow. Let's go to the next page.

Where do I allocate it, that's where we talk a little bit about the Facebook. Facebook's a big thing. Facebook for us is our main thing where we put a lot of time because it'd be either way. As example, you want to put there a kid self-defence, a kid anti-bullying event. Today I work a lot with paid ads on Facebook because it's a little bit better. You can narrow down your market, you can put your ad in front of those parents, those people who's probably going to buy or going to sign up for your event. But before, I didn't have money to put it in and I have to find some ways to do that. So when you don't have the money, you have time. That's what I have a lot and what I was doing is getting my ads, getting my landing page, use my information for my event, anti-bullying class, get a landing page, going to Facebook, and will start typing out kids Vancouver.

Then you're going to show out the page related to kids in your city, everything for kids. You go one by one, get your landing page, your ads and put it there, one by one. And then put 'parents Vancouver', 'moms Vancouver'. And yoga studios because yoga's full of women, of course full of moms. And I was just going crazy every day for hours and hours on Facebook because I didn't have money to pay. So I was spending hours and hours doing that and that's how we got a lot of kids in our anti-bullying program. That's how we have almost 200 signups for women self-defence last year. That's how I was doing things. Today I work that same way but I also work with paid ads on Facebook. And even if you don't know how to do it, Google! Google, YouTube have so many tutorials. That's the way I learn, so many tutorials out there so it's not going to be hard for you to find the best way to do it, just google. One good thing is you can connect with your Instagram. When you put your ad on Facebook, it goes in your Instagram as your business as well, so you have the two great channels connect to help you to generate leads.

Let's go for the next here - what can I expect? We just talked about that but of course you can expect the huge amount, you're going to increase your access on your website, going to put on the first page on Google search, and also you can expect the huge amount of leads who are coming in.

I really like the subject how you deal with them I just talked about a little bit. So let's get a little bit deeper that subject - do I call or email? I like to call. I like to email in the first time. Think about that guy at 11 PM who came as a lead on my email last night and I emailed him 11 PM. Can you imagine if I call him at 11 PM? Nobody likes to get a call after work, nobody. People either email or text message. So that's how we do and then we do have a call center. I'm going to explain to you when we use our call center.

So I email, get the first contact. If the lead doesn't reply that email in one or two days, then I ask the call center to call them. So the first approach is on email and more than 90% of the time they reply. Especially reply as soon as possible and that's what they're going to talk about right now.

I have a policy in our gym to reply the leads and that's very important, guys, we really want to take your attention on that subject. As I said look how much effort and money you put in to get the leads. When you get them, you need to put your time, your focus on that. So I have a big policy where we have to reply the leads in less than 10 minutes. What's this telling is when I talk with my friends at Gracie Barra, they call me and I ask every time, I say, hey how long it takes for you to reply your lead?


A lot of them say like a few hours, three, four hours, two hours, one hour. That's for me just unacceptable. You need to look in that way, if you're going to a computer, look for martial arts for your daughter, you're shopping around. You're going to google martial arts, it's gonna show a bunch of links, you're going to click one by one, check it out, put your information there. With your competitor who has a bad product, doesn't know what he's doing, he's not as professional as you are, doesn't have his website the way you do he replies that lead first than you, his chance of convert the lead to a new student is bigger than yours.

So you need to be ahead of the game and you need to be aware of that. For us it is 10-minute policy. Right now in the other day something funny happened and I want to share with you. A few days ago, I have a program director in the gym, he's called Chad and he's opened his new gym, and we have trained the new program director a few months ago, he's a great guy doing a great job. For a few days I was explaining to him how important it is to reply the leads in 10 minutes. So two days ago I was at home, I made dinner, checked my phone and I noticed he replied one lead three hours after. So I got the screenshot, sent to him and say, "Hey what's up? Why you took three hours to reply that lead?"
He said, "Sorry, Professor, my phone's old, it's not working well and I'm not used to be checking all the time. I don't have notification so I have to check my emails. Sorry about that, I just need to get used."
I replied to him, "Look, if you keep replying the emails in three hours and our competitors in our area reply in half an hour, that means in a few years we're going to be closing the doors. So if your problem is your phone is not working well and you do not have notification, I will solve the problem.”

I made that a video and I posted in our Facebook page. We have a group of GB owners in North America and I post there yesterday. In the video I was talking with him and I say, "Hey Mike, look, what's happened a few days ago, yeah yeah I reply the lead, that's not going to happen again. No, they will not happen at all." And I gave him a brand new phone and a brand new walker watch, so you can understand how much committed we are. And I said, "Now you have to reply in five minutes." The 10 minutes drops to five.

I help him as well. I know the time on his teaching class, I know when he's one of the drivers for our after school program as well, and I know when he's driving or teaching. On those time I know he's teaching, I hold my phone, I'm checking my phone all the time because I know he's not going to get it and I have to get it.

Train your staff to be on pointers that. You need to be the first person to talk with your lead. When you talk with them, give other the information and try to set up the intro class. That's what we do, to give out information and try to set up the intro class.

When they come, first of all, we try to present ourselves in the most welcome way possible. We have a few case in the gym having a guy called Alex, it took him two years, two years, today he's a purple belt, he's training with us for more than five years, and took him almost two years and he wanted to come to check it out but he was scared. It took almost two years for that kid to come and sign up. So you need to think about that and be more welcome as possible. And he comes, one thing: five-star hotel customer service. You need to bring that concept to our business. We need to bring exactly what five-star hotels do. If you've never been to a five-star hotel and as a business owner, I advise you to go on one, so you see how they're going to treat you. When you get in the door, if that's five-star hotel, you don't have time to open the door because someone's going to open the door for you. For that moment when you get off the car, the people are smiling, welcoming you and the more you walk towards the front desk, the better it gets. The more you get into your room, better guest and customer service. They make you feel as a king, the most important person in the world.


That's the same concept we need to bring to our business, that's exactly what we do very well at Gracie Barra.

So lead comes, reply them in five minutes now. They send email, try to set up the intro class and the lead comes. When they come, you know his name, you're expecting him. You have it nice on the PerfectMind, when they become a lead, when you get the email, they're created as a lead automatically on your PerfectMind so you just need to go there and book him into a class. He will get an email one day before reminding him with our map and information like bring your towel, your water bottle, other information he needs to know, and two hours before he's into class. Then he comes and that's automatic. That's after we talk with him or after providing information he wants and after setting up the intro class, and then we're going to work with automatic emails because you're done, you did your job. You just have to wait for your lead to come and you're going to be prepared for it.

When they come, that's what we do. Welcome, lead to the front desk, get / where done and then you walk into gym. Show every single aspect of the gym, every single place, explain how it's going to be. We ask them to come half an hour before the class to give time to do that. Go in every single place, explain how the intro class is going to be, explain about the program he's joined, the Jiujitsu, fundamental programs. Stop in the front of fundamental program. We have in the wall the program, while we stop there explain. Explain about everything. Show the changing rooms, give the intro class uniform for him and get him on the mat. This is our time we are making sure he's comfortable and we treat him very well. When he gets on the mat, we put our most ranked student to be part of that /. You never put one white belt with another white belt, never ever.

We used to do our intro class one by one with a professor. We used to book the professor in different time of the class, so the professor comes and just have a one on one, half an hour intro class, but we change just to be more welcoming and put that student in the class. So go to his class, you tell him about the time, because you're dealing with people not training for a long time, they're out of shape, so you make them feel comfortable. Say, "Look, anytime you get tired you can stop. If you want to drink water just ask to leave the mat and you can drink water and take a break." There's no problem at all so make them comfortable that way. Every time you walk by to talk like, look this is right, this is wrong, talk a little bit. And at the end of the class, that's why we do very well, at the end of the class we do our announcements and let's put the intro class name, "Guys, it's Mike." And then right then, when I'm about to finish class, I'd say, "Look guys, I want to welcome this person who came for the first time to Gracie Barra Vancouver to try out Jiujitsu and we hope he likes and become part of our family. Please, Mike, put your hands up." When Mike puts his hands up, ask everyone to clap and we tell to bring the line to finish the class. So when they stand in the line and then shake his hand, shake his hand and say 'Welcome, Mike!' and every single student do the same. Can you imagine that in one class that 30, 40, 50 students, everyone's saying your name and shaking your hands and tell you welcome? After that when they come to the front desk, most of them, they're ready to sign up. They've never been well treated the way they were, they never feel so good in a martial arts gym.

So this is right there, for the point where you decide to spend money and time to drive traffic for your website and do the entire process to get the email, reply in five minutes and get that guy to your door and put him to the intro class, that's not the end, it's almost the end for you to close the deal. Here, one more important aspect - we do not push, we do not put pressure. We give one week for trial but at the end of the first class, when he comes to the front desk, we ask, "Do you like it, how was your experience?"


Then you ask, "Do you want to sign up today?"

He'll say, "No, no, I'm going to take two more days to know."

We don't push at all. Nobody likes to be pressured, nobody. Just think in yourself, I don't have the number but it's not half, but 40% of them will sign up the first day. The 60% will take their free week. Here's one thing about the free week. I know a lot of people do one day and we used to do that. We put in one week because they kind / than selling. I'm not selling a watch when the customer come to me and say, "I look for a watch." I show a few watches and they decide which one he needs, he likes and he buys it. We're selling a product and the product is lifestyle.

So how are we going to sell a lifestyle for someone to commit to be with you for one, two, five years, 10 years, in one day? It's impossible. Can you imagine go for a date with a girl, at the first date you say, "Let's get married!"? The field doesn't work like that. Nobody likes pressure. If you tell the girl / "I really like you, I really want to go to date again with you." Let's take it easy, step by step, get to know each other. I bet that we work way more than the first date say I like you, let's get married. That's the same thing we're doing in our business when you try to close a deal on the first day. That's why we give one week trial. In that trial, we need to sell the lifestyle you have, the lifestyle you want to sell to them, to the buying /.

After the first day if they don't sign up, on the second day there comes the call center. But the call center comes not to sell. The call center calls next day and Mike who does our call center, he calls, "Sir, this is Mike from Gracie Barra Vancouver, just calling to get your feedback for your class yesterday. How was the experience?" and let them talk. Then say, "This is our number. During your week trial you can do anything. Please contact us. And after your week trial, we're going to be calling you again to give to you the best deal possible, to have you in our family." Boom! Just be welcoming, offer help, put your service available for him and let him come. So that guy's going to come every day, the students are going to greet him, the instructor will greet him, and definitely at the end of the week he will sign up. For 10 people we have in our gym who come for intro class, we sign up nine. And that one left and then we have a strategy to call him in a few weeks, give a better deal to try to sign him up but we don't lose nobody, we don't leave nobody behind.

In here one more aspect I want to take your attention. One point was 2016 the end of the year, I hugely increased the number of my access, I increased hugely the number of leads, but I wasn't signing up that many. I knew I had a problem but I didn't know where. Then I started thinking about it, okay why are we not signing up? We increase the access, we increase the leads hugely, and why we're not signing up more people? As I think about it and I found the reason - I was spending more time trying to sell a contract than to present my product. I was doing everything I'm telling you guys, and at the end I used to have like a table where peole sit down so you can present the contract to say, "This is our one-year contract, this is this and that." I was spending more time, way more time to sell the contract than my own product. I decided in November 2015 to take it down, to don't work with contract anymore. I didn't know what ought to be the result, that's what the problem. I thought I found and say I'm going to give it a shot.


The result was in 2016 we signed up 350 students. I realize now it is way more easier to sell the product. I just put in my process and my sale more dynamic. Here is the thing like I don't know for some reasons, when you become a business owner, you change your mind to business owner mind. I think that is a mistake, because you just think as a customer. If you go to buy a phone for your / and you're going next door, the phone is $800, one-year contract, and you say, "Okay I'm going to shop around, I'm going to check another store," and then you go check another store. You go to another store, the phone is $800, monthly basis. Which one do you buy? 100% I guarantee you're going to buy without contract. I ask you why you are working with contract in your business. A lot of people ask me how about the retention? Look, retention is related to quality of service. It's not contract. If you provide a good quality of service, you're going to have a good retention.

I used to have a table to sit down people after this entire process in the table. I explain about the contract, convince them to sign up a contract, and here's the thing - we are not selling houses, we are not selling condos or life insurance. You need to sit down with the client and explain we're selling memberships. You should do that in 10 - 15 seconds and that's how we do it today. The guy loves it, was well treated, at the end they say, "Look we have month to month. If you want to cancel there's six-day notice (you can put 30, 45, whatever you want) and you can put a hold if you're going away and that's it." Everything we did just made our sale easier. Make no sense to improve everything and right then when you're about to sell to close the deal, you try to convince him to sign up a contract. It didn't work well for us, then we changed, the result was great. That's the advice I give to you guys, that's what's been working for us.

Again this is CRM. Have I said before when we get a lead in our email, that lead goes automatically to our PerfectMind. We don't need to type them in, they're created automatically. That helps a lot. So I got email, try to book the person. When I go in my PerfectMind to book him in the class, he's right there. When my call center calls him, whatever the lead says, it goes in notes and put it there.

So during the month we have other leads in our PerfectMind during that month. You can access them one by one and see their status. When they close the deal then they become my member, they're out of the lead list, they are members. Today's the 30th, right? Tomorrow I'm going to be sitting on the computer and check every single one leads we didn't convert, and talk with my staff what are they going to do next week to bring them back. There's going to have a bunch of notes, the reason they didn't come back or the reason they didn't sign up. So with the PerfectMind it actually helps us a lot to organize that, know the way we do and works it very well with the product they have. That's how we work and also when we book them in, as I said, we book them for our class, we can set up automatic emails to remind them. And also when we create an event, as I said, do events every month, we do events like one or two events a month. We have landing page so that they can go on our website and sign up for the event. Even the in-house CRM as I have. They are already my customers. Why do you want it, the guy who's already your customer, go to your website and sign up there to become a lead where who he's already a customer. I usually have the in-house administration at the front desk, and I cut off and put it online my website to add more access. So you need to go in my website, so my students help me to get more traffic and help me to be on the first page on the Google search.


So everything you do in your gym, try to drive traffic to your website. Let me see. Then I forget to talk about the event.

Then you have the event and then you get the person, like in-house sign up right now, you got the person who sign up and create an event, in-house tournament. When they put them in, I had to put it to collect the payment right away because they're right now my customer. One click, collect the payment, send the receipt for the email, easy like that. For those who you don't need to collect money, free, when you log them in they get automatic email for confirmation they're coming or not. You keep that, like I have over 300 emails of women's for self-defence there, so I can use that next year or next event for women's.

I have tons of email for parents. In our PerfectMind we have almost 5,000 emails for active members, former members and leads. At the end of the year, that I do every end of the year, I have a promotion, it works very well in November because December as you know they're not good month for us in December, just have one or two weeks to work, the last two weeks sucks.

So in November, it starts in November, I get my call center to call every single lead from the year, from January 1st to November 1st, call every single one, giving to them the promotion, sign up now, pay next year. So they get a two-month free. In 2016, just in that promotion, we signed up 58 leads who came during 2016, they didn't sign up for one reason, and the end of November we call them the first week, the first 10 days, they need to be in the first 10 days. Because if you call in the end of November, your promotion will sound just like one month free. So when you call them in the first 10 days of November and say, "Look you're just going to pay next in 2018". That's what we're going to do again to see. Last year we signed up 58 just in that promotion. I'll talk about outside the promotion. Just that promotion we signed up 58 leads who came in 2016 and didn't sign up.

Next - train your team, yes! This is very, very important. One thing I used to say, my staff don't work for me, I work for them. I train them and I make sure they will succeed, they will do good. I have bonus for my trainer, my staff, for the number of member they sign up. I work with them, I sign up people for them. I worry tomorrow is the last day of the month and they need to sign up five more students to hit their goal so they can get the bonus. When they finish a year, they're going to come back to my gym and they're going to help them. I'm going to be there, work for them to guarantee, to make sure they will hit their goal. When you do that, you have your team with you. Whatever the direction you want to take, they're going to be with you, because they know they're not alone.

The most important thing on this aspect is to make them understand the way you think. When they understand the way you think, they will do what you need them to do. So I told Mike, "Look Mike, the leads is our pay check. The money with your business today is to make $20, 30, 40 grand, that's not your money. That's the money for the customer who trust in you and your work. That's not your money." When you have the mentality, you increase your customer service, because you know the money is not yours. That the money is their trust in your work, their trust in you to provide that work. When your team have that concept as well, they're going to work with you. When I was explaining to Mike how important the lead was, because the lead is my payment, it's his payment and he cannot mess around. That's an example how you can tie it up and get your group together to work as a goal to grow your business.


For this year as I said, today we sign up so far 120 students and we have more than 600 leads. We are on track to sign up 480. Last year was 250 something. I don't know if you're going to sign up 480 but what I'm sure you're going to beat the number from last year 250. I want to cross 400 for sure. Of course as we know we have our summer; summer's not that good for us but September's a great month. So I wish at the end of the month you cross 400, 450, I'll be very happy with. And let's see we have 1,700 leads and this year I want to cross 2,000.

That is the way we do things at Gracie Barra. Of course we don't have that much time and I try to include the max I could about the way we do work here. Now we're going to open for a few questions and I hope I can help with my answers. So it's on you.

Pei En: Wow thank you so much, Prof. Carvalho! The amount of detail you went in for your presentation and all your personal examples were great. I particularly like the one about asking the girl on a date. Like following up on your leads, you don't want to be too aggressive, you don't want to be too pushy.

We had a lot of questions coming during the presentation, so we'll right onto the Q&A portion. If you haven't already done so, please feel free to enter your questions in the chat box now and we'll go through as many as we can.