[Webinar] Discover the Power of Birthday Parties Done Right

Webinar Overview

We can take a smarter approach when marketing for new clients and discover the power of Birthday Parties done right. A business within a business that allows room for growth and training of new instructors while at the same time building your student base exponentially! School owners & managers try so hard to get prospects to come into their school to experience the benefits of the Martial Arts.

We do advertising, flyers, booths, demonstrations and other events that are both labor, and money intense. School talks & "Teacher for the day" programs do have their values and benefits- such as creating brand awareness about your location and providing a benefit to the community. But sometimes the very act of trying to get into the school system is a complex maze of political red tape and nonsense.

THE BOTTOM LINE: IF you use a GREAT BIRTHDAY system in your school.- You can book 90% of the prospects at EVERY BIRTHDAY party. The proof: Over 150 schools across the country are using this revolutionary new approach, and it is backed by ChampionsWay, Century & MAIA.

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