Using Software to Run a Martial Arts Tournament at your School

Hosting a martial arts tournament can be very rewarding. Not only can it be profitable, it’s a good opportunity to build community in your area, meet other martial artists in your community, and provide a great experience for everyone involved. Although martial arts is a very personal pursuit, tournaments are a great way to truly compete in your martial art.

It will be quite a bit of work but, with a good team and effective planning, hosting a martial arts tournament at your school can be an exceptional way to grow your business. Here we take a look at how martial arts tournament software can help you build, organize and run these kinds of events.


Find your Purpose

Why are you hosting a martial arts tournament? Are you using it as a way to get your school name out there — in other words, for the marketing benefit? Do you want to be a more prominent member of the martial arts community? Are you looking to make money? Of course, most of the time, it’s a combination of these factors. However, prioritizing these motives can show you what you need to focus on. If building community were the biggest factor, an accessible entry fee would allow for more community to be built.

If marketing is the driving force, making sure your branding and all of your marketing materials are intelligently produced. For example, creating a beautiful image schools can share to announce their attendance on social media can have multiple organizations sharing your logo on social media. That means hiring a graphic designer with experience creating visually captivating material is essential. Whatever your focus is, find it and figure out how to maximize that opportunity with martial arts tournament software.



Email Automation

The world needs to hear about it and the best place to start is your scheduled email programming. We’ve already discussed the power of automated emails and martial arts tournament software’s email features can really help you get the word out.

You can schedule multiple types of emails here. First, you’ll want to promote your new tournament through your subscribers. Let them know the details and ask them to share it. Then, you can have an automated email that goes out when a competitor signs up, giving them more information than a regular spectator. A couple nights before, send out some tips on preparing for a tournament, as well as any additional information they need. It’ll be a nice touch that gives value to the people who have just signed up for your event.


POS & Online Store

Once you have your tournament details set, it’s time to sell tickets. You can utilize the POS and online store function of the martial arts tournament software to sell tickets and efficiently run registration for competitors. This function of the martial arts tournament software will reduce errors, making the payment process easy and clean. This is one less thing to worry about, so you can focus your time on making your tournament great.


Smart Dashboard

Planning and running a tournament is a big increase in workload, even with martial arts tournament software. While this is going on, it can be hard to have a firm grasp on your school’s operations. This is where ChampionsWay’s Smart Dashboard shines. Smart Dashboard is a feature that gives you a quick overhead snapshot of the business, allowing you to quickly and efficiently find areas of your organization that need tending to. This way, you know nothing will fall through the cracks while you host the best martial arts tournament in town!


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