Using Automation to Manage Repetitive Processes at Your Martial Arts School

When a new business is in bootstrapping mode, employee roles may not be fully distinguished. Frequently, managers and instructors will find themselves working on many things outside of teaching class such as marketing, communications, billing and more. This can be sustainable at a small scale but, once the company starts to grow, these small tasks become increasingly cumbersome; eventually becoming impossible to effectively manage, without your team being distracted from things like making lesson plans and training themselves.


Thankfully, successful martial arts schools know the importance of a solid martial arts business system. By using automation to manage repetitive processes at your martial arts school, you can free up your staff members’ time to do more important things, while staying on top of everything even more effectively.


Automated Billing & Collection

Billing isn’t just time consuming; it can get a little awkward, especially when people have late payments. With effective martial arts business system, your billing should become a lot easier, faster, and still ultra-affordable. The system ideally collects payments, posts them to the built-in bookkeeping app and produces reports for you and your accountant. Missed payments are re-processed automatically and you’re alerted; eliminating awkward customer interactions, reducing hours spent pouring over spreadsheets and allowing you to more efficiently manage your finances.


Marketing Automation

Marketing is the key to bringing new students to your mat. Your martial arts business system needs to generate more leads and increase student retention, using marketing automation that regularly nurtures your prospects and students.


One key feature that increases your conversion rates is automated email response. This should be set up to respond to certain actions taken on your landing pages, based on your students’ and prospects’ behaviors. Whether they are making a purchase, booking a trial, or are visiting specific pages, your system should be ready to handle the situation accordingly, without you haven’t to keep a constant eye on it or send out emails yourself. Let the system do the heavy lifting.


Attendance and Test Readiness Automation

Speeding up attendance taking not only saves your staff’s time; it enhances the experience for your students. Self check-in helps your students make the commitment to attend the class that day. The best part of attendance automation really helps the customer service aspect of your martial arts business system.


Preventing cancellations is a breeze, as a good martial arts business system will track patterns, to see which of your students are likely to cancel. You can automatically get notified when students are up for renewal, overdue on a payment, or have a birthday coming up. You can even create custom alerts to make sure you’re on top of students’ needs. Belt and rank management features should be able to tell you who is ready for testing and even tell you what size belts to order.


Online Booking

This generation is mobile. To stay current, your martial arts business system’s online booking system will need to be very user-friendly and efficient. Allowing your prospects and students to view your full class schedule, select their memberships, book classes, register for birthday parties, summer camps, and to pay for it all online is very important. Without being mobile-ready, you run the risk of turning away many potential clients before they have a chance to get in the door.


Payroll Automation and Staff Management

Payroll can be very time consuming, especially with variable schedules or active school growth. Make sure your martial arts business system has the ability to create different profiles for each team member, along with varying rules, permissions, and customized pay. Managing staff wages, commissions, hours and availability should be done with ease. Another great feature is to be able to automatically calculate wages and payroll based on class size, attendees, increments, sales percentages, and even hourly.

One of the biggest benefits is that effective automation lets nothing fall through the cracks, by using automated and recurring tasks for day-to-day responsibilities and staff-assigned activities. Experience our free trial and see how a great martial arts business system can make your life easier and your business more efficient.

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