Using Attendance Software for your Martial Arts School

Class attendance is a key part of both the martial arts student’s path to success and a school owner’s business growth. For your casual students, it can be the only time they really spend practicing the art. For your dedicated students, it’s a place to learn and practice new techniques, forms or drills. Attendance is key, as it’s really what your students are paying for. Because of this, attendance can actually do a lot for your management team, as it will reveal quite a bit of information on your students.


When it comes to attendance, it is key that you are able to track student numbers, missed sessions and foresee or understand any emerging trends. With martial arts attendance software, you can use attendance tracking to monitor a student’s progress, see patterns and even prevent membership cancellations.


Attendance Tracking in a Nutshell

There are many ways to take attendance but the most effective methods are the least time consuming and intrusive. Various martial arts attendance software packages will have different options for attendance tracking but there are some features that you should be looking out for. The best martial arts attendance software will allow you to track attendance right from the mat, using a smartphone or tablet.


Another valuable feature is the ability for students to self check-in through an app. If your business has a scanner, some software will allow you to scan barcoded tags or manually check-in by typing out their names. Having more than one option can help make this process both more effective and easier for your school to adapt to quickly and efficiently.


Tracking Progress

Belt testing is the natural progression in modern martial arts. It’s a good way to keep your students actively progressing, motivated, and clear on their current goals. Effective belt testing is a key part of a successful martial arts school. Progressing your students too quickly will reduce the significance of each belt level and make it seem like your school cares more about making money than producing the best black belts possible. Progress your students too slowly and you risk reducing motivation in many.


Attendance tracking can track the amount of time a student has put in at each belt level. While the length of time is only one of many factors to highlight a student’s readiness, it’s definitely one of the easiest ones to look out for. Furthermore, if a student has been stuck on a belt level, it’s important to offer the student some one-on-one time or private lessons, to see what is needed for him to progress to the next level. This will help keep motivation levels up, while maintaining high retention rates.


Preventing Membership Cancellations and More

Martial arts attendance software can do a lot more than track attendance and progress. It can alert you on an overdue payment, an upcoming birthday, or any other noteworthy messages about memberships or financial information. Custom alerts can also be set up, to help you monitor special interests. This allows you to boost your customer service with your students, making it easier to be a knowledgeable master with strong organizational skills. Increasing your student retention rate is also a key part of effective martial arts attendance software. An essential feature is for intelligent tracking that will highlight the students most at risk of cancellation.


ChampionsWay’s intelligent attendance tracking is a great fit for the growing martial arts school, whether you’re a small local school or run multiple schools across the country. Check out our webinar on tracking class attendance to improve retention, to learn more about how it can help your business.


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