Understanding the Need for Martial Arts Billing

Your time is precious and so is your staff’s. Automated martial arts billing is one of the details in a school’s operations that can easily get overlooked. Sure, manual billing can spear to be cheaper, upon first glance, and might even seem to be working for you, if you have a new school that only has about ten students. However, once you start getting 20, 50, 100, or more, the value of time and accuracy starts becoming apparent, real quick.

There are many more reasons than just time that make automated martial arts billing a great idea. We’ve decided to break down a few of those important reasons for you:

Time, Energy, Stress

If time is money, stress is your bills. Owning and/or running a business can be tough on your time, energy and stress levels. Anything that can bring those to management degrees is a welcome thought to most. By removing the need to manually bill people every month, you save many hours that you are either paying for with staff or sacrificing with yourself. Take that extra time to spend with your family, meditate, or the large list of other tasks that better use your skills, knowledge and time. Additionally, you’ll see how much more time you save with automated martial arts billing, with the other benefits below.

Discounts and Coupons

Most martial arts schools frequently run discounts and promos and a good automated martial arts billing system will take care of all of that for you. PerfectBilling, ChampionsWay’s martial arts billing system, can easily apply any type of discount to your members’ accounts. This will minimize errors; a customer having to ask for money back isn’t the best way to keep them happy. The more promotions, discounts and other incentives you’re running, the more effective it becomes to have them built into your billing system, right there for you and your team to access.

Business Insights and Reporting with Martial Arts Billing

By organizing your data in reports, you can see patterns emerge. These summaries can help you make business decisions or see where you have otherwise unseen opportunities. Invoices and transaction histories are also tracked, meaning you can go back at any point to see your customers’ histories. As martial arts billing is such a central part of the business, utilizing it to its full potential means being able to view many important parts of your business, marketing, registration, costs and other aspects at all times.

Martial Arts Billing Errors

Martial arts billing can automatically follow up on delinquencies; any declined payments can be re-processed automatically and customers can be contacted and notified whenever their payments have failed. PerfectBilling by ChampionsWay takes it one step further: auto-reminders inform customers of credit card expiry before their payments are due. Now that’s martial arts billing looking out for you and your customers!

Avoid Mistakes with Martial Arts Billing

A non-comprehensive martial arts billing system or manual billing methods can both be susceptible to many errors. Errors can either mean less revenue, accidentally overcharging your customers or other negative outcomes. None of these are going to be any help to your school. Avoid mistakes, with a solid foundation for your billing that uses historical data and smart digital assets.

Multiple Locations

If you’ve expanded to multiple locations, it’s a huge benefit to be able to create a separate login to give your accountant secured access to your financial information, along with specific access to anyone else at your other schools. Any purchases made should be assigned a billing location, while all of the financial information collected at the different locations can be consolidated for your convenience.

At ChampionsWay, we take your martial arts operations seriously. That’s why PerfectBilling is one of the many features we’ve optimized to get your business operations running smooth so you can focus on your students and your training. Learn more about our many other helpful features and take advantage of our free billing calculator, to see how much your can save on your billing, just from using ChampionsWay. As always, like us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and stay up to date with all of your ChampionsWay news.