Unconventional Ways to Market Your Martial Arts School

Getting your business out there is never easy. If every martial arts school in your area is doing a good job marketing their gym, it can be even more difficult to get noticed. This is when it pays off to get creative. When marketing becomes monotonous, generic and repetitive, prospective students will notice marketing campaigns that are different and fun.

Here are three ideas for marketing your martial arts school in more unconventional ways:

Social Media Campaigns

Get creative. This can be as related or as unrelated as you want but remember the goal you have in mind: to get as many people noticing your business - in a positive way - as possible. For example, you can start a clever hashtag campaign that gets people smiling. You could showcase your staff, instructors and top students, by posting an Instagram image of them, captioned by a short, light-hearted comical bio, hashtagged by #meettheTKDteam. Another idea is to demonstrate a technique that is approachable for non-students; self-defense techniques would work really well here. Always provide high value, whether it’s humour or education, and people will follow.

Unrelated Community Events

Most martial arts schools do the standard public demonstrations, school events, etc. Add some community events, on top of those, that are different from others. One idea could be a flash mob but, instead of a dance, do a martial arts demonstration. Double this up with our first tip and get someone to record it in high quality, to share it on your school’s social media platforms. There are many other ideas to explore, including ones that are not completely martial arts related.

Social Change

Do some good in your community, through your school. This can get attention from the people who are nearby and witnessing but you could also get your local newspaper or online publications to talk about it. Think about your local community and an issue at hand: poverty, littering, etc. Your school could make sandwiches to take to the homeless, you could get garbage clean-up gear and clean up your local beach, park, and even streets. There are many things you can do here. Keep in mind that, as a business, you do not want to get too political. If the issue at hand is controversial and/or divisive, it might be best to steer clear. At the end of the day, you are a martial arts school looking to recruit new students, not trying to prove a political point.

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