The importance of a good weekly class schedule

Your martial arts school’s weekly class schedule provides the structure of learning for your students. A good weekly martial arts schedule should factor in a lot of things, in order to maximize your students’ experience, while providing convenient times that work for most people. This can make or break a student’s enrollment in your school.


If there are no convenient times to attend a class, students won’t be able to attend or will simply be much less likely to continue enrollment. If the flow of the week isn’t good, you may be inadvertently driving both potential and current students away. Here are a few tips to creating a great weekly martial arts schedule that works for both you and your students.


Start with an Audit 

If you have a martial arts management software solution, you can easily analyze your students and see which classes have the most attendance and which classes have the least. It’s important to remember that the subject matter of the classes will play a large role in attendance as well but you should be able to perceive patterns in attendance, in relation to time. Calculate the percentage attended (the number of students attending divided by the number of students who have enrolled in the class) in all of your classes. You’ll want to focus on getting this percentage as high as possible.


ChampionsWay software has a related feature called Intelligent Attendance Tracking that can save you time and helps you effectively manage this. One thing you can do is survey the B (semi-regular) and C (non-regular) students to see how timing relates to their absenteeism. You can also use that to prevent cancellations before they happen. Now you have an overall view of your school’s martial arts schedule and the opportunities you have.


Rest and Recovery

When formulating your martial arts schedule, keep in mind proper rest and recovery times in between the same classes. For example, if you have an intense sparring session for your competition students, you’ll have to ensure they have enough time to recover optimally. This will prevent exhaustion and allow for proper recovery, while also reducing the risk of injury.


While not every martial art or specific class is going to be intensive enough to warrant a specific schedule for extensive rest and recovery, it’s important to consider. Furthermore, a study in Current Biology shows that varying your training regime - while changing the parameters of the training - will accelerate the speed of learning. Use this to your advantage, when creating your lesson timetables.


Order of Classes Matter 

The order of the classes in your martial arts schedule is also very important. Most schools tend to have their kids and teens classes start around 4-5 pm and their adult classes starting around 6-7 pm, aside from gyms with day or lunch classes or sparring sessions. This allows kids with earlier curfews to finish earlier. A basic martial arts schedule may look like this:


Monday/Wednesday/Friday: youth beginner class from 4 to 5 pm, youth advanced class from 5 to 6 pm, adults beginner class from 6 to 7 pm, adults senior class from 7 pm to 8 pm, competition sparring from 8 to 9 pm.


Tuesdays and Thursdays: can have your “accessory classes”, such as cardio, self-defense, and cross-training.


Weekends: continued accessory classes, for those unable to attend during the week. Weekends are also an effective time to run longer, more intensive classes, for students only able to come to the school once a week. They can be a great way to add more classes and days to your students’ training.


While we always admire and champion the entrepreneurial spirit, keep in mind that working 6-7 days a week for an extended period of time can make you burn out. If you’re considering hiring your first instructor, see our blog post for a quick starter guide.


You Can’t Always Please Everyone

Just remember, you can’t always please everyone. Some of your younger students may join a sports team that has games during his or her martial arts schedule or an older student may get a new job that goes into the evening. All you can do is find the times that work for the most people and focus on that. In some of these cases, you may be able to move students to private lessons or weekend classes.


Want to learn more about how to optimize your booking and scheduling systems at your martial arts school? Check out our online calendar, booking and scheduling feature on ChampionsWay. Start scheduling more efficiently, while saving huge amounts of time.


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