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    <span class="title">Using Social Media to Bring in New Students</span>
    <span class="description"><p> If you attended David Walmsley’s webinar last year on Facebook marketing, you’ll know that he’s an expert when it comes to digital content. David is back with another round of social media tips, and this time, he will answer some of the burning questions our customer experience teams have been receiving about lead generation – how can you use Facebook and other social media channels to attract new students?

David is here to simplify things for you. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to use Facebook Ad targeting to get the biggest bang for your buck
  • What the Facebook 20% rule is and how to stay within it
  • Why you should be creating landing pages for your ads to maximize results
  • How and when to use Twitter, Google+ and other platforms to capture your audience

About the Presenter: David Walmsley is Principal and lead strategist at Social Victory, working with businesses to grow and maintain their social media and online communities. Nominated for multiple national awards, his work with publicly traded companies, charities like the Heart and Stroke Foundation, real estate developers, software conglomerates and many small to medium business had given him a well-rounded approach to social media and online marketing.

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