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    <span class="title">Understanding Search Ranking & Google Analytics Reports</span>
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You've asked and we've heard you loudly and clearly. We began overhauling our SEO offerings more than a year ago and added custom monthly reporting for business owners to evaluate the performance of their websites. We've received great feedback overall but felt we needed to do more to educate our clients on how to utilize these reports to make business decisions.

Whether or not you are taking advantage of our monthly SEO packages, you're sure to take away useful information that will assist you in your online marketing strategy. Jason Kamara has hosted several SEO webinars over the past two years and will arm you with the knowledge you need to make the most of your monthly SEO and Google Analytics reports.

In this webinar, Jason will take you through:

  • The difference between organic and local search rankings for different search engines
  • Understanding reasons for fluctuating search rankings
  • Evaluating the quantity, quality and source of your website visitors
  • Using your custom Google Analytics dashboard to make marketing decisions

Jason Kamara is the Marketing Manager for PerfectMind. He has developed and implemented search optimization strategy for more than a decade and generated top rankings for local, national and international businesses of all types.

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