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    <span class="title"> Kick your Summer Camp into Action with Grand Master Ciarfella  </span>
    <span class="description"><p>The air is crisp, the grass is frosty—and yet, summer is on our mind. When does your martial arts school start planning for your most successful summer camp of the year? What are some of the best ways to plan and promote your summer camp to ensure opportunities are optimized? Join Grand Master Ciarfella of United Martial Arts Centers (UMAC) to see how he kicks his summer camps into top gear, creating a tight-knit community and profit generating machine.

Grand Master Ciarfella, CEO and Founder of UMAC, is a seasoned summer camp veteran. He'll answer those burning questions that you’ve always wanted answered.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How an actionable, goal oriented plan will lead to the most success
  • How to flip summer camp’s biggest challenges on their head
  • How and when to automate promotions to maximize summer camp registrations
  • Best practices and tips to plan a fool proof summer camp
  • A day in the life of a UMAC summer camp instructor

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