Test the New PerfectMind Calendar Module

Be one of the first to test our new calendar module

Many of you have asked for it, and we are near completion of a new calendar module for all PerfectMind users. Our development team has been hard at work building and testing this tool that will make it easier for your staff and students to book classes. We would like to invite PerfectMind users to beta test our new calendar module. You get to test a tool that will help you and your staff in exchange for feedback that will help us make the product even better.

<img style="width: 45%;float: right; margin-top: 90px;position: relative;left:5%;"src="/content/images/2015/05/calendar_macbook.png">

The New Calendar Provides

  • Quick Data Entry: Users can create appointments quickly
  • Custom Calendars: Generate new calendars/event typs based on your business needs
  • Staff/Resource Availability: Never double-book. The new calendar will allow you to manage availability of your staff and facilities without conflicts
  • Intuitive Course Registration Process
  • Customizable Registration Form

Sign up for Beta Testing

By opting in for beta testing, the new calendar will be added to your database for immediate use. All form fields are required for signup.

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