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[Webinar] The 8 Phases of Bully Management

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Parents are always looking for ways to help prevent bullying in their kids lives. Your school can take advantage of the opportunity. With a well-planned bully management program, you can increase enrollments, engage more students and help put an end to bullying.

Join Master Tommy Lee of East Coast Martial Arts and the iconic Dave Young, Director of

[Webinar] 3 Simple Steps to 100 Students

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Wouldn't it be great to easily grow your martial arts school to 100 students? Every business is searching for the secrets to attract potential students, conduct relevant and engaging classes, and keep students coming back for more. But how? On Thursday September 3rd, Rich Grogan, Founder of Grogan's Academy of Martial Arts is going to show you how

[Webinar] Local SEO: How to Rank in Surrounding Areas

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One of the most common SEO questions we hear at ChampionsWay is: How can I rank in other towns/cities? Ranking well for nearby locations can help you reach new students. In this webinar, you will learn proven strategies and new approaches to help improve your rankings in surrounding areas.

Jason Kamara, Senior SEO Specialist at ChampionsWay, will

[Webinar] Back to School with Chris Millares

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Is your martial arts studio prepared for the busiest time of year, back to school? We're pumped and we want to help you stand out from your competitors to get students registered for September. How can your school prepare for the chaos? Chris Millares, Chief Development Officer of Amerikick is going to help you get ready and create

[Webinar] How to Master Digital Marketing for your Dojo

Topic: How to Master Digital Marketing for your Dojo
Speaker: Keith McGregor, Andrew O'Halloran, Haley Stich, and Luthfi Dhofier

Are you looking to get a bigger bang for your buck from digital marketing? Competition among martial arts schools is fierce and there are only so many hours in a day to promote your school and increase sign ups. Are you

[Webinar] How to Pump Up your Pro Shop

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Your Pro Shop should be a revenue making machine. In this webinar we will be offering stellar customer service tips and no-nonsense best business practices to boost your Pro Shop sales. You can generate thousands in extra revenue each and every month.

Join ChampionsWay Manager

[Webinar] The Referral Game

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In this webinar Customer Success Manager, Keith McGregor, will show you how to maximize your member referrals to increase tuition revenue and beat the summer drought.

You will learn 5 strategies to get the most out of your referral program:

  1. What to offer to attract referrals
  2. When to ask for referrals
  3. Who to ask for referrals
  4. How to

[Webinar] Live Website SEO Audits

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Do you know how well your website is performing in the local search results? Here is your chance to find out. Jason Kamara, the Senior SEO Specialist at ChampionsWay, will live audit attendee websites.

You will learn how to use free tools to troubleshoot SEO problems and fix common problems that may

[Webinar] Increase Retention & Turn Parents Into Raving Fans

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Increase retention and keep them coming back for more. Join Rich Grogan as he shows us how to grab parents' attention and turn them into raving fans. Boring is simply that, "Boring." During this webinar you will learn how to create an environment that keeps the curriculum fresh and interesting. Stray away from the countless repetitions, basics, and

[Webinar] 10 Tips for Using Facebook to Promote Your Martial Arts School

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Most of us are now using social media platforms like Facebook socially. We post about our lives, read news and interact with our friends. However, promoting your business on Facebook is another thing entirely. How do you interact with current and potential students? What content should you be posting? How can I measure what I'm doing and create

[Webinar] Discover the Power of Birthday Parties Done Right

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We can take a smarter approach when marketing for new clients and discover the power of Birthday Parties done right. A business within a business that allows room for growth and training of new instructors while at the same time building your student base exponentially! School owners & managers try so hard to get prospects to come into their

[Webinar] Has Your School Leveled Off And Now You Feel Stuck?


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This is a picture of the Moab, Utah. I took some of my top clients to Moab last year actually it was the year before. And one of the days we did biking. The whole idea is to

[Webinar] Build a Referral Engine That’s Guaranteed to Grow Your Business!

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Referrals should be the number one driving factor for your membership based business growth, yet the methods to promote this Word-Of-Mouth wonder are underutilized by most! Vahid brings to light, in this exclusive PerfectMIND webinar, how you can build your own effective referral engine. One that’s guaranteed to help you build relationships with your customers and grow

[Webinar] The Secrets to Maximizing Your Holiday Sales

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Watch Mark Russo, COO of Amerikick Martial Arts, for a special holiday webinar. During this exclusive Championsway webinar, Mark will be sharing his secrets on how to get the most out of the holiday season, as well as showing us how to boost

[Webinar] How to Rank like a Champion: Dominate Google Maps with 10 Actionable Tips

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Your small business needs more than a website to drive new leads and bring new members in the door. Optimizing your website and online presence for local searches is a necessity for martial arts and other member-based businesses. This webinar will be jam-packed full of actionable tips that will show you how to outrank your competitors on Google