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[Webinar] Opening your Second School: Secrets from a Successful Multi-Location Owner

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Your martial arts school is flourishing and filled with active students. You know it's time to scale your success and you're almost ready to open your second school – but how will you manage twice the number of students and instructors, and multiple locations that are miles apart? Benefit from a successful owner's experience on how to kickstart enrollment

[Webinar] The Dao of Dojo Systems Development

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As an instructor, you've mastered your martial arts technique – but as a school owner, have you perfected the art of running a dojo? Having a successful business model is built on having the right network of systems in place. With the varying philosophies and approaches, figuring out which systems work best for your school can be an overwhelming

[Webinar] Race to the Bottom: Why your Dojo is not Generating Leads

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You've invested in paid ads, SEO and a website redesign – it's cost you a lot of money and the results have been underwhelming. Getting a lead's attention is challenging and converting them requires another level of mastery. Understanding the conversion funnel and customer journey will position your school to generate qualified leads in time for the busy back-to-school

[Webinar] Managing Negative Online Reviews for your Martial Arts School

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When deciding between several martial arts schools for her child, a parent will look to your online channels – and straight to where she can find reviews. Reviews can have a huge impact on generating leads, and ultimately students for your school. Learn everything there is to know about negative online reviews and how to tackle them effectively.


[Webinar] How to Convert More Leads into Active Students

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Your website is a lead-generating machine for your martial arts school, and you’re getting dozens of leads a week. How do you actually get your leads or walk-ins into their first class? Prof. Rodrigo Carvalho will share his secrets on how to get your leads in the front door and onto the mat.

In this webinar, Prof.

[Webinar] What you must Know about Opening a New Martial Arts School

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You're a black belt at teaching but a white belt at business. How can you overcome the many obstacles to successfully grow a new school to 100 students? Master Rich Grogan led our most popular webinar to date and is back to take you through the ins and outs of opening a new school.

In this webinar, Master

[Webinar] Scheduling Classes for Optimal Results

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One of the biggest challenges of growing a school comes with class scheduling. Identifying when and how to optimally schedule classes and manage your instructors is something that can impact new signups, retention, student and instructor satisfaction.

We're honored to have Master Ingrid Katzberg, North American kickboxing champion and founder of Champions Academy, share her expertise. Master Katzberg

[Webinar] Understanding Search Ranking & Analytics Reports

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We began overhauling our SEO offerings more than a year ago and added custom monthly reporting for business owners to evaluate the marketing performance of their websites. We've received great feedback overall but felt we needed to do more to educate our clients on how to utilize these reports to make business decisions

Whether or not you are

[Webinar] Back-to-School: Advanced Marketing Tactics for Black Belts

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The back-to-school season is fast-approaching. How ready is your school to capitalize on this short-lived opportunity to drive membership signups? Have you already tried countless back-to-school campaigns with mediocre results?

We’re honored to have Chris Millares, Chief Development Officer of Amerikick, return for his second back-to-school webinar. This time, Chris will take it up a notch and

[Webinar] Reducing Risk & Costs with PerfectMind EMV Terminals

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The EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) transition underway in the U.S. is currently impacting small and large martial arts schools that accept credit and debit cards. This standard is steadily replacing the older mag-stripe cards that are easier to counterfeit and subject to more fraudulent transactions. Learn how the transition impacts your school and how PerfectMind EMV/

[Webinar] Using Social Media to Bring in New Students

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If you attended David Walmsley's webinar last year on Facebook marketing, you'll know that he's an expert when it comes to digital content. David is back with another round of social media tips, and this time, he will answer some of the burning questions our customer experience teams have been receiving about lead generation - how can you

[Webinar] Kick your Summer Camp into Action with Grand Master Ciarfella

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The air is crisp, the grass is frosty—and yet, summer is on our mind. When does your martial arts school start planning for your most successful summer camp of the year? What are some of the best ways to plan and promote your summer camp to ensure opportunities are optimized? Join Grand Master Ciarfella of United Martial

[Webinar] Tracking Class Attendance to Improve Retention

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Does your martial arts school currently have a system in place to track student attendance? Are you able to catch students in a proactive manner, before they drop-out of classes? Join Amerikick COO, Mark Russo, to learn how to catch students BEFORE they drop out. Learn how to engage proactively with students to improve retention and keep growing

[Webinar] Live Website Teardowns

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Is your martial arts website currently driving new sign-ups at your school? Are you providing a positive visitor experience and giving prospects the information they need? ChampionsWay will answer these questions for you - and more. Learn how to best optimize your website by submitting it for live review.

Jason Kamara, Senior SEO Specialist at ChampionsWay, will take

[Webinar] The Power of Automated Emails

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Do you want to know why the smartest martial arts school owners are using automated emails to drive their marketing efforts? It's an easy way to turn leads into students, and it's a feature that allows your business to make money - even while you're sleeping.

The problem is lots of martial arts school owners don’t know