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Centralize Family Member Profiles & Accounts

PerfectMIND helps you to quickly connect multiple family members and related contacts under one family-based account, and identify one of them as a Primary Contact. When you add members, shared information such as address and phone numbers are automatically included in the connected profile. Once connected, any of their credit cards can be shared to pay for all family members'

Make a Quick Sale with the Walk-In Button

Selling a bottle of water or a t-shirt to existing members is easy – you just look up their name in the shopping cart. But what about walk-in guests who don't have a contact profile? When a non-member walks in to buy something simple, PerfectMIND has optimized your shopping cart with the Walk-In button! It's a breeze to make a quick

Customize Your Membership Templates

Make it easier for your staff to process a membership in the PerfectMind shopping cart. You can set up templates to include the membership duration and pricing structure. Choose from four main membership types. Each type is tracked differently for classes remaining, expiry dates, and delinquency. The pricing section of the template includes a powerful behind-the-scenes calculator that does the

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update Rolls Out Today

Well it’s April 21st - a big day for many martial arts school owners wondering what will happen to their search engine rankings over the coming weeks. Yes, Mobilegeddon, Mobilepacalyse or whatever it’s being called has arrived! Please resist the urge to freak out and let's look at the details of this update.

Google stated earlier this year

Customize Themes and Footers for Multiple Location

In as few as three clicks, PerfectMIND lets you choose different website themes for multiple locations!

To update the theme for each location, look for these options in your design settings:

  • Change your theme
  • Use a different website theme for each location
  • Select the theme from a pick list

Now that you've customized the theme, assign unique footer content!


Made a mistake while editing your web page?

Made a mistake while editing your web page?

This happens to all of us when we are editing a web page and suddenly everything seems to break. But if you make a mistake, PerfectMIND lets you revert to a previous version of your page. You will find the Restore function at the top right of the Page Editor. Select any

Keep your inventory up to date -- use the Purchase Order app to save time!

Did you ever lose the chance to make a sale because you ran out of products? When it comes to managing your inventory, PerfectMIND has a great app that will keep you on top of things and save you tons of time. Using the purchase order app, you'll be able to identify which items you're running low on for each

Develop and Convert a Lead

Take an Interactive Course to Learn How to Develop and Convert a Lead

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If you're new at your organization's front desk, this is a great way to get started in PerfectMIND.

Here's where you learn how to enroll a prospect or Lead in an

December 2014 New Feature Release

Centralize Family Member Profiles and Accounts:

PerfectMIND now allows you to quickly connect multiple family members and related contacts under one family-based Contact profile, and identify one of them as a Primary Contact. When you add members, PerfectMIND will save you time by automatically including shared information in the connected profile such as address and phone number. Once they are

October 2014 New Feature Release

Enjoy Your Smarter Dashboard:

Your PerfectMIND Smart Dashboard already gives you a comprehensive snapshot of performance statistics. Now you can also compare your marketing and financial performance between weeks, months, quarters, or years! Just select the date range and view the change percentage and summary, then export a custom report. Click any statistic to look behind the scenes and learn

[Webinar] Optimize Your Canadian Consent Opt-Ins with PerfectMIND's CASL Feature

August 2014 New Feature Release

Create Promo Codes and Early Bird Discounts:

Boost response to your promotions -- add a discount incentive in PerfectMIND! You know it isn't enough to just list events and products.. you need a reason to drive traffic to them and increase sales. With this new feature you can customize:

  • Events -- Add an early bird discount for customers who buy

July 2014 New Feature Release

Recurring Tasks and Automated Tasks

We heard that you have recurring tasks like paying bills, cleaning your school, updating your calendar, etc. Stay one step ahead in PerfectMIND! Now when you set a task's due date, just add the "repeat" option:

  • Choose every day, week, month, or year. Or,
  • Customize the frequency

You'll know it's a recurring task

[Webinar] How to Prepare for the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

Webinar Overview

This webinar provides an overview of the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law legislation, effective July 1, 2014. Nima

June 2014 New Features Release

Multiple Pay Rates

Customize your staff's pay just the way you want. Set multiple pay rates for all your employees in PerfectMIND:
  • Choose from five Pay Rate types: Per Class, Per Attendee, Incremental, Percentage or Hourly
  • Enable bonuses, set minimums and maximums
  • Assign instructors to classes with any pay rate set up for them
  • Assign a substitute instructor with a