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How Gymnastics Can Increase Martial Arts Performance

Those who cross-train regularly will know that doing other forms of physical activity can heighten martial arts performance. Gymnastics has quickly become a popular type of cross-training for martial arts, not only adding variety to one’s training, but also bring a number of benefits, such as specific muscles development you may not otherwise attain from just martial arts training.

The Benefits of Sparring at your Martial Arts School

While repetition will help ensure that your technique is on point, the same techniques are wasted if never put into a real-world scenario. Sparring is a unique method of training and can help your students understand and familiarize themselves with the nuances of combat. Through sparring, students can gain invaluable experience and react in a tournament or in self-defense as

Why you Should Hold Parent-Teacher Meetings

When it comes to teaching children, you’re expected to work with parents as well. Oftentimes, parents may have expectations or goals for their children, whether they be disciplinary, physical, or otherwise. Therefore, it’s important to keep parents apprised of your students’ progress, letting them know how their children are doing in your martial arts classes. You can do

Martial Arts Recovery: 5 Tips for Post-injury Care

Despite taking care to enact proper form and technique when practicing martial arts, injuries will happen in a student’s journey. When the situation arises, proper post-injury care is crucial. If injuries are left untended and an injured student continues to practice with pain, there can be permanent damage to his or her body. While there’s an age-old mantra

Should your Martial Arts School have an Active Shooter Training Class?

Active shooter training has become a hot topic of conversation in North America. According to Gun Violence Archive‘s definition of a mass shooting – any incident in which a gunman “shoots or kills four or more people in the same general time and location” – there were 345 reported mass shootings in 2017 alone. The attack on Las Vegas can be

The Latest Science on Flexibility in Martial Arts

Flexibility is a vital part of martial arts training. High levels of flexibility allow taekwondo artists to kick high and jiu-jitsu artists to be highly mobile and efficient, while reducing the risk of injuries for all students. Though most martial arts focus on static stretching due to their respective traditions, the latest science finds that dynamic stretching has significantly more

Creating Student Appreciation Events while Driving Martial Arts Leads

Being a martial arts student isn’t always easy. Many students juggle school, work, and family, to find the time to train in their chosen martial art. It can be hard for some students to stay motivated through the entirety of their training but there are many things you can do to keep your students engaged, even when their motivation

Bruce Lee's Legacy on Martial Arts

On July 20th, we marked the anniversary of a martial arts legend: Bruce Lee. Lee’s impact on the world was immense and, 43 years after his passing, Bruce Lee’s legacy can still be seen everywhere. He inspired an entire generation, on a global level, and his influence transcended martial arts. Dana White, the President of the UFC,

PerfectMind at the 2017 Martial Arts SuperShow

Our team was once again excited to return to the Martial Arts Supershow in Las Vegas; North America’s leading martial arts expo. As a proud Gold Sponsor of this year’s event, we've been a fixture at the Supershow for more than 10 years. This year was the first time we exhibited as PerfectMind, uniting our two brands to

Rest Days: Why Rest is an Important Part of Training

Successful training in any physical endeavor requires putting in hard work and then resting. Many people fail to realize that your body’s actually breaking down muscle while working out; rest, sleep and nutrition are what help you build muscle that is stronger than before. This rest period is even more important when the physical acclimation of your muscles and

Why You Should Host a Martial Arts Camping Trip

Many martial arts schools take their students on trips, whether it’s for out-of-town tournaments or camping trips. These trips can provide many benefits for your school, students, and culture. Camping trips especially should be on every martial arts school’s itinerary. They can be done in a cost-effective manner, it’s affordable for most, and they can serve as

How Martial Arts as a Child Impacts You as an Adult

The benefits of martial arts for kids are well documented, with a lot of scientific and psychological research to support them. Training in martial arts can help children learn about the value of hard work, discipline, integrity and social skills, while building up an excellent foundation for active living.

So how do martial arts end up benefiting you, once you’

Peace Through Discipline: How Martial Arts Discourage Violence

Some people misinterpret martial arts as a solely violent or aggressive practice. The popular traditional forms of martial arts, such as Kung Fu, Taekwondo or Karate can get a bad reputation from the way the media and Hollywood portray martial arts. Where they like to show action and gratuitous violence that helps sell movie tickets, most traditional martial arts are

Knowing Your Body: How to Improve Your Martial Arts Forms

Forms are a central focus for many traditional martial arts, as they act as a showcase for many of the skills a martial artist must learn. To perform martial arts forms at a high level, a martial artist needs a strong foundation of the various kicks, punches and stances, along with ample body awareness, memory, commitment, balance, discipline, strength and

When Should Kids Start Martial Arts?

One of the most contentious topics for many martial arts schools is the age kids should be when first they start their practice. While some parents think no age is too young — as long as the classes are tailored for tots — many others think starting a child in martial arts too early is a recipe for disaster. In most cases,