Switching from Excel to Cloud-Based Martial Arts Software

Excel can be a powerhouse of a tool. Designed as a spreadsheet application, its robust features and functions make it an application that nearly everyone knows and is used by many. However, while Excel has the capability of accomplishing many different tasks, there are better ways to manage your business. Here we break down some of the reasons why a martial arts school would switch from free martial arts software like Excel to a more specific solution.


Although utilizing free martial arts software like Excel is usually a lot cheaper upfront than using a specialized cloud-based management software, in the long run, it may not be so. There are many errors that could occur by utilizing Excel, especially as the size of your martial arts school grows. A mistake in billing could cost you a lot of money or even a client. Time is also a cost that many new entrepreneurs undervalue as well. After a while, entrepreneurs realize that dedicated management software will save incredible amounts of time: music to their ears. The amount of work ChampionsWay does for you can eliminate the need to hire an extra administrator, saving you even more money, while remaining low-cost.


Functionality-wise, no matter how customized your free martial arts software solution is, it cannot compare to the functionality of specialized cloud-based management software. Everything from intelligent attendance tracking, student cancellation prevention, online POS, reports, and all of the various automation features are not available with Excel. Automation is where the features of a cloud-based management system truly shine. Once it’s set up, it becomes a great time saver and takes up the tasks of one or more employees. Learn more about functions and features that can greatly benefit your school.


Data security these days is a hot topic and free martial arts software just doesn’t cut it. Incorrect storage leading to a leak of your clients’ sensitive data results in fines that can be extremely high. Forbes released an article showing all the security risks with using Excel. With ChampionsWay, you know your data will be incredibly secure in our cloud-based storage. The software complies with all PCI rules and regulations, as well as ITIL Security Management and ITSM Change Management. No matter what happens to your computer or storage solutions, you’ll always have your database available from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Lack of Support and Updates

If you have an issue with a custom-use of Excel, you don’t have many options for support. You can request help from Microsoft but this probably won’t be of much help, if you’re using it in a highly customized way. ChampionsWay has dedicated 24-hour support that will ensure you’re getting everything you can out of our software to help make your martial arts school successful. Free martial arts software can’t do that for you! We’re also happy to provide free live training and Q&A sessions, to help you get the most out of our software.

Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, your personal sanity is very important for your well-being and your business’s long-term success. With the great features and automation we’ve laid out above, it’s clear to see that a busy martial arts business owner can benefit greatly from having dedicated martial arts management software. Check out some of our ChampionsWay testimonials, from smaller martial arts schools, all the way to national schools.

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