Springboard Your Marketing: Beginning of the Year Idea for Martial Arts Schools

It’s the New Year already and with the passing of 2015 comes new opportunities for 2016. January is an important time for many martial arts schools. It signifies the end of the holidays and brings on the addition of new students through Christmas gifts and incentives, as well as often having a slowing down of new memberships for a little while. Instead of taking a breather, this is a great time to come up with some great ideas to kick off the year strong, so you can ride the momentum. Here are some tips to give you martial arts marketing ideas to springboard your 2016 year the right way.


Check the Marketing Plan 

First and foremost, look over your marketing plan to give you guidance. See what worked and didn’t work. This should give you some direction on where you should focus your time and efforts, based on what’s previously worked or underperformed. Involving your instructors into the school’s marketing can be a key asset, if you haven’t done so already. Haven’t written a marketing plan, or want to improve yours? Check out our past blog post on martial arts marketing plans, to see how you can make your plan the best it can be.


Assess the Past Year

Look through your previous marketing efforts. Note the campaigns that were successful and note the campaigns that were not. Talk with your seniors to see what made the successful ones great and what made the unsuccessful not work out the way you had planned. Think about many different variables. Timing, planning, budget, and execution all play a large role in the success of a campaign and really digging down to see what went well and what went wrong will pay dividends going forward. Just as the marital arts teach us, failures are opportunities for learning and growth. Don’t let a poor marketing result get you down; instead, think about where you can improve it.


Assess the Year Ahead

Take some time to go through your calendar. First, note all of your slow times. Second, note all holidays and special events that you’re aware of. You’ll see some patterns occurring with various slow times in relation to holidays. This should give you a better awareness of patterns in your business and allow you to plan the timing of your marketing campaigns. Look over the lessons learned from the previous year and implement your new knowledge. If you didn’t document your previous campaigns enough to analyze them, this New Year is your chance to increase your diligence with it. One example is making better use of automated email marketing, to better educate students and bring new ones to your door. See this excellent webinar with Alex Davydov of Amerikick, for some useful tips and advice.



Keeping Students Is Always Easier than Finding New Ones

While you’re focused on building your student base, it can be easy to forget to take care of your current ones. Remember; it’s always easier (and less expensive) to keep students than to gain new ones. Make sure the quality of your teachings is always improving and do what you can to make that a reality. Another note to remember is to be fair to existing students with your discounts. As we mentioned in our Black Friday blog post, an aggressive promotion to new students can be complimented by a great renewal promotion to keep your current students happy. For more tips on keeping your students, check out our previous blog post on how to keep your young students coming back to class. Want to improve the way you interact with students, while also streamlining your day-to-day operations? Learn more about how ChampionsWay martial arts marketing software can help grow your school.


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