Proshop to E-store: Preparing your Martial Arts School for Online Sales

In addition to managing staff, attracting new students, and maintaining the martial arts school itself, many schools are also incorporating an e-commerce element into their online presence. While a physical pro-shop can do a lot for the success of any martial arts business, e-stores are increasing in popularity. Not only can they help you increase and automate sales, but an e-store can also increase your reach through online searches for the products that you carry.

Looking to make the switch? Here’s how to prepare your martial arts school for online sales


Organize Your Inventory

One major benefit of having an e-store, as opposed to a pro-shop, is that you can save prime space at your school. Before storing your inventory, record the type and quantity of your products, so you an easily enter the products into your POS system. Find an easily accessible storage space, such as your own home or a rented, affordable storage option that’s close to your martial arts school. Be sure that you can quickly access your products, so that you can fulfill orders in a timely manner and keep your customers satisfied.


Spread the Word

The heightened popularity of online stores is due to a general preference for convenience. So, when your online store has been set up, be sure to let your students as well as the community know about this new function. Utilize your social media channels, take advantage of your newsletters, and consider spending some advertising money to create Facebook ads to further your reach. To pique the interest of the public, you may also want to offer an first-time buyer’s deal that gives them incentive to make a purchase from you, and potentially visit your school in the future.


Manage Your Inventory

After setting up your online store, evaluate what sells and what doesn’t. While it’s always important to offer things that your students might need for class or training sessions, it’s also critical to recognize that this portion of your school is a business, first and foremost. Holding on to inventory is considered as a cost; it must make sense for your business.

Certain items may sell on a regular basis, but the products that aren’t as popular should be structured as a special-order program. Alternatively, your e-store may choose to maintain a minimal inventory count. If your supplier requires a large minimum quantity order, consider combining your order with other schools in the area to meet the minimum quantity.

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