PerfectMIND 4.2 Feature Release


We hope you enjoy the new features and always look forward to hearing your feedback!

Sell Products Quickly with the Walk-In Button:

Selling a bottle of water or piece of equipment to existing members is easy – you just look up their name in the shopping cart. But what about walk-in customers who don’t have a contact profile? When a non-member walks in to buy something simple, do you dread it because of all the steps involved? Not any more -- PerfectMIND has optimized your process by introducing the Walk-In button! It’s a breeze now to make a quick sale: at checkout, select the item, click the Walk-In button, then process the Pay Now transaction by cash or credit card. The Contact information won’t be saved, so you can start fresh with the next anonymous sale.

Link Contact Info to Tasks:

Now with Tasks you can do less work, and get more done! Suppose that John Doe is a new Lead and you need to assign a task to your assistant Liz to follow up with him by phone or email. What do you do?

Click the task icon in the top right menu
Click the “+ New Task” link
Add the Contact you want to link the task to.

What does Liz do? She just opens the PerfectMIND Task and John’s contact info is included in the new contact field at the bottom! Then when she clicks Complete, the Activity field in John’s profile is updated, and so is your list of Completed Tasks.

Match Family Members to Multiple Programs in One Membership:

It’s now even easier for you to manage family affairs. You know how you can keep family members together by adding family accounts in PerfectMIND, and now you can add Family Memberships! For example, after you create a family membership, you sell one to Diana who is a primary family member. Here’s how to help her give her husband and kids access to multiple events or programs: When you complete the sale, simply add family members and select the program(s) for each of them to access. In the end, you control one membership through any of their profiles, and in a single transaction the whole family enjoys the flexibility of attending programs that suit them exactly!

By the way, this same feature works for a single member too. For example, if a member buys a Mixed Martial Arts membership, after completing the sale you can add access to Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing programs too.

Get More From Your Membership Tiles:

The membership tiles at the top of each Contact’s profile now have a new contemporary look. Do you see the new family icon? Click it and you can review and update the access of those family members. Before, you could only see a maximum of three membership tiles on the screen. In PerfectMIND that limitation is gone -- now you can see as many tiles as your screen size allows!

Watch our New Feature Release Training webinar with Nima Jazbi: