New Release Features - November 2015

Are you ready to supercharge your business? The ChampionsWay development team has been hard at work and we are excited to announce the latest features and updates. The features will be released on Thursday, November 12th at 10:00PM PST / 1:00AM EST. Enjoy!

*For reference, Hannah Ray is the ChampionsWay example customer

We also encourage you to register for the new features walk-through webinar on Wednesday, November 25th at 11AM PST.

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Notifications & Confirmations - BookMe

When Hannah Ray registers herself for a class, the instructor will receive a notification letting them know she has booked into their class or course, and Hannah will receive a confirmation email after she's registered. Everyone is in-the-know, causing less confusion and greater satisfaction.

Alerts Feature

Let's say Hannah Ray just attended her regular Tuesday evening Cardio Kickboxing class at your facility and she left before you noticed she has an outstanding monthly payment. With the new Alerts feature, a popup will appear when you access her account or when she signs in. Now Hannah's account is always up-to-date. Alerts can be color-coded based on alert type. Note: Alerts apply to contacts, products, memberships and facilities.

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User Improvements to:

  • Login page
  • BookMe - Add Family member to check for duplicates and add campaign activity