New Features Release January 2017

Updated: January 11, 2017

We have developed some great new features that your members and staff are sure to love. The features below started rolling out to BETA users Tuesday, December 20th and will begin rolling out to all live users in January 2017.



When setting up a new class, you can now specify age restrictions to come into effect on a particular date. Previously, age restrictions were only applied to the event start date. Whether you want all students to be a maximum of twelve years old when your intermediate Taekwondo class ends, or be at least seven years old on the date of class registration, you can now define age requirements based on an event start, end, or custom date. PerfectMind also checks age restrictions set when the event was created and flags any student who does not meet the age requirement.

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A new student registers for a course that started two weeks ago and you don't want to charge her the full course fee. You now have the ability to allow your student to receive a prorated fee. Whether your student only just heard about your new BJJ course, or she's unable to attend the first few lessons due to a scheduling conflict, you can now set proration to occur after a specific number of classes so that your student is not getting charged for classes she did not attend.

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A parent wants to print a tax receipt with details of the classes her child attended this year, so she can submit it to the government for tax deduction purposes. You can now generate a tax receipt for your customer and select the tax year (up to ten years), which will include all programs and memberships she paid for.

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Enhancements have been made to how fees can be viewed. Now, fees are shown in a list of 25 by default, and can be changed to 50 or 100. A new column has been added so you can easily determine the fee type without going into the details.