New Calendar Release August 2015

We are excited to announce the latest features and updates to the PerfectMind Calendar software. We hope you enjoy them! 

The New Calendar    

Below are the latest features and updates to the PerfectMind calendar software. We hope you enjoy them!  Do you often think to yourself:

  • I wish I could create a calendar event more quickly
  • It would be great to group calendars together
  • I'd like to create a calendar specifically for my staff

You now have the ability to control these settings and views for yourself, your staff and clients. Different calendar types are customizable, viewable and easy-to-use. 

Calendar_Display_Compact_Index.png (1014×470)

  1. Sidebar - Easily search for events
  2. Your Schedule - Find events assigned to a staff or client's  account
  3. Location - If you have multiple locations you can filter your calendar based on events by location
  4. Calendar List - If you have a lot of calendars you can group them under categories by editing calendar settings
  5. Full Entry - You can create an event with full details
  6. Quick Entry - Create an appointment, or meeting by clicking a blank spot on the calendar
  7. Edit an Event - After creating events you can click them to edit their event, repeat, and booking details or to manage attendance.
  8. Display toggle - Choose to display either your business hours, or the full 24-hour day.
  9. Event View - View events by day, week, month or list
  10. Settings - See more on Customize your calendar settings

Start with a New Calendar Tour here

Let's take a walk through some of the latest and greatest features of the new calendar...

Events can now be created In your calendar with one simple click


If you want to schedule a meeting, single class, or appointment you can now do so with the click of a single button and small pop-up, rather than being taken to a different page.  


Create Addtional Calender


Group related calendars together or create sub-calendars. It's easy to assign teachers, facilities, and services. If you have a lot of calendars you can group them under Categories by editing the Calendar Settings.  Booking Types: 

  • Appointments - Meetings or private lessons
  • Single Bookings - Drop-in classes, one-time special classes
  • Courses - Youth soccer, pottery for beginners, or summer camps 

Create Events with Staff Availability

We now provide you the opportunity to customize your calendar settings based on staff availability. If you have introductory adult classes conducted by certain trainers and children’s classes conducted by other trainers, your calendar will work with you to see their availability. As you filter the classes, specific trainers will show up as available or not.  

Customize Reminders


Your members can now receive personalized reminder messages for their upcoming classes. This feature makes you look good, and your members won't forget about their classes. There are templates in the PerfectMind software, but you can customize the messaging.

  1. Hover over Schedule and click Calendar View.
  2. At the right of the calendar display, click the gear icon.
  3. Click Customize Reminders.

See more on Event Settings here   

Advanced Online Booking Functions

Start Dates for Attendee Booking You can now create an event well ahead of the start time without people registering for it until after a particular date.   

See more on Start and End Date and Time here  


Restrict Events Based on Age, Rank/Level or Gender


Do you ever want to run classes for specific groups like black belts or teens, but can’t figure out how to offer them without the general public signing up? Here, let us help you. Events can now be customized based on pre-requisites. The system will automatically allow the participant to register for the event if they are eligible.  

See more on Edit the Booking Tab here  ​

Create Registration Questionnaires for Specific Events

Do you need to know if any registrants have a peanut allergy? Or do you need to know registrants t-shirt sizes? Your school can create custom questionnaires in the PerfectMind software. Every time someone registers, the system will bring up the questionnaire and collect those answers.