Martial Arts Software Reviews: What to Look for

Martial arts management software is an essential part of a successful martial arts school. The amount of time and money you save by automating and simplifying the right tasks is well worth it, as long as you have the right platform or software behind you. High-performing software should help your school run smoother, easier and more effectively, while help your school grow.

Here are some tips on how to use martial arts software reviews to find the right martial arts software for your business.


Assess your Current Business 

Sit down with your senior instructors and managers to break down the business and assess it from an objective point of view. Perform a basic SWOT analysis; listing out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This should give you a strong idea of which parts of your martial arts business you’re doing well in - as well as how to continue to improve those areas - while also highlighting which parts need more attention. This can be an invaluable exercise, not only for figuring out what you need from martial arts management software, but also for identifying proper strategies and goal setting techniques for your business.


Make a List of Priorities 

Once your team has completed the assessment, it should help paint a better picture of your overall performance. This will bring more focus and direction to which features could really take your business to the next level. Write out a list of technical features that you need, prioritized by importance or level of potential impact. Whether the focus is on return on investment, creating more time for your instructors to create lesson plans, or offering additional class options for your students that weren’t previously available, the choice is up to you. Once you have this list, you have a clear vision for what to look for, when you start looking at specific martial arts software reviews.


While each martial arts management software option will offer different features and services, there are a few key areas you should look out for. Some of the features your school will likely need include membership management, online booking and scheduling, staff and payroll management, and web services like website, email and marketing automation. Are you running a pro shop, to help increase revenue and get your students properly fitted for classes? You may need software that covers point of sale and an online store.

Additional features like point of sale management can be a large selling point, if you want an option that integrates with your system, while also avoiding the need to obtain additional software that may not be compatible with your school’s overall management system.


Finding Reviews

There are a number of ways to find useful reviews, when it comes down to deciding which software to choose. A Google search is one method for finding numerous review sources, through Google+, Facebook and other social media or review sites. Take a look at the review sections of the company social media platforms, as well as websites that aggregate reviews. Capterra keeps a running list of martial arts software, including in-depth information that allows you to see which options can and should be compared. This way, you’ll never have to purchase a product blind; you’ll always have some idea of what other martial arts business owners think of their experience with the martial arts software, along with strengths and weaknesses.


Determine if it’s the Right One for You 

Once you’ve determined the important features and you’ve read reviews, decision-making should become that much easier. Companies usually offer walkthroughs, webinars and free trials, so that you can try their software before making a commitment. You can find a free trial of ChampionsWay here, so that you have a full risk-free month with the software.


One feature to take advantage of is intelligent attendance tracking; a great way to keep your membership cancellations low. The ABC rating attendance tracking system proactively monitors cancellation indicators. When students pay late, automated billing should take care of it, by re-processing and performing follow-ups, with zero effort from you or your staff. At ChampionsWay, our Smart Dashboard is a great way to view your business operations in one quick glance. This can help you keep a pulse on your martial arts business at all times, in easy and simplified way that provides everything you need at your fingertips.


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