Why Should Your Martial Arts School Run Birthday Parties?

Birthday parties play many key roles at your martial arts school. Not only do they build community within your members and their families, they also do many other things: generate revenue, solidify leads, book more intros and aid in training your next level of staff. It's a no brainer and we want to show you why, and how, to host successful birthday parties:

Book More Intros:

Every child at the party who isn't already a member is a prospect. Making the event fun will not only keep your current students happy, aiding in keeping retention high, it will create an idea in the prospective kids' minds that your martial arts school is a fun place to be. Plus, those prospective students are there without the defensive mindset many kids get when their parents drag them anywhere. When a child's first experience with you is a party, you can really show them how fun your school can be.

Extra Revenue:

Additional revenue streams are always things you should think about, in order to keep your business sustainable long-term. Maximize the return on your fixed operating costs, by utilizing your space when you don't have classes. You'll get revenue from the birthday party itself and, on top of that, the leads you get can add up very quickly. All of a sudden, instead of leads costing you ad dollars, the party host will be paying you to take on leads. Capitalize on this opportunity by holding membership specials for the students in attendance.

Solid Leads:

Market your leads to your existing student base: a school with only 50 students can easily book 10 parties or more. Each party will have a great number of leads. Capitalize on social media and hashtags for the event, to help spread the word! If this is done well, it should lead to tremendous growth as new leads create new parties, which then create further leads. It creates a cycle where your students are selling memberships and filling up classes for you.

To Train the Next Level of Staff:

A birthday party is a great place for a potential instructor to gain some experience in a leadership role. The risk will also be far lower, as not many of the students will be paying customers of yours. Another way to get your staff working hard for these parties is to create a bonus incentive for bookings. As an example, the student can make $50-$100 for a couple hours of work, while building on your cycle of leads and referrals. It turns students and employees into stronger brand ambassadors, rewards loyalty and trains leadership capabilities.

Check out our webinar on this subject for more details and 7 tips for success to get you boosting your revenue quick! What's your biggest tip for running birthday parties? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and connect with our social accounts, to stay up to date with all of your ChampionsWay news.