Martial Arts for Kids - Keeping Them Coming to Class

Kids play a large role in memberships at most martial arts school. Many parents actively look for extracurricular activities that their kids can participate in, to keep them out of trouble and active. With increasing awareness on the long-term negative consequences of inactivity in kids, active extracurricular activities are getting more attention. While this is a great way for you to grow your martial arts for kids classes, keeping them coming to class is another challenge. Here we share a few tips on how to keep your young students coming to your martial arts classes.


Maintain Quality 

Just because they’re children doesn’t mean that quality matters any less in your martial arts for kids classes. Additionally, an instructor who excels with adults won’t necessarily excel with younger students. You will have to select specific instructors who are good at dealing with children. On top of that, lesson planning can sometimes be a little more challenging, as you will have to think about how to make the lessons fun yet educational, when it comes to the younger students.

Encouraging kids to get involved in special activities like birthday parties, demonstrations and holiday events can mix things up and aid in keeping them interested. Remember that these individual events need to represent your school and maintain quality in the same way.


Balance Fun and Discipline 

The greatest challenge with teaching kids is balancing fun and discipline. While it’s important for the kids to have fun so they keep coming back to your martial arts for kids classes, it’s also important for them to behave in a respectful manner and improve their discipline. Fun should come from the lesson design and the interactions between the instructor and the students. Fun should not come from the kids acting on impulse. Instructors should be firm but kind and they need to get to know what works with specific students. This is a fine line but, at the end of the day (when done well), their parents will appreciate it greatly.


Keep the Parents Happy 

Parents will almost always have the final say in whether their children will keep participating in your martial arts for kids classes at your school. Keeping them happy is of the utmost importance. Make an effort to chat with them and to get to know them and their children better. Consider getting them more involved in classes. The more involved they are, the better they can understand exactly what their children are getting from your classes.


This personal touch will add a lot to the psychological connection they have with your school. Additionally, parents who have children who are a challenge to discipline will love that they can have their kids be active in a positive environment, while they also learn respect and discipline. Having parents who fully appreciate how much you’ve helped their children are also more likely to want to attend your adult classes; creating even more students for your school. These can be combined into family memberships and encourage even more attendance. If you’re interested in learning more about family memberships, see our membership management functions in ChampionsWay.


Set Goals 

Setting goals can really help younger students focus, stay motivated and committed. Whether that is to learn a specific technique or form or to attend a competition, these goals will help kids improve their performance, as well as keep their commitment levels high. There are three types of sport-oriented goals: outcome goals, performance goals and process goals. Outcome goals are related to accomplishments and outcomes (e.g. placing first place in a competition). Performance goals are related to a statistic (e.g. throwing 20 jabs per round). Process goals don’t focus on outcomes or performance, but rather a specific part of your performance (e.g. increasing the follow-through on your back kick). Keep these in mind, when building out your curriculum for your martial arts for kids programs.


Want more information on how to keep kids coming back to class? Check out our infographic, for more information on the benefits of martial arts for kids. Feel free to share it and send along to parents, to help you better attract younger students to join your school.


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