Marketing Mastery: Building a Quality Newsletter

Email marketing should be a central part of your martial arts school’s digital marketing strategy. The most effective email marketing will provide a platform to communicate with your current and prospective students, using engaging content that doesn’t annoy your audience. Martial arts schools can utilize the power of an excellent newsletter to deliver a variety of news and announcements that help keep students interested and motivated.

Many elements need to work together, in order to make your martial arts newsletters stand out. Leaning on your martial arts management software to do the heavy lifting can make it easy for your staff to manage your mail-outs, no matter how many types of newsletters you have. Here are some of our thoughts on getting the most out of your martial arts newsletters.


Your Newsletter

Your martial arts marketing plan should serve as a roadmap for how to style your newsletters. Keeping it on brand is essential for providing a concise style. The voice, tone, color scheme, and font should all reflect your core branding and style guide. Newsletters benefit greatly from being concise, as many readers will see it on a small screen or will be skimming them as they go through their inbox. While headings and logos can be a custom font in an image format that reflects your brand, the body should be a standard font, so your readers see what you see on whichever platform and email application they use.

Just like any of your website’s landing pages, you want to keep things neat and tidy, while guiding your audience’s attention to your call-to-action. Keeping links down to a minimum will help ensure your students are clicking through to the most important URLs. The 90/10 rule applies here: utilize 90% of your newsletter to highlight content that adds value to your students, while keeping self-promotional content down to 10%. Monthly training tips, congratulating students on their tournament performance, and announcing new products or promotions from your pro-shop are examples of newsletter types martial arts schools can send out on a regular basis.


Sourcing Templates for Your Newsletter Types

Once you’ve determined your newsletter topics, you’ll need to create neat, visually appealing newsletter templates that make things efficient; something you can get preloaded from a good martial arts management software solution. This solution can also manage your email marketing, in sync with every other aspect of your business.

Streamlining can reveal opportunities you may not see otherwise, while making things easy for your staff and allowing them to focus on their training or lesson plans.

Passionate martial arts owners may make the mistake of sending out too many different newsletters; be sure to keep the categories short and sweet. After all, it is important not to waste your own or your staff’s time with writing so many newsletters and you also would not want to flood the inboxes of students or prospects. Finally, always make sure students can manually select which newsletter types they want to receive. In some areas, this may be required by law.


Make it Visual

Images can help engage your audience immediately, when they open your martial arts newsletter. It can make the content seem more interesting and intriguing while complimenting the message you’re communicating. For best results, we recommend using original photography, especially photos of your school and students. In order to do this, you may need a high-quality camera, someone familiar with photography and composition, as well as someone who can edit the photos to optimize them for your newsletter. Make sure the photo is credited to the photographer, especially if it’s someone at your school who is volunteering their time.


Make a Stellar Newsletter Today

Now that we’ve shared tips on mastering the art of making newsletters, we’re giving away freebies to bring it full circle. We’ve created a package just for you – with free newsletter templates and a full graphics package for each template. Click below to download your newsletter and social freebies today!

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