New Features Release February 2016

Are you ready to supercharge your business? The ChampionsWay development team has been hard at work and we are excited to announce features and updates designed to further streamline administrative tasks. The features will be released on Monday, February 15th at 10:00PM PST / 1:00AM EST. Enjoy!

Pro-Rate the Membership Cancellation

When you cancel a membership, the system calculates the refund amount based on the number of remaining days or sessions. You can also adjust the refundable amount and choose the refund method. Memberships can still be cancelled without any refund if you choose.

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Clone Attendees

You can choose whether or not to clone the list of attendees from one event so that they can also participate in another. For example, cloning a swimming course will help you carry forward a group of attendees from one skill level to another.

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Filter the Search for Extras

When you add extra items to enhance an event, you can filter the results by selecting Memberships, or Products, (for purchase) or Equipment (for rental). Search results will display details such as duration, size, color, price etc.

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Additional Improvements

Stability improvements were made to the following features which are now available to all users:

Pay to Register
Specify Fee Conditions for a Family, Group or Organization
Create a Questionnaire

Special Note

We will be discontinuing support for Smart Client operation. Moving forward, the app will only be used for configuration and customization. Our development efforts will continue to focus on building out the responsive, web-based application which provides the best user experience across multiple devices.