New Features Release August 2015

We are proud to announce the biggest feature release in ChampionsWay history. The ChampionsWay development team has been hard at work this month to bring you features specifically designed with your school in mind. Our vision is to help you manage and grow your school and these features will help every step of the way. The features will be released on Monday, August 24th at 10:00PM PST / 1:00AM EST.

If you haven't already, we encourage you to register for the new releases webinar on August 25th at 11AM PST / 2:00PM EST.


Specify Conditions for Fees

Do you want to create special fees for seniors or provide a special fee for members who come between the hours of 2-4pm? Now you can apply fee conditions to any booking type. If you apply the fee to a drop-in you can allow discounts on top of the fee as well.

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Drop-in Fee - Identify the Fee

Do you want to give your members the option to pay for a single drop-in class? You can now create a customized drop-in fee for all your yoga, martial arts, pottery and other offered courses.
Note: This field is hidden for products or memberships.

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Round Up (or Down) Your Cash

In countries like Canada and Australia, the penny has disappeared from the cash register, and prices are rounded up or down to the next denomination for cash payments. For example, a credit card payment would process the exact amount of $14.98, but in cash you would ask the customer for $15.00. If you were giving change from $20 in cash, you would give them $5, not $5.02.

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Create a Payment Plan

Give your customers a choice of payment plans when you process a large purchase. You can set up as many plans as you wish ahead of time, each defined by a payment frequency, number of payments, and applicable location. Then you can apply the plans to events, or select them when you click a Pay Now button beside an attendee's name, or on a facility rental agreement.

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Identify Local Residents for Special Treatment

Do you have one fee for members who live close to your organization and another for those whose residence is farther away? Your organization's identity settings in PerfectMind just got a new section where you can identify the North American zip or postal codes or cities that qualify your members for Local Residency.

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Manage Employee Access for Dashboard

Do you want to hide the financial section of the dashboard from one of your employee profiles? As an administrator you can now control what your employees see on the dashboard.

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Set Up Scanning Stations to Enable Access to Facilities

Do you want to control access for each of your facilities? Now you can set up scanning stations. Members can scan their barcoded passes to gain access to the booked facility.

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Improve Email Delivery

When members receive an email from you, they'll know it's from your business. You can now verify and authenticate your From email to make your own address a trusted sender.

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Waiting List

When a course has hit maximum capacity, your members can now register on a wait list and your system can help you manage that wait list.

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Calendar Search

You can now search by ID number or keyword in your calendar. The keyword can be drawn from the title or description of an event. For example if you type "summer" any event with the word "summer" will appear in the search results. You can also narrow your search further by selecting the day, age, gender or facility icons to the left.

Your customers can find the same feature in BookMe.

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Resolve Booking Conflicts

If you are creating an event for a facility or a class, PerfectMind will alert you if there is conflicting data. The software will tell you if there is a problem with the date, time, instructor or facility, and give you options to resolve the conflict.

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Clone an Event/Course

Was your beginner martial arts or Vinyasa flow course from last season a great success? Do you want to recreate the course without the administrative hassle? Now you can.

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Auto Renewal

Membership renewal has never been so simple. PerfectMind lets you configure templates to renew limited memberships automatically.

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Ticket Access

Wouldn't it be nice to create tickets for your members when attending your events? Now you can customize tickets with pictures and event details. Tickets can be printed or members can scan the barcode on their passes.

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Improvements to the Thank You Page

On completion of a transaction you now have the option to include graphics, rather than text, to print and email receipt options. There is also a link to return to the shopping cart.

Non-Inventory Product Type

Do you provide additional services to your members? i.e. locker rental, towel rental, etc. Now you can keep track of products you don't technically sell.

Improvements to BookMe

Admin Notification Settings: You can now enable notifications to your instructors and organization when a booking is completed online.

Improvements to the Login Page

You now have the ability to search for events or courses within your BookMe feature.