[Webinar] Kick your Summer Camp into Action with Grand Master Ciarfella

Webinar Overview

The air is crisp, the grass is frosty—and yet, summer is on our mind. When does your martial arts school start planning for your most successful summer camp of the year? What are some of the best ways to plan and promote your summer camp to ensure opportunities are optimized? Join Grand Master Ciarfella of United Martial Arts Centers (UMAC) to see how he kicks his summer camps into top gear, creating a tight-knit community and profit generating machine.

Grand Master Ciarfella, CEO and Founder of UMAC, is a seasoned summer camp veteran. He'll answer those burning questions that you’ve always wanted answered.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How an actionable, goal oriented plan will lead to the most success
  • How to flip summer camp’s biggest challenges on their head
  • How and when to automate promotions to maximize summer camp registrations
  • Best practices and tips to plan a fool proof summer camp
  • A day in the life of a UMAC summer camp instructor

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Edmund Ciarfella
Grand Master Edmund Ciarfella holds a 7th degree Black Belt and was selected as one of the Top Martial Arts leaders in the world. In 1995, Grand Master Ciarfella opened up the first United Martial Arts Center.

Video Transcript

Sophia: Hi everyone, we're going to get started now. My name is Sophia and I'm your webinar host for today. Before we begin, we're going to do a quick sound check. So if you can hear me, can you please type 'yes' into the questions or chat box please? Awesome, I'm seeing all yes's right now, that's great!

Welcome to our second ChampionsWay webinar of 2016. We have a fantastic presentation coming up for you. And please stick around to the very end because we do have a surprise. Firstly thank you for joining us. Today you're going to learn all about Kicking your summer camps in action with Grand Master Ciarfella. He's the CEO and Founder of United Martial Arts Center. I think that one theme for this webinar today is being proactive. A quote that I like from Michael J. Fox is 'I like to encourage people to realize that any action is a good action if it's proactive and if there's a positive intent behind it'. I think this webinar is completely in alignment with this.

So let me tell you a little bit about our presenter today. Grand Master Edmund Ciarfella holds a 7th degree black belt and was selected as one of the top martial arts leaders in the world. In 1995 Grand Master Ciarfella opened up the first United Martial Arts Center. Here's years of experience putting on successful summer camps. And he's here today to share those insights, challenges, and successes with you. For those of you who are new to us, please feel free to follow us on social media and join the conversation, and add facebook.com/championswayfans, and Twitter @ChampionsWay. If you like this webinar, you can find a bunch more on our website - Championsway.com/academy. There will be time for questions after Grand Master Ciarfella finishes his presentation. Please feel free to send questions in the questions box during the presentation. If we don't have time to answer all of your questions, please email us via marketing@championsway.com and we'll respond to you as soon as we can. So without further ado, I'd like to introduce Grand Master Ciarfella to the stage.

GM Ciarfella: Hello everybody! I'd like everybody once again to please type 'yes' in the box to make sure that you can hear me.

Sophia: Awesome, lots of yes's coming in.

GM Ciarfella: Alright, excellent! First, I'd like to thank ChampionsWay for the opportunity to do this webinar. I want to make sure everybody that I'm not here to sell you anything. I've been training as / for over 40 years and running a school professionally since 1995, and I'm very happy with my life. I get to do what I love with my wife, my daughter, and my son, and that can pass positive impact on people's lives every day. I've had some great mentors in my life. I still train with my instructor, Grand Master Byung Min Kim, Grand Master / Kim, Chief Master Bill /, and Master Keith /. They've all helped me, they've all been selflessly helped. So I want to give back also, I'd like to help others. My goal today is to either if you're running a summer camp or if you're thinking about running one, maybe giving you some nuggets and information that will help you. Whenever I take a webinar or go to a seminar if I can come away with one thing, I think I get a positive from it. And I know it's still February 18, and in the East Coast it's still very cold. Actually the pipes in my house froze, we were going through that challenge, but it's still time to take action if you want to have an effective summer camp. So let's get this party started.

Whenever I do anything, it has to be in alignment with my vision and with our purpose. We always start with the "Why", and then it's important to have a really specific goal and a plan of action.

So Why do summer camp in the first place? Well, we want to give our community a safe, fun, clean place for children to experience the best summer camp ever.

Secondly, this summer camp helps us generate substantial income when a lot of schools and a lot of businesses find summer's slow because people are going away on vacation, or want to take time off from their training.

The third reason why is we do an after school program.


And the summer camp is a direct feeder of our after school program.

So income generator, let's talk about that. One of the questions I got was why do this and what are the costs involved? You got to look at your cost versus your Return On Investment. Many schools who run professional full time schools are open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. When you look at that, how many hours are you actually using estates? When you look at and you maybe have a morning class, and then maybe your class is started 3 or 4 o'clock and run to maybe 7 or 8 o'clock. So there's down time there your school can generate more income. One of the solutions that would be summer camp.

The other thing is that a lot of schools do find summer times slower, because once again people go on vacation and they take time off. So this is another way that generates substantial income and keep your school running, keep your cash flow coming, so that you can run an effective school. Once again the solution could be summer camp.

Let's just basically look at the income potential. I use a relatively low number - 20 summer campers at $199 per week. That's bringing you in about $3,890 per week. That's $15,920 per month. That's almost $32,000 if you run an 8-week program.

If you double that which is with these numbers are reasonable. I don't think they're out of the park when you're talking about how much people you can actually enroll in your program. Forty summer campers $199 a week would bring in almost $8,000 a week. That's almost $32,000 a month. And over eight weeks of summer camp you're bringing in a little over $63,000 worth income. I know from most school owners, this type of numbers I think would make you happy - they make me happy. We do a little better than that. We're going to have probably about 80 summer campers this year in our program. And I do know school owners that have over 100. You know you got to be reasonable when you start off. Maybe you'll have 10 - 20 but you'll grow from there. When people word of mouth, referrals start coming in, and you'll see your summer camp continue to grow and grow.

What are the biggest challenges, how do we flip them on their heads? A lot of people think there's a lot of costs involved. Well you do have to keep an eye on cost and your expenses. But when we're talking about, a lot of people (ask) how many employees do I need to have to work at summer camp? We usually run at 10:1 ratio when it comes to summer campers to instructors. We usually start from hiring from within because people that are already in our program understand our culture, they're training already, and it makes it easier for us to work with them.

What we do is we use what's called the CIT which is Counselor in Training. These are 12 - 13 year olds who are in our program. We start to give them responsibility. We actually give them a special shirt to wear during the summer camp which give them recognition and significance. And they do really a good job, I mean if you're pre-training them to let them know if they do a good job that they could potentially be an employee in our summer camp next year, and possibly our future employee in the school.

The next thing that people find a little challenging is what do I do for field trips to keep the price low? I actually know some school owners that are in a community where they're in walking distance to a lot of things that they can do outside their school. They can walk to a park. I know one school that walks into a swimming area. We have a bowling alley across the street we used to walk to. I mean those are a couple actions. If you're not in the situation where you walk to them. We actually own our own vans and vehicles that we transport children to different activities during the summer camp. We have two outside days a week. One outside day, one day we go to a lake, other days we go to parks.


If you don't own your own vehicles, you can hire outside transportation company. Sometimes they're relatively inexpensive, like these are different options that you can look into. We started by purchasing our own vans. A least option is definitely out there for you too if you want to do that, write that off as an expense.

We run our summer camp program thematically. Each week has a different theme, and it allows the instructors and the counselors to know what's going on and to prepare before the week starts. So I put together a basic weekly themes for you to look at. You can do whatever you think works for you. We wanted to do things that were fun for the kids but would also be educational and help them develop their martial arts skill.

So the first week we call it the Jedi Sword Training and the focus of it would be Focus. We're going to teach them some Gumdo training which is Korean sword, and we're going to bring in that Jedi theme into it which makes it exciting for them.

We're going to go on and the following week would be the Flips and Tricks and the theme will be Perseverance. We do martial arts with gymnastics.

The next week would be Championship Week and the theme would be Spirit. We're going to learn competitive style forms, breaking and sparring.

The following week would be a demo week and the theme will be Team work. Students will develop demonstration style techniques, develop teamwork. We like this week because we allow them to put on a little demonstration for their parents. The parents that use our program, our summer camp program are usually parents that need our program. It's different psychology than your average martial arts enrolment. Instead of wanting classes, they actually need it because they're working. Most of the parents that enroll their children on our summer camp are working parents. So they're working all day and they don't normally have the time to stop in and watch class. So we put on our demonstration for their family and friends before the end of the week, so they can see where their kids are actually doing.

The following week we would go on our Olympics week, the theme would be Courtesy. Every time we talk about one of these themes, that's what's going, we're weaving that throughout the week so that they're actually getting life skills. So Taekwondo is an Olympic sport. We teach them how to compete, train like an Olympian.

The following week would be Leadership week. We're talking about developing confidence and leadership skills that week.

The next week would be Rank advancement week where our theme is Indomitable spirit. This way if any of the kids miss the week and we're trying to prepare them to be graduated to the next rank. We work on tip testing and preparing them with all the requirements to graduate to the next rank.

This last one is a lot of fun and it's been a huge success for us where we make a martial arts movie. If you have an iPhone you can make a martial arts movie. It's really fun, the kids love it. When we actually premiere the movie in the school, we put a red carpet down, we introduce them, the stars, the co-stars, people who are in charge of different aspects of the movie, and then we play the movie for the parents and all students. They love it! It's a blast.

We're going to move on a little bit. Those are what we do weekly but a lot of people ask me, what the heck do you do all day? It's a good idea to have a prepared plan for your staff so they actually know hour-by-hour what they're doing and it's planned. This is kind of what our daily camp schedule looks like.

At 7:30 to 9:00 parents are dropping their kids off so it's quite activities, board games.

9:00 AM students are changing after class.

9:30 one group does character development discussion for those themes that we're talking about, we're discussing. The other group does class.

11:30 we switch. One group goes up to class, the other group does games. That's how we run that.

12 o'clock we have lunch.

12:45 is quiet reading time. We have the big kids help the little kids, help them read, maybe read to them.


1:30 to 2:15 we have one group is doing crafts, and the other's doing physical activity.

We usually break. If you have a larger group, we break the groups up into ages so that basically age group teams so that we don't have a 6-year-old with 12-year-old. We have all the 6-year-olds together and have all the 8 (year-olds) together. That's how we're dealing with the different age disparage.

2:15 to 3:00 we switch.

3 o'clock we have snack time and change out for afternoon class.

3:30 to 4:30 once again we do one group does class, the other group does games, outside games. Afternoon class usually focus on whatever the special training is - it's swords, nunchucks, or Bo staff.

5 o'clock we change in group discussion about the weekly theme - perseverance, courage, respect, etc.

At 5 to 6 o'clock we have quiet time, board games, and they're preparing to be picked up, so we're making sure they have their belongings together. The last thing the parent wants to do is come and have to search for socks and shoes. We actually offer --this is kind of a nugget-- we offer the parents to call us 10 minutes before they arrive so that we prepare the child ready to go when they get there. Basically that's what we're doing Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Tuesdays and Thursdays are outside days where we actually go to a park or a lake. That's pretty much it.

One of the things that you want to do is you want to make sure that you have best practices and tips for your summer camp so you fool proof them. You should do your due diligence and contacting your attorney about state laws concerning your summer camp. People have asked me "Do I need to be certified in the state?" Everybody has an opinion on this but my opinion and I've been doing this for over 20 years is that if I don't have to have the state sticking their nose to my business, I would rather not have them stick their nose in my business. That's my opinion so we are not certified, we don't need to be in New York State, but you can if you choose to be. I personally don't see an upside to it. We've never had anybody complained about it, we've never had anybody asked if we're certified or making decision based upon that. So it's really up to you but if your state does mandate that you do, I highly recommend you to follow the law and make sure you contact your attorney.

Now we're going to get to the little bit of nitty gritty how and when to promote a summer camp. Basically I recommend you do it now. There's a couple of interesting things I put in here, maybe a couple of nuggets you might like.

First thing that I recommend is that you promote from within. So you don't necessarily have to go outside of your school to promote. You can promote to the students who already are existing students and get them to enroll in your summer camp program. I would put a signup sheet up now. A signup sheet with the weekly theme, and how many spots you have left in those weeks. So if you have 20 spots for a week and starts to fill up, people are going to feel a little a little more urgent to enroll. I would start email campaigns with early bird registration with a link to the CWAY summer camp registration page and use the automatic promotions that they offer.

We offer a super early bird, an early bird, and an early registration. So our super one is $179 a week. Early is $189 a week. And then after the May 31 it goes to $199 a week. I would suggest that you look and see what other camps are charging. Most other camps in our area are charging more money, but recently one of the more popular camps drop their prices dramatically and it affected us. So you have to be aware of your competition but also know that you're giving great value.


Other summer camps do not do what we do. They do not really focus on life skills, they do not really focus on martial arts training. So it's important that you understand that what you're doing is very valuable and valuable to your community. I recommend that you start putting out Facebook posts. Remember to put out things that are content oriented. Maybe the five tips on a great summer camp. But then intersperse your summer camp information in there. You can start with specific summer camp page.

We're doing a pretty interesting referral contest. It's a little bit different than what most people think. Our referral contest basically works that we're having the student actually help promote the school while putting up Facebook posts, Google reviews, Yelp reviews, whenever they check in they take a picture or put up a testimonial video. Anything like that earns them a ticket and we're giving away a 2-night trip for four people to the Great Wolf Lodge which is a pretty popular family oriented water park in Pennsylvania. It's really working incredibly well. We're getting incredible posts, incredible social media going on from the students. It's really generating a lot of interests. So if you want information about that you can ask directly if you want more detail.

Free Summer Camp Ask Me How is a pretty cool thing too. If a student refers a friend for six weeks of summer camp, we give them a week free. It's up to you. We like to do things like that and we like to show appreciation, gratitude. But it also gets people really interested and really psyched about promoting and referring our program. I think everyone would agree that the number one way to get new students on your summer camp is would be from hot referral from a member that's already got one.

One of the things that we have found is that everyone is very busy, everyone has a lot on their plate. Some of you are running school by yourself. So to be doing all of that and to be promoting your summer camp can be daunting. So having somebody like ChampionsWay in your corner, helping you promote your summer camp is a real bonus. They're coming up with a new summer camp promotion landing page. They put up promotional emails for you. They are going to have a summer camp promotion Facebook cover, they're changing our cover already. These are things that you can put together but they don't usually look as professional as what you get (from) ChampionsWay. They continue to put out summer camp social posts, so eight social posts that we run from February to June. Just really helpful to be able to have a professional company in your corner helping you run and helping you promote this. Even with the organization that we have, the amount of instructors, my staff, I still and am really grateful that I have ChampionsWay helping us promote these different events.

So at this point I'm going to hand it back over to Sophia. I hope you enjoy the webinar and I hope you at least got one nugget. She's going to take over for a minute or two and then I think we're going to come back and allow people to ask some questions. If you want to contact me personally, my email address is at the bottom, it's umac50@optonline.net. So if you want to contact me, I'll get back to you pretty soon, I'm pretty good at answering your email. It's great speaking with everybody. I hope you enjoy the webinar and thank you very much.


Sophia: Thank you so much, Grand Master Ciarfella! That was so awesome, you've brought so many ideas to the table and these ideas are tried and tested. I'm sure that a lot of people are going to find those valuable and really put them to the test for their summer camp coming up this year.

I want to pass the mic over quickly to Nima. Nima's our Director of Customer Service at ChampionsWay PerfectMind. He's going to touch upon how Mr. Marketer as a service can really help you promote your summer camp. Grand Master Ciarfella also did touch upon this in one of his last slides. So we'll go into and add a little more detail, and show you some pictures as well so that you can get a better idea of what is going on. So I'm going to pass the mic over to Nima now, thank you.

Nima: Good afternoon, everyone! I have to say thank you Grand Master Ciarfella, that was an amazing webinar. Thank you very much, Sophia, for also hosting the webinar for us today. At this part of the presentation I want to go over Mr. Marketer and the summer camp campaign. As you heard in basically on the session covered by Grand Master Ciarfella, it's very important to actually for a successful summer camp to start as early as possible, and to be able to have essentially more enrolments, and be able to promote the program better and better.

Firstly, since we just had to switch screens, I just want to ensure that everyone can see actually the slide that I have up. What I want to do, I want to go over basically the specific offering campaigns that's included within the Mr. Marketer campaign. You don't have to use Mr. Marketer for this campaign, but what we have done, we actually work with our consultants to make sure that we have all the material ready for you and all the tools necessary for you to be able to have the successful launch.

So what we've done, we've actually put a campaign together that includes emails, it includes social posts, it includes Facebook banners, it includes also a landing page and online booking tool for your members and potential members to be able to easily enroll into your program.

What we have as part of the campaign as I mentioned, you get a Facebook cover photo that we will change basically during this campaign, so you will get two banner photos. And as you see the professionally design to be able to promote that specific program in the specific summer camp campaign. Basically the banners will have links to the online booking system which I'll go over in a few minutes, so your members are able to just pick the week that they're interested in and register into the camp of their choice.

As mentioned we also have social posts to be able to promote the campaign throughout the time. So we have posts sent, here's an example that you can see, with proper images posted a link again to the online booking system so your members are able to register. What you have here is one of the eight posts that are scheduled for this campaign. We are able to either provide you the post so you be able to actually schedule them on your own time. Or as part of the Mr. Marketer clients, we'll be able to actually schedule it for you as well. So you can just sit back and relax, the post will go out with the proper links and track to get registration for you.

As you see here, all the Facebook contents have schedule dates and will be auto posted or adjusted. But if you have comments and you want to change these posts, we'll be able to work on that. As you see here we have every single post that will be scheduled. As you see starting for those of you Mr. Marketer clients who have enrolled in this campaign, the post has already started. The first one went on February 13, the next one scheduled for March 12. As you see, we have one or two per month until basically end of June.

In addition to that we actually promote the campaign via email to all your active customers, your former customers, and also your leads. As you (see) here, we have all the example of the emails, the emails that already started going out. The first one did go out on February 6. They're all professionally written by professional writers. The next one scheduled for February 20, and they will go out until end of June as you see here.

Here's an example of the design of the emails, professionally written email. It's full HTML emails that have proper headers, they have good graphics. Some areas of the emails are customizable, such as the offerings, school name, and so on and so forth. But they're very professionally done to be able to promote your brand properly.

Here's also another example of the email.


The email as you can see here, they're built to work in any device - on tablets, on mobile devices, and also computers.

Next thing that I want to show you is essentially the online booking system that part of this system and we're very proud of, an example of the landing page that comes with it. I'm just opening up a tab and go into an example of the landing page that we create for campaigns like this. One moment, I'm having a little bit difficulty getting this link. Here we go, okay.

Here's an actual example of the landing page. As you see it's professionally designed, it's built to be able to promote your brand, and be able to promote the camp. It's a very nice header, they're full design because basically they're built to be responsive as you can see here in an example. They're built to work with any size of screen. So no matter where the traffic is coming from, what device you're using to be able to see this page, they will see a perfect version of it, depending on the size of your screen. So from the mobile devices, tablets, the Blackberries, iPhone 6+'s, really any device.

The promotion that we suggest you use, the following promotion that you see here - 1 Week for $100 + Free T-shirt. Having said that every business is different, so we do allow you to customize the promotion to fit your business model. As you see here the landing pages are once again professionally written by sales copiers that work in the industries for very, very long time. They're built to sell and built to be able to promote the program. So this specific landing page promotes a six reasons why your child should join an exciting martial arts summer camp. We promote it as martial arts summer camp versus going south the specifics. These are basically camps that are targeting children and their parents, so it's important to not stick to a specific martial arts type and more to the benefit of martial arts in overall for the health and wellness of the child.

As you see within the actual pages itself, what we do we embed our Book Me application. The Book Me application will be built using your help as a customer. You will be able to just simply go into PerfectMind and create the different options that you want to show online. So you can actually adjust your weeks. You have absolute and complete control over the content and what shows up in terms of options. You'd be able to adjust the capacity, adjust the pricing, the time, details, and really all that's involved with the campaign.

If you guys see here, the booking widget module within this page is also fully responsive. Again if someone visits this page using their mobile device, they'd still be able to complete their registration.

What we're going to do for you guys to see the full experience of the registration process, I'm just going to click on Week 1, and this is how I've customized and programmed this specific landing page or this specific option. You're able to choose and create your own options. So if you don't have it weekly maybe you have camps that are multiple weeks, you are able to generate your options the way you want it. We have limits of 5 - 10 years old with this certain description, and this is fully customizable by you. You have full control over as long as you know how to use the PerfectMind calendar, you'd be able to create this option and be able to adjust as needed.

We're going to click on this specific camp and as you see here, we have certain options available. This is called the landing page of that event. You are able to even get the link to this specific landing page and promote it via email, via your social posts, and send people directly to this specific week if you're interested. You don't want them to have options. This is a landing page that's automatically generated by PerfectMind for any option that you put and you set for online. As you see there's an image which can be changed by you. There's description, there are the different options. If someone is interested to know what days the camp actually takes place, they'll be able to see it right here.

As part of the promotion as you saw on the landing page, you're offering a free T-shirt. So we're adding the free T-shirt here. The interesting thing and the beautiful thing about the system is because it's fully / it is part of your PerfectMind system which is your main POS system, this T-shirt is actually linked to your inventory system.


So if you have T-shirts already that you sell, this uses the same inventory. So if someone registers and takes a T-shirt, the inventory count will be deducted so you're not overselling or you're not selling an item that's been previously sold and belong to someone who register online. The pricing here is $100 fee. You are able to generate as I said your own pricing. That can be changed within PerfectMind. Not only that, for those of you are advanced user of PerfectMind, you can actually have multiple fee. For those who are interested you maybe have a cheaper fee for the members versus the non-members of the business. Or have a good cheaper fee for certain age group, or having even early bird specials. All of that can be customized within PerfectMind. We have webinars in the daily basis that you can attend in case you have questions about this.

As you see we have GMC and his description, who is assigned as the instructor to this specific program in this specific camp. But you're able to add any specific coach or program. And this is all done again within PerfectMind as well. Like every other area within the system, this is also responsive, so depending on the device they're using, they'll be able to get the perfect experience.

I'm just going to click Register. As you saw here actually before we click Register, you're able to also set registration end date. If you want to close the registration maybe a few days before the course, you'll be able to do that. I clicked Register and you have an ability here now to either Create an account if you're a new customer, or Log in if you're an existing customer. I do have an account that I created earlier so I'm just going to use that, if it works. Alright, sorry about that.

This is an actual experience that you get. If you log in as a customer of your who has a family member assigned to them. Within PerfectMind the multiple family members are linked together as a family. So when you log in, let's say in this case a parent, a father, a mother. They would log in, they would be able to either register themselves or they would be able to see their other family members and register the family members into the camp as well. You can event register multiple people at the same time. so if I have a son and a daughter, I will be able to register both of them at the same time for ease of use. If maybe I'm a member and I want to know, I'm interested to actually have my child join this camp, what I'd be able to also do is click Add Family Member, and be able to add them. Say that I want to add my daughter and register her into the camp, I'll be able to do that. So we try to actually make this as flexible as possible, so they'll be able to register anyone who they're interested in to this specific program.

So we're just going to choose my wife in this case - Jessica White. And we're going to go into the questions section. this is also customizable within PerfectMind and for every camp that you have, you can actually add what we call a questionnaire to that specific program. You can create your own questions, you can create different types of questions - pick list, check boxes, text boxes, anything that feel it fits that type of question. You can make some questions required, and you will be able to ask those information that you require. There is a whole topic about the questionnaire in registration forms that you can find under our Help area.

One thing we do that's very interesting is actually a lot of the online registration systems allow you to create questionnaires like this. However they repeatedly ask the same questions because the systems are not linked with your CRM. What we are able to do, you're able to even link certain fields to existing fields within the database and create rules that if that answer to that question already exist within the database, don't ask that question again.

So what I mean by that is let's say if I type in emergency contact. I'll say I am the emergency contact for Jessica White, and she doesn't have any allergies, and she also agrees to the Terms and Conditions. So certain questions in this questionnaire has been linked to fields within the database. So what happens as I'm populating the emergency contact, the emergency contact information get saved within the Contact area. At any other point, if Jessica goes back to register for any other program that's using the same fields, the same questions about emergency contact is not going to be asked again.


And this is a setting. You can have it to be asked again, but in a lot of cases if you don't have to ask a questions, it's better for you not to ask, to improve and make the whole process more efficient, and get the registration numbers higher.

So we're going to go into fees and extras. As you see, the T-shirt's already selected, it's free. We have the general fee already selected as well. What you're able to do here as I mentioned previously, you can have multiple fees that automatically / when you select it depending on the type of the customer. So we can have fees set by age group, by days of the week, by times of the week that they actually do their registration based on the age group, the membership they have, the previous purchases, really a variety of different options. The opportunities here are endless.

You're also able to actually add additional products here that could be maybe optional or required products for people to purchase. If T-shirt's not the only option and maybe you want to have options for late pickup for summer camps. I know that's something that does come up that some parents are not able to pick up their child on time, so they want to pay maybe extra to be able to pick up their --guys my screen just totally went black. It's coming back up again but I hope that you guys didn't miss anything. We're going to continue.

You can actually have other extras here as well. So you can increase your sales as well. Maybe a member would be able to purchase a late pickup, or purchase even a membership or other products such as maybe nunchucks or uniforms and things like during the registration process. You press Add.

So here they will be able to, what they can do here they can continue their checkout or actually continue booking. What this does, takes them back to their booking screen. If they're interested to add additional weeks or additional events, they are able to do that as well.

Lastly when they're ready, they'll be able to click Checkout which goes to the checkout screen. They can use their cash rewards if you're using that function. As you see they are getting registered for Week 1 for these dates. T-shirt is free. If they're an existing customer, they'll even have their credit card that they can use. One thing is upon completing the checkout, your customer will be able to save that information on their Outlook, on their iCal, or any other calendar of any device they're using to ensure that they're getting the reminders necessary, to be able to ensure they don't miss those dates.

This is all the functions that's included as part of the Mr. Marketer campaign for summer camp. Again, very complete summer camp program. So for those of you who don't have the time to be able to create the campaign, for those of you who don't have the expertise to create it, or you just basically you want to ensure that you have an actual campaign that looks 100% professional, it basically does add the value and represents your brand properly, this is a great option to take on. For those of you who believe you have the expertise then 100% you'd be able to use that and be able to actually set up PerfectMind Book Me option, to still satisfy that need.

This forum I'm going to pass it back to Sophia. Thank you, everyone, for listening, and we're going to go to Q&A session.

Sophia: Thank you so much, Nima! I hope that was valuable for you guys too. I'm just going to minimize some of these windows and we are going to go into Q&A shortly. But before we do I just want to quickly tell you about an exciting offer that we have for you. We're going to send out 10 vouchers to the first 10 registrants to the line, which I'm now sending in the chat box which you should see. You can copy and paste that link, or just click directly on it. If you want to be proactive and go for it, that's our theme for our presentation today. Last time we posted this link and we did this offer, we had the 10 vouchers actually sent out before the Q&A session also. So act on it fast and get it now!

I did want to let you know because we did have some questions come in. This webinar and the recording, including the slide deck, well of course will be posted in the next 24 hours, so stay tune for that. All registrants will be sent that link. If we don't have time to get through all of the questions answered, please feel free to email us at marketing@championsway.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. So let's quickly go through some of these questions.