June 2014 New Features Release

Multiple Pay Rates

Customize your staff's pay just the way you want. Set multiple pay rates for all your employees in PerfectMIND:
  • Choose from five Pay Rate types: Per Class, Per Attendee, Incremental, Percentage or Hourly
  • Enable bonuses, set minimums and maximums
  • Assign instructors to classes with any pay rate set up for them
  • Assign a substitute instructor with a different pay rate
  • View a payroll report, and show your staff details of their income


Gift Cards

  • You can now sell and redeem Gift Cards for retail sales
  • It's easy to personalize Gift Cards with a number of creative custom templates
  • Find an effective way to help you obtain new members, increase sales and encourage return visits


Split Payments

Make it easy for your members to pay the way they want by using this feature. Now you can:
  • Divide "Pay Now" balances into two different payment methods when using PerfectMIND checkout
  • Accept different methods of payment for "Pay Now" balances to allow more flexibility


Create New Memberships

Creating a new membership in PerfectMIND is intuitive and saves you from errors:
  • Choose a distinctive membership type from a list
  • Add membership duration in days or months
  • Enter information in any order
  • The payment calculator updates related field automatically


Sort Upcoming Birthdays

PerfectMIND helps you celebrate your Contacts' birthdays:

  • Birthday column has been added to Contacts list
  • Find upcoming birthdays fast
  • Sort birthdays by date


24 Hour Report

How is your organization doing today? PerfectMIND emails you a 24 Hour Report so that you can review a daily snapshot of:

  • Financial Performance -- details of income and expenses
  • School Performance -- number of leads gained, students lost or gained
  • Membership -- list of expiring memberships
  • Billing -- successful and failed payments


Check In Enhancements

You've inspired PerfectMIND to fine-tune our Check In app in order to help you manage attendance more efficiently:

  • When you check in a Contact, click the name on your attendance list to view their full profile
  • The system alerts you to a mismatched membership and directs you to sell the correct one right from Check In
  • Stripe Due Date column includes the student's number of stripes for their rank
  • The improved search box shows Active students first, before Leads and former students
  • Updated row colors clearly distinguish one contact from the next
  • School Performance -- number of leads gained, students lost or gained


Send One Email Per Family

With our powerful email application, you can stop sending duplicate emails to the same address. This feature allows you to:

  • Send one email to family members who are sharing the same address
  • Avoid email complaints and unsubscribe rates due to receiving redundant emails


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