July 2014 New Feature Release

Recurring Tasks and Automated Tasks

We heard that you have recurring tasks like paying bills, cleaning your school, updating your calendar, etc. Stay one step ahead in PerfectMIND! Now when you set a task's due date, just add the "repeat" option:

  • Choose every day, week, month, or year. Or,
  • Customize the frequency

You'll know it's a recurring task by the icon beside it!

And to speed things up for you, we've already set some automatic non-recurring tasks so you can stay on top of:

  • Invalid finance info
  • Anniversary reminders
  • Absences in the last 10 days

Customize Themes for Multiple Locations

In as few as three clicks, PerfectMIND lets you choose different website themes for multiple locations! To update the theme for each location, look for these options in your design settings:

  • Change your theme
  • Use a different website theme for each location
  • Select the theme from a pick list