How to Stock Your Martial Arts Pro-Shop

A martial arts pro-shop can do a lot for the success of your martial arts business. You already pay for your space; why not utilize some of it to improve revenue, while supplying students with things they can use? A pro-shop can add a great visual element to your school, on top of the increased financial gain. Additionally, if you sell things with your branding on it, your martial arts supply store will be spreading your brand awareness in your community, ultimately leading to more referrals and student sign-ups. Here are a few recommendations for stocking your pro-shop.


Benefits of a Martial Arts Pro Shop

The greatest gain you can get from your martial arts pro-shop is most likely going to be the revenue. If you set it up right, students should feel comfortable purchasing all of their martial arts related needs from your shop, which will allow your martial arts school to be more economically sustainable. Second, by focusing on creating an attractive pro-shop, you can amp up the visual aesthetic of your school. Lastly, by selling branded goods in your martial arts supply store, you can increase brand awareness in your community. The only risk? Having stock sit for too long. The next few tips will help you with that.


Determine the Needs of your Students

First, make a few lists of types of gear and equipment to carry: bare essentials, advanced training, bonuses and consumables. Bare essentials are things that every student needs. This depends on the specific martial arts your school is involved in but usually it’s a student’s uniform and belt. These are things you’ll want to stock up the most of, as your students need these things to participate and, conveniently, you’re a one-stop shop.


Advanced training gear includes things like kicking pads, sparring gear, etc. They’re things that your students need at some point or another but maybe not immediately upon entering their training. Bonuses are things that don’t fit into those two categories. Things like t-shirts, hats, and posters are things that can be nice to have but maybe not that necessary. However, these do greatly increase the brand potential of your school.



Getting some help with the general layout of the shop from someone with a great eye for decor or someone with retail experience can be of great use. You want your martial arts supply store to add a layer of beauty to your school. That being said, it can be easy to get carried away with the amount of stock you want to have on hand, making the shop look cluttered and messy. Make sure everything has its place, and that there’s a sufficient amount of space between items to make it look nice.



You’ll have to not only find suppliers for martial arts gear, you’ll also need to find suppliers who need a minimum order that you can easily fill. One of the biggest mistakes in starting a new pro shop is ordering too many things in your first shipments. You don’t want your goods taking up valuable funds/space when it’s not necessary. Remember that you can always add additional types of inventory, down the road. When you first open, aim for smaller minimum orders (but watch out for the difference in pricing, based on quantity), to ease your way into it.


Get some Help

Running a martial arts supply store can be overwhelming at the beginning, especially if you don’t have any retail experience. Thankfully, ChampionsWay has a great POS & online store function that will help you create the best pro shop, then help you maintain it. The POS application can be used to sell memberships, pro-shop merchandise, track inventory, manage purchase history and help you with reordering. In other words, it does all of the hard work for you so that you can focus your valuable time on your students.


Finally, check out our free webinar on how to pump up your pro-shop to learn how to make the most of it. Join ChampionsWay Manager of Customer Success, Keith McGregor, and Champions Academy Operations Manager, Connor J. Brown, and learn some great tips behind the best martial arts supply shops. Want even more? Download this free eBook: The Chemistry to Running a Successful Pro Shop


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