How to get Scheduled Leads to Actually Come to their First Class

Getting martial arts leads is always important but converting them into students is where you atually earn revenue. That being said, getting martial arts leads is far easier than converting said leads into students. There are many different things you can do to boost your membership numbers; our approach is that you have a high quality martial arts curriculum and your goal is to get your martial arts leads to attend a class in order to convince them to sign up.  

Here are some tips on getting your martial arts leads to come to their first class. 

Create Community

We cannot emphasize this enough: creating a family-oriented environment at your school helps your business in so many ways. Cultivate that culture, by hiring instructors who genuinely care about your business, yourself and your students. This way, the quality of martial arts leads also increases, through your students spreading positive buzz about your school. An invested student is far more likely to generate solid martial arts leads than a student who is ambivalent towards their school. Also, some of the best ways to keep your students as long-term members can give you ideas on how to convert martial arts leads into students. 


Depending on where the lead came from, an incentive can help motivate a lead to attend a class. One great option is to hand out a free week of classes and give them an entry into a monthly draw, if they redeem it by a certain date. Make sure they need to submit their name for the draw at the school and not online. 

Although it could be expensive to have that many prize draws, it’s not necessary to do them that often or to use high-ticket items. It can be once a month, once a season or a semi-annually. Additionally, it will be a good idea to make the prizes motivational in themselves; the prizes can be things like a free month membership, equipment, and other martial arts related perks or things that would benefit their practice. 

Improve the Quality of your Leads

Take the time to keep catalog of where the martial arts leads are coming from and whether they are being converted or not. This way, you can see the conversion rate of the martial arts leads depending on their source. Different sources will have different rates of conversion. For example, let’s say one of your senior instructors is recruiting martial arts leads and potential members at your local shopping mall. If the instructor is giving away a prize for signing up for a free week of classes, the quality of your martial arts leads will be very low, as many will sign up just to snag one of the prizes. A better idea would be to reward the prospective student once they attend a class.

To get the most out of your leads, school software can be used to track performance, web activities and many other aspects. ChampionsWay’s martial arts management software can help you in converting leads to active students, along with automating billing, aiding with marketing efforts, supporting online booking and more.

Did you know one of the best ways to generate martial arts leads is to host birthday parties? Follow the jump to learn more how it’s one of the most effective forms of referrals, as well as a great opportunity to train new instructors.

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