How to Create the Best Black Friday Campaign for your Martial Arts School

The American Thanksgiving holiday has, for better or for worse, become linked with the infamous Black Friday day of sales. Quickly, Black Friday has become both the biggest sale day of the year and the busiest. Companies have started to take advantage, including martial arts schools. Creating a day of slashed sales creates a boost in revenues for companies heading into the holiday frenzy and ensures holiday shopping is done at their businesses. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday being held on a Thursday, many consumers receive the Friday off, for a 4-day-weekend. This, along with its timing being around a month before Christmas, creates a perfect storm for shopping.


It doesn’t always make sense to give incredible deals during this time. You’ll have to take a look at your marketing plan and see what your goals are. That being said, with Christmas presents coming up, and the slow post-holiday revenue boosts that often plague us, this is a good time to get a spike in revenue at your martial arts school, to set aside funds for after the holidays.


Current Members

Offering student extensions at a discount is a great way to keep your students engaged and happy. This also alleviates the issue of them being upset that new students are getting a great deal that they weren’t able to receive. By having a different deal for each student, everyone is happy, and no one feels ripped off…and we all know how important that is. This is a good time to incorporate annual membership sales, as well. Consider giving a discount like x number of dollars off or first month free, when they purchase annually, especially if they pay up front or with a deposit that your martial arts school is comfortable with.


You can also discount different points of your school. This is a great way to grow certain programs at your school, such as your after-school martial arts program. Boosting your revenue with existing members is a great way to add value to their learning, as well as your profitability. Highlight your pro shop to current members, by giving them Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals on gloves, shorts, and other gear your martial arts school offers.


Prospective Members

There are tons of great deals you can give to prospective students. There are the many different deal structures we’ve given in the past; since it’s Black Friday, you can go a bit deeper. Many people seem to be saving up their money leading up to Black Friday and they’re looking for deals. Make sure you’re doing all you can to attract these potential members.


Create a strong referral campaign specifically around Black Friday or Cyber Monday that gives them a better reason to join you school, especially with a friend. As it’s much more difficult to get prospective members to sign up for longer memberships, create an introductory offer of a free starter class. One example is a month of class with a free week and branded gi or shorts: a deal that creates additional advertising and a longer term for newcomers than you might be able to traditionally achieve. Encourage people to sign up online through your website, for an easier time and an increased convenience for newcomers. Your martial arts website doesn’t have sign-up capability? Learn more about other benefits of an expert martial arts website.


Brand Integrity

As much as Black Friday and Cyber Monday symbolize some of the biggest sales and discounts, you’ll want to make sure you don’t inadvertently devalue your school. A high quality school should be paid what it’s worth. Find a balance between giving students a great bargain and protecting your investment in your martial arts school. Don’t go so low that people start to believe your school isn’t a premium one. Once again, your martial arts marketing plan should give you direction on this. Additionally, make sure you keep your integrity by ensuring a straightforward marketing campaign without any tricks.


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