How to Create Engaging Ads for Martial Arts Schools

Getting new students in the door, month after month, can be challenging but effective and engaging martial arts ads can really help bring fresh faces into your school. What makes an ad engaging? There are a lot of variables to consider, when building out your ads. Who do you want to target? How long should the ad be? How can I increase engagement and convert these prospects into full-time students? These are the questions you’ll need to answer to keep up your martial arts school’s long-term growth. Here we look at some of these questions and show you how to create the most engaging martial arts ads for your school.


Keep the Goal in Mind

Your goal should be bringing in students who are committed and who are likely to be lifelong students. To do this, first start with analyzing your current lifelong students and finding commonalities between them. Of course, your sample size is likely to be too small to make any big conclusions but it’ll be a good place to start. Next, figure out the platform your ad will be on. For example, Facebook marketing is great for martial arts schools and their ad targeting and analytics are a great way to optimize your martial arts ads strategy. Lastly, you’ll want to use A/B split testing to keep improving your results. Before long, you should be able to develop an ad strategy that consistently brings in new students.


Concise Means Engagement

Expanding on the last point, effective targeting can really help boost the engagement on your martial arts ads. One common mistake people make when first creating online ads is to create too big of a blanket while targeting. It’s easy to think that because the martial arts are great for everyone, your targeting should reflect that. Concise targets perform better and they also allow you to refine and optimize more.


A Picture’s Worth

Utilizing the right photo can help build engagement on your martial arts ads, spreading your message further. The trend on social media networks seems to be becoming more and more visual. With the limited attention spans we have, the more information that can be conveyed in a concise manner, the more material you’ll be able to communicate to your target audience.


The key is to use attention-grabbing imagery that is high quality and relevant. Beautiful images work really well for this, as do interesting images. Remember to use images that stay on topic. For martial arts schools, this means having images that directly display martial arts in action. For more info, check out PerfectMind’s blog on using photos on social media.


Calling for Action

Remember the goal? Converting prospective visitors into full-time students is the key to martial arts business success. To make sure your ads are generating students and not just likes and shares, you’ll have to generate an effective call-to-action. For martial arts ads, effective call-to-actions should persuade ad viewers to book a free week at your school, get a tour, or make an appointment to meet you and your team. The right call-to-action can help your ad truly convert prospects into students.


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