How to Create an Online Store for Taekwondo Schools

Successful martial arts schools look at more than just one revenue stream to keep their cash flow healthy and steady. We’ve discussed how hosting birthday parties and renting your space out for events can help boost revenue and referrals but pro-shops for some martial arts schools are a big factor in their profitability. For a martial art like Taekwondo that’s fairly gear heavy, you’ll have a wide assortment of things you can stock.


While an in-store pro shop should be fairly high on your priority list, only people who come into your physical space will have access to the goods you sell. Space may also be at a premium, depending on the size and layout of your school. By putting your pro-shop online, many more potential customers will be able to purchase your goods, granted you’re willing to ship globally. Here are some of the most important things to think about, when you’re creating your online store for taekwondo schools.


Seamless Means Less Headaches

When moving your brick and mortar shop online, you have to be aware of a few common transition issues. While getting a smart POS system that takes care of everything can solve most of these, not every martial arts school utilizes martial arts school management software. Without it, you will find it to be much more difficult to get things under control. For one, all of the manual labor to make sure your online and offline inventory tracking are cohesive can be overwhelming for a small team to handle, on a daily basis. With a good online store setup, it should be completely integrated and seamlessly connected to your physical store.


Promotions and Discounts

Running effective sales promotions is a must for online stores. For online stores, a promo code is one of the best ways to give out discounts; make sure your online store platform has the ability to do things like create promo codes, early bird discounts, student credit and being able to redeem gift cards that you’ve sold in stores. These small tools will help you boost sales at timely points in the year. Make sure to create engage social media ads, to increase your access to interested customers in the place where they spend most of their time online.


Visually On Point

An online store that has high quality photography comes off as a trustworthy place to buy something. It also makes the products look more desirable, further boosting sales. You’ll generally want your interface to be simple, clean and not in any way distracting, to keep the focus on the goods you want to sell. To learn how to take better product shots, check out this great resource on how to master product photography on a tight budget.


Smart Ordering

Don’t miss out on sales opportunities, by making sure your inventory is replenished in an effective, hassle-free manner. A good online sales platform for martial arts schools should have a smart ordering system that includes real-time purchase ordering and inventory management. Automated product reordering and management of both online and offline product inventory should stay on top of popular items and should automatically issue and submit purchase orders to your suppliers, to restock your shelves efficiently.


To learn more about how you can set up an online store with ease and convenience, check out our POS & online store functionality. We can help set you up so you can add another revenue stream to your martial arts business and expand your school’s growth.


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