How to Perform a Triangle Choke

The triangle choke is arguably one of the most effective chokeholds and definitely one of the most common submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts. It is incredibly effective as a counter-attack and, since it depends on the isolation of one of the opponent's arms, hand strikes all of a sudden make the striker vulnerable. Due to this, many MMA fans are incredibly familiar with this move because of its effectiveness.

In this blog post, we break down this submission and show you how to perform the triangle choke from the guard:

  1. With your opponent trapped in your guard, isolate one of his arms. This will be fairly easy in MMA, as your opponent will likely try to escape your guard by throwing punches.
  2. While your opponent is punching, deflect his arm so it's next to your head and gain position by using your legs to push yourself so his arm is closer to your body, while his body is further from yours. Do this while maintaining a grasp of his arm.
  3. If step 2 was done effectively, your opponent should now be off balance. Keep gaining distance from your opponent by pivoting your hips forward so that your opponent's body is even further.
  4. Use one of your legs to push his non-submission arm back by using your leg on his shoulder to leverage. Your opponent's head should be down by your hips, before you raise your leg up and over your opponent's head.
  5. Wrap the leg that is raised around the back of your opponent's neck, then use your other leg to pull the raised leg towards you.
  6. Keep pulling until you can wrap the back of your knee around the ankle of the raised foot.
  7. Now apply pressure with your legs to the head and neck of your opponent, essentially using his own arm to restrict airflow against his neck.
  8. You can pull your foot towards you to increase the pressure, if your opponent isn't in submission.

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