How Gymnastics Can Increase Martial Arts Performance

Those who cross-train regularly will know that doing other forms of physical activity can heighten martial arts performance. Gymnastics has quickly become a popular type of cross-training for martial arts, not only adding variety to one’s training, but also bring a number of benefits, such as specific muscles development you may not otherwise attain from just martial arts training.

Here are some of the ways in which gymnastics can increase martial arts performance.


Increased Coordination

Gymnastics, whether or not it involves equipment, involves a number of body weight exercises that work to improve strength, balance, and coordination. Since there is an incredible amount of hand-eye coordination in martial arts, gymnastics training can further your abilities and fine-tune your motor skills.


Build Strength and Improve Agility

Many gymnastic exercises demand upper body strength, particularly through the core and arms. Both equipment-based training and body weight training will help you quickly build strength that you can apply directly to both attack and defense. Building core strength provides stability, which can help power your kicks, throws, punches, and submissions. Tumbling is also a great way to build agility. This is particularly important for competitive martial artists, since it will allow them to change positions more efficiently.


Become More Flexible

Depending on the type of gymnastic training that you decide to practice, your cross-training may result in you having a more flexible body. Gymnasts are required to develop extreme ranges of motion in their major joints and need flexibility training to help them achieve those ranges of motion. Flexibility won’t only help you as a gymnast, but it will prepare you for and recover from injuries that you may acquire in your martial arts training.

Simultaneously practicing gymnastics while you are training as a martial artist can certainly further your performance, but there are a couple of things to note. Since gymnastics is fairly demanding of your body, you may be more likely to injure yourself, if you are not training correctly. In addition, training at a gymnastics gym can be an additional cost for some who would rather spend on, for example, additional martial arts classes or private training.

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