How Can My Martial Arts School Help My Community?

As martial artists, we have a duty to be upstanding member of our communities. Discipline is instilled in us and we learn the importance of integrity, perseverance, indomitable spirit, with some martial arts even focusing on the importance of nature. We find that many martial artists have incredible social consciences and, as business owners, we have a bigger opportunity to make an impact in the causes that need it most. Here we show you a few different ways martial arts schools can help their communities.



While renting out your school for events can create more revenue, in this context, we’re trying to do some social good. Take a look at your class schedule and determine which days you could potentially rent your space out for events. Next, think about how many of these days you would like to devote to renters who are using the space for charitable or community events. This will be your charitable quota for each month and will help guide your decision making on balancing profit and community.


You’ll also get a nice boost in your community presence, by allowing more people to come into your gym, even if it’s just for a day. These kinds of activities can also be tax deductible. Facebook is a great way to have your business noticed and any pictures people post will have your school in the background. The more people in your community that are aware of you, the more business you’ll get.


Creating Community

A community is only as strong as the bonds that hold it together. The more social events there are, the greater the strength of the community. Host events on a regular basis; this will help build community, while growing your presence within it. While open houses are a great way to show off your school’s talents, a fun event that isn’t purely about martial arts can be very effective in bringing in new clients who may not have known they were into martial arts yet. This also helps raise your profile in the community. It’s a win-win for all.


Team-Building Fundraisers

This one’s more of an internal community builder; a factor that is also very important. Split up your school into a few teams, with your most senior instructors as captains of each team. Then determine with the captains a good cause in your community that you can help support. Figure out a good action plan decide how the teams can have a friendly competition to see who raises the most funds or creates the most positive impact to help said cause. Try to hit a cause that really needs it and, if they have a great social media following, that’s just a bonus.


After-School Programs

This is our personal favorite. Children are the future of your community and a strong community needs good role models, to make sure the children become productive members of it. The martial arts do wonders for kids. Training can help them resist peer pressure; making sure they don’t make bad choices due to others. The greatest benefit of an after-school program, however, is helping underprivileged kids and making sure they have a positive environment to be in. Many established schools that have been open for more than 12 years find many people in their community will say nothing but incredible things about their school, even if they don’t currently attend. The majority of kids that went through their programs and teachings when they were younger are now grown up and grateful for the positive influence. Want to learn more? Here’s how to grow your after-school martial arts programs.


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