Growing Your After-School Martial Arts Programs

An after-school program can do a lot for your martial arts school and the youth who attend. After-school programs have many great benefits; not only does it give youth in your community a productive and positive outlet for their time, it also is a great way to attract new students.

Parents who work on school days can rest assured knowing that their children will be taken care of in a safe environment, where they will be healthy and active. On top of that, a great after-school marital arts program can attract many young students to your gym. Here are a few tips for growing your after-school martial arts program.


Quality of the Program

The quality of your after-school martial arts program is one of the most important aspects. Ensure someone who is good with young students is leading the team and vary your class activities, to keep them interested after a full day at school. You can have physical activities, games and other things to keep the kids busy before the classes start. Some schools may also like to have an area designated for students who want to complete homework and study.


Listen to feedback and keep growing your program in a way that the kids and the parents will enjoy. The quality is incredibly important for referrals; the better it is, the more students will invite their friends to join them. Do this right and your school can become the place everyone wants to be after school.


Referrals and Promotions

Referrals are one of the best way to spread the word about your after-school martial arts program. If you offer a fun place for youth to come after school, theyll start to invite friends to join them. Drop-ins are a great way for students who arent yet a member to experience what you offer. Its accessible, approachable, and it should get some people through the door. Want a few ways to create more student referrals? Here are a few places to start.


School Demonstrations 

Demonstrations are a great way to attract students of any age. Seeing talented and skilled martial artists can spur an interest to participate in martial arts. Having demonstrations at local schools is a great way to market your business and, with a great after-school martial arts program, youll be able to more effectively market to younger students. You may even pique the interest of a few parents and teachers, at the same time.


Office Promotions

Target some offices you have connections with and offer multiple promotions for your school, including a promotion for your after-school martial arts program. This will be effective, as there will be people in the office that will be looking for good options for their kids. Some of them may just allow the kids to come home alone and hearing the benefits of their kids being part of your

after-school program might cause them to change that. If you want something to hand out or send, heres a free infographic on the benefits of martial arts for kids.


Create Fun Events

Hosting fun events during your after-school martial arts program can be a great way to have your students talking about it. Whether its a pizza day or a sports day, keep it interesting and switch it up. You can even have a vote with your members, to see what they want to do. At the end of the day, having fun is the best way to keep them coming back.


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