Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update Rolls Out Today

Well it’s April 21st - a big day for many martial arts school owners wondering what will happen to their search engine rankings over the coming weeks. Yes, Mobilegeddon, Mobilepacalyse or whatever it’s being called has arrived! Please resist the urge to freak out and let's look at the details of this update.

Google stated earlier this year that it would be rolling out a major algorithmic update rewarding websites that are mobile-friendly (or penalizing those that aren't). The update was set to roll-out worldwide April 21st and would have a wider-ranging impact than either Penguin or Panda updates. The algorithmic update starts rolling out today and should take about a week to complete. Google has been uncharacteristically transparent about this particular update and has been active in conferences and on social media answering questions from business owners and SEOs. The Google Webmaster team even did a one-hour hangout in February answering questions.

Here are a few important things to know:
  • The update will only affect mobile search queries
  • It will not affect rankings in the local pack (aka 7-pack)

Only Mobile Search Queries Will Be Impacted

Only the plain 10 blue links you see when searching on Google mobile will be affected. Your rankings when searching from desktop or tablet will not be affected by this update. So if you currently only have a small portion of your traffic coming from mobile search results, you don’t need to panic just yet. How do you know what percentage of your traffic comes from mobile search results?

You can see this in your Google Analytics dashboard. The short video below shows you how to do this within the default Google Analytics reporting dashboard.

View Mobile Search Traffic in Google Analytics

Over the past month, this site received just 3% of website visits from mobile search (Google, Bing & Yahoo combined). This is a relatively small amount that would be affected if the site were to be hit with this mobile-friendly update.

The Update will not Affect Local Pack Rankings

This update is very specific and will target only organic, mobile search queries. That means your local rankings (even on mobile searches) will be unaffected.

The red boxes above show the local packs on both desktop and mobile searches. Sites in these results will not be impacted by the mobile-friendly update.

Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool

Google has a handy new tool that will allow you to quickly check to see if your website is mobile-friendly. Visit the mobile-friendly testing tool and enter your full URL to see the results.

ChampionsWay Website Clients

  • If you purchased a responsive website or a desktop site with a mobile version, then you are already equipped for the mobile update.
  • If you are currently not using a responsive or desktop and mobile site, we offer a painless upgrade service. You can upgrade to a fully-responsive, lead-generating website built with the latest technologies. Learn more about our custom websites.

If you have been meaning to update to a mobile-friendly website, now may be a good time. Our new responsive sites our designed to drive web leads and incorporate the latest design and SEO techniques. If you have questions about your website or would like to take advantage of our painless upgrade procedure, please contact Feel free to post questions or comments below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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