Finding the Right Instructors

The instructors at your martial arts school are what will attract and keep your members. Members are there to learn and train from your instructors and you can’t expect your students to stick around long, if your instructors are not of high quality. A high quality instructor is not always the easiest to find. Not only does the instructor have to be knowledgeable in their martial art, they have to know how to teach and communicate effectively, while leading their class in a safe but productive manner.

Here are some tips on attracting the right instructors to your martial arts school:

Where will you find your next instructor? Attending events and getting to know other martial artists can be a great way to build your staff." (Photo by Vaner Casaes)


Consistently expanding your network will lead to knowing more people. If you can find a way to get your name and brand out there in a positive light, this will lead to more opportunities where you will have martial artists willing to work with you. At competitions, encourage competitors who are not part of your school and introduce yourself in a friendly manner. Poaching from other schools is seen as poor business practice so refrain from trying to pull students from other schools. However, getting people to know who you are is great when students want to switch to a different school.

Online Presence

Get your social media going, so that your brand is out there and noticeable. Ensure that any interesting events or happenings are showcased. For example, if you have any community building events within your organization, marketing that will illustrate how enjoyable it is to be part of your team. You want to keep your school looking like a place where talented martial artists want to train. You will probably also want to make sure your school really is that kind of place but that will be a blog post for another day.


Finding potential instructors within your school is probably the most effective way to find a great instructor. Look for students who are dedicated, personable, and already take less experienced students under their wing. If one of your students demonstrates many traits but is missing one that is teachable, take some time to develop that student’s weakness. Some instructors can be effective with a stern but fair demeanor, while others may be more personable and less strict. Finding a balance is important, especially at a school with a number of regular instructors.

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