Fall Events to Boost Memberships at Martial Arts Schools

Its important to do all you can to keep the excitement buzzing around your school, so memberships are coming in all the time. An easy way to do this is to make sure youre active during the different seasonal occasions. No matter the holiday or time of year, there is always something your school can do to get eyes on your school and new feet kicking in your classes.

While there are going to be many martial arts marketing opportunities to be active on a local scale (for example, local festivals or celebrations), we will be covering the major occasions you can get involved with, to maximize memberships coming in during the fall season.


Back to School

Fall is synonymous with back to school, for most parents. Its a busy time for many families but it is imperative to get your back to school martial arts marketing strategies in full swing. You will be competing with many extracurricular programs that students may be interested in joining so this is a great time for them to decide whether or not to make space for martial arts in their busy schedules. Referral bonuses are especially great here, as new friends are always made during the first week of school. Keep in mind that an after-school program can be a great way for parents to learn about your school during the first month as well. See Amerikick’s Chris Millares’ webinar on back to school programs, for more great tips.



Fall has a high frequency of birthdays, because of the many New Years and Valentines babies. Weve spoken about how important it is for you to host birthday parties and this season is one to capitalize on. Birthday parties are an easy way to get potential members into your gym without having to pay a dime for any sort of extra martial arts marketing. Spreading awareness of for school is also a breeze with this strategy, as kids will talk about how much fun they had at your martial arts school.



Halloween is a fun event for everyone involved with many potential things you can do. School costume parties can be very fun, especially if you have a large membership base. This can lead to many referrals, if you allow your students to bring friends. Costumes being worn in class can be a little tough, as some outfits may not be appropriate for physical exercise. However, this can be overcome by having an extracurricular costume contest or party. Does your local pub have a costume contest? Get a group costume going (think Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and try to win; it will be a lot of fun and create great exposure for your school. You can also make this an outdoor or event demonstration, especially with your senior students. Spooky martial arts marketing can be very effective!



This is a great opportunity to practice gratitude at your school and to show your students that community and graciousness are important parts of ones character. Are there a lot of students who dont have a Thanksgiving dinner to go to? Why not organize an orphan Thanksgivingmeal so everyone can enjoy a traditional turkey dinner? There will likely be friends of friends attending, giving your school some great exposure.


Remembrance Day & Veterans Day

As martial arts is centered around giving respect, there are few better ways to lead by example than to get all of your senior members and instructors to go and show respect; invite all of the students to go, as well. Whether it is to visit a veterans cemetery or show respects at the parade or pubic ceremony, this illustrates a lot of commitment to showing others respect: something that will go a long way in and for a martial arts school.

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